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Today was a great day!  Growing up…I loved, loved, LOVED Flash Gordon, so meeting Sam J. Jones this morning was a definite highlight! 
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Plus…he was awesome in Ted, and talk about good timing…Ted happened to show up during the interview!
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Sam is in town because of the very cool Sci-Fi Film Festival that Cinerama is doing.  Tonight they are screening Flash Gordon, and then Sam will do a Q & A.  Get info and tickets at
Not only did I love Flash Gordon for the story, but also for the soundtrack…that film introduced me to the music of Queen.  Easily the best movie theme song…

I, of course, had to ask him…of the 4 ways that Freddy Mercury describes him…which line best decribes Flash? 

Flash - Savior Of The Universe
Flash - He'll Save Everyone Of Us
Flash - He's A Miracle
Flash - King Of The Impossible

Which did he pick?  The last one… King Of The Impossible!  I was surprised by that, I would’ve gone with Flash being a miracle!
If you haven’t seen Flash Gordon in a while, here is an interesting refresher…someone edited the whole movie down into about 6 minutes…it’s too funny!  If you have never watched Flash…do not watch this, go to Cinerama and watch the full movie please!

We came across an awesome online discussion on Reddit where a user asked this:

What old technology do you prefer over the modern version? 
Here are some of most popular answers . . .
1.  Paper books over e-books.
2.  Popcorn in a pot with oil.  It tastes so much better than microwave popcorn.
3.  Manual transmission . . . it's more fun to drive and easier to maintain.
4.  An old 10-cent Bic razor over an electric razor . . . or a six-blade vibrating razor.
5.  Walking around Blockbuster to find a movie instead of flipping indecisively through Netflix over and over.
6.  Brewing nice, regular coffee . . . nothing flavored and no pods or Keurig cups.
7.  Taking notes with a pen and paper, not on a laptop or a tablet.
8.  A manual can opener . . . one that cuts from the side, not through the top. I miss original Nintindo

We got a ton of texts about this…here are some of the good ones…I have to agree with a lot of these:
Neighborhood block parties!

I miss cars without computers! Cars you could actually fix. And cars that looked cool.

I miss cheat codes in video games. They're becoming much less common and that makes me sad.

I miss the old flip cell phones

I miss photo albums

Thomas Guide over navigation or mapquest, any day!

I miss old telephone s. Cell phones make u to accessible and if u dont respond u get questoned. Trucker rob

I miss having perky boobs

I miss the soda pop, Surge.

I miss Dial Up, yes, back then, the internet took so long to work, it was a bother to use. Now, its too easy to log on & veg out. I miss my neighbors.

I miss the answering machine. If I wasn't home I didn't talk to you.


I miss when there wasnt a facebook and tweeter when people actually called asking how you are and not just looking at your status updates

I miss not worrying what's in my food. You just ate it and grew up awesome.... like myself. Painterguy D


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05/01/2014 8:08AM
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