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Steve Migs Blog 10/13/15 "No More Nudes!"

This was some shocking news…Starting next March, there will be no more nudity in "PLAYBOY". Yup…you read that right. There will still be photo shoots featuring women wearing next to nothing, but they will no longer be fully-nude. There will still be a Playmate of the Month, but her photos will be PG-13, and they might even do away with the centerfold.

I kind of get it, as naked pix of people are easy to find online these days, and I guess Playboy is 8 bucks an issue... 8 BUCKS!! But, wow…talk about an end to an era…no more nudies in Playboy.

That would be like Sports Illustrated not reporting on sports…

Or Rolling Stone not talking about music… (wait, they are going that way these days)

That would be like MTV not playing music videos… (OK, Bad example)

That would be like Cosmo not having articles about how your man is cheating on you!
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Steve Migs Blog 10/12/15 "Exhausting Loss!"

Boy that was a rough loss. Did anyone else feel like we were watching the Seahawks of last year or the year before playing this year's team? Now I get the feeling of opposing team's fans when they played the Hawks and fell victim to a late comeback. It was exhausting to watch that game. The Hawks were poised to win a HUGE game yesterday…and the team that was once known for finishing strong fell apart in the 4th quarter. Ugh.

Ok let's find a way to cheer up… I know, lets watch Lulu dance to Macklemore!

If that didn't cheer ya up...what about this picture of me when I was a kid? ( sure to click on the link and vote for our podcast!)

Speaking of football…did you see this insane catch yesterday? Cleveland Browns Tight End Gary Barnidge used his feet to score a touchdown yesterday. Yes…his feet! Barnidge dropped an 18-yard pass at the goal line…yet he somehow used his feet and legs to bring the ball up to his hands. Check it out!

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Steve Migs Blog 10/09/15 "T-Rex"

Looking to have your day made? I have a video for you!
Some guy in Florida is training for the show "American Ninja Warrior", where you have to run a crazy obstacle course…and he recently ran through a practice course in a tyrannosaurus rex costume. Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Oh before I forget… please vote for our podcast in the Best Of Western Washington for KING5. We are in first right now, but in the past we have lost out at the end of the voting… lets get this lead padded!

Also, while you are there...please vote for me in the radio category:

Speaking of the Migs Cast… this week we had a powerful episode… it was an emotiuonally tough one to do, but it's all about finding that moment of positivity…that beacon of light…when life gives you news that puts you in a dark place.

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Steve Migs Blog 10/08/15 "NXT Takeover - Sasha Rules!"

Yesterday was NXT Takeover… if you are a wrestling fan and you aren't watching NXT on the WWE Network, you are missing out on the best in ring action out there right now. This is the "developmental" division for the WWE, but I put that word in quotes because they are far from that…these wrestlers are at the top of their game.

In the world of wrasslin' they often refer to a match as telling a story…after all, the basic premise of a match is good guy vs. bad guy. What makes a match great…what makes it compelling…is the story that they tell in the ring. Last night two wrestlers told a story on par with some of the greats…and the best part…the two wrestlers are females.

The main event last night was a 30 minute "Iron Man"…or "Iron Woman" match between NXT Women's champ Bayley & Sasha Banks. This was a rematch from their last match where Bayley won the championship in what I deemed the greatest women's match ever, and a strong candidate for Match Of the Year. Here is a cool highlight video from their mach a couple months ago…

Last night's match was on the same level… amazing story telling… you were fully invested in what these two did in the ring…and yet again, Sasha Banks confirmed to me why she is not just my favorite WWE Diva, but my favorite WWE Superstar overall! She has an amazing ability to get the crowd invested in every move she makes, and her in ring abilities are "A" level!

Here is a great clip from last nights match…

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Steve Migs Blog 10/07/15 "This Little Miggy"

Huge thanks to the fine folks at Maris Farms in Buckley…not only do they have an awesome Haunted Woods feature during this time of the year, but they also have Pig Races. I am proud to say that there is a pig named after me! Meet "This Little Miggy"!

 photo 134D8263-BDD2-4608-B062-57AE5E017374_zpss9wggxdv.jpg

There are 2 other radio inspired pigs…. 100.7 The Wolf's BACON Fitz, and KISS 106's Ben SUUUUbert! One of these days the three of us plan on going to root our pigs on…wait, that sounded odd.

Apparently after the first 6 races, Ben's won 3 times, Fitz's won twice, and Little Miggy only won once. But according to my bud Steve at Maris Farms…

"This Little MIGGY has got the talent, he just kinda rested on his loin chops after taking the very first race of the weekend. I've seen him get pretty physical in training and actually knock his fellow race-mates into the track walls. We call him "HAM-HAM" sometimes cuz he's a lot like "BAM BAM Kam Chancellor".

Their press release cracks me up…

Others still vying for the remaining three spots (in the "Pig-Tucky Derby"): 106.1 KISS FM‟s Ben SUUUUUbert, with three victories and #100.7 The Wolf‟s BACON Fitz…
"Let‟s face it, I‟m leaner, I‟m meaner and I‟m prettier," said SUUUUUbert, referring to his race mates. "I‟m confident that my fellow DJ race mates know this and fear this."
"Bull-Pork" snorted This Little MIGGY, when told of SUUUUUbert‟s comments. "He‟d better watch his ham this weekend."
BACON Fitz agreed, "He‟s not a lock for the Derby‟ and I‟m right on his baby backs. If I were him, I‟d keep my snout shut until after final qualifying Saturday morning."

Speaking of giving some love to other radio folks… my buddy Kevin Rolston is the host of the "Kevin, Virginia, and Jason Show" in Florida. I love these guys…they do a great show, and he just sent me an awesome video.
Kevin wrote:

"Florida is edging closer to legalizing marijuana. Now, smoking marijuana in public is only a $100 ticket. It's basically like jaywalking. Yet, most people still get really nervous about smoking weed in public, as you can see in this video."

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Steve Migs Blog 10/06/15 "Bat-Tostrophe!"

If you missed it last night…what a strange ending to the Hawks game. Long story short… hawks looked like they were gonna walk away with a sloppy 13-3 win (on the offensive side, the defense looked fierce)…then in the 4th quarter Russell Wilson fumbled for the second time…this time it was walked into the end zone to make it a 13-10 game. Then Matthew Stafford gets hot and leads the Lions with a 91 yard drive to the red zone…passes to his star receiver, Calvin Johnson…Calvin reaches the ball to the end zone, and before he can get it in there…Kam Chancellor punches the ball out, and it's a touchback!

Then these the controversy… KJ Wright batted the fumbled ball out of the end zone, which according to the rules means that the Lions should have gotten the ball back on the 1 yard line. That didn't happen, so once again the Seahawks had a controversial win at the end of a MNF game (a couple years ago there was the "Fail Mary" vs. the Packers).

The highlight of this game happened during a post game interview with Kam Chancellor, where Michael Bennett interrupted the interview to play the role of Kam's agent…

Speaking of Bennett…how funny is this dude? Check out what our bud Craig Gass posted on his Facebook page… Bennett doing some cheering with the SeaGals!

Michael Bennett joined The SeaGals just now... #ThatReallyHappened

Posted by Craig Gass on Monday, October 5, 2015

How about the crew that Craig was rolling with at the Hawks game… Sean & Jerry from Alice In Chains, and Duff from Guns N' Roses:

 photo craig gassd_zpsedi89203.jpg

This video is pretty cool…12 people who work for a used car website in Canada pooled their money last month to buy a bunch of lottery tickets, and hit the jackpot for 46 MILLION BUCKS. Here is the awesome part… the guy who bought the tickets kept it a secret all weekend. He found out on a Saturday, but didn't tell any of them until their morning meeting the following Monday …check it out:

They'll each get about $3.8 million, but they all say they plan on keeping their jobs for now.
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Steve Migs Blog 10/05/15 "An Awesome Birthday"

Over the weekend was my birthday, and we celebrated it in great fashion at the Mariners game on Saturday night… huge thanks to everyone at the Mariners for allowing us to take over the terrace club, thanks to Robbie Cano for delivering on his promise of hitting me a home run...and thanks to new GM Jerry Dipoto for wishing me a happy birthday on the big screen!

Huge thanks to Jeff and Stevie from the Mariners for not only hooking me up withy a cake…but an ICE CREAM CAKE! I love that they gave love to my podcast with the #TD4L. That stands for "Titanic Douche For Like" – we call ourselves Titanic Douches… Luke Burbank called us once that as an insult, so we embraced the name and turned it into a positive.

 photo birthday cake_zpsaonagwau.jpg

 photo birthday cake blow out_zpswcrnyd8y.jpg

Speaking of our podcast… please do me a solid and vote for us as best local podcast on the King 5 Best Of Western Washington poll. Vot
e for us here:

Here are some other cool pix that Iron Mike took.

 photo birthday stadium_zps09jel0j8.jpg

 photo birthday shirts_zpswuje3v5i.jpg

 photo birthday hanging out_zpsznkjtr0r.jpg
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Steve Migs Blog 10/01/15 "Selfie Time"

I always get a kick out of watching people attempt to take selfies…the facial expressions and time spent doing it is rather entertaining…so this video cracks me up! A bunch of sorority girls were at an Arizona Diamondbacks game on Wednesday, and the announcers made fun of them because they weren't watching the game at all….they were just posing for selfies with their FOOD.

This will be a short blog as our internet keeps going on and off so I don't want to risk not getting this posted! This was an internet moment this morning...

Hear ye, hear ye! Important news in the office...maybe... - The Real BJ Shea

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Friday, October 2, 2015
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Steve Migs Blog 10/01/15 "Talkin' Tattoos With Chris Cornell"

Yesterday I mentioned how I had an opportunity to chat with Chris Cornell before his sold out show at Benaroya Hall.

 photo cornell and migs_zps07acnlx3.jpg

Here is a clip from that interview…it was pretty surreal…as I was about to start asking him stuff about the new record "Higher Truth", which is such a good record…Chris was distracted by my tattoos!

Here we are chatting about was great hearing his thoughts about song writing...

If you want to catch my full review of his show, as well as the full interview… listen to this week's Migs Cast!

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Steve Migs Blog 09/30/15 "JBLM & Chris Cornell"

Yesterday was a super busy but super awesome day!

After the show I had the honor of spending time with the men and women that protect us over at JBLM.  It was awesome meeting Mike, Amanda, and everyone else there. 

We (myself, and some former seahawks like Joe Tafoya, Jordan Babineaux, Norm Johnson, and more) were there as a morale booster for those suffering from PTSD (as well as other military folks)…but they were the ones boosting our morale.  It was a day where words cannot do it justice.

After spending the afternoon at JBLM…I made it down to Seattle to for the Chris Cornell show at Benaroya Hall.  I got to interview Chris before the show…you will be able to hear the full interview on the Migs Cast today (it will be up around 12 noon today).


Looking forward to seeing Chris Cornell tonight at Benaroya Hall! Had an opportunity to chat with Chris a few minutes ago...awesome times. - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Chris has an awesome new solo CD called “Higher Truth”, and my favorite song off that record is "Before We Disappear ", which was the first song he played last night!


Kicking off with my fave song off Higher Truth! "Before We Disappear ". Chris Cornell - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Here is Chris playing Soundgarden’s “Fell on Black Days…


Chris Cornell "Fell On Black Days"!!!! - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I usually don’t record full videos (I like grabbing a clip to share with those that couldn’t make the show), but when Mike McCready of Pearl Jam shows up on stage to play 2 songs with Chris…I decided to let it roll.  Here they are doing the Mad Season song, “River Of deceit”.


Wow. Mike McCready & Chris Cornell doing "River Of Deceit " - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Here they are playing “Hunger Strike” by Temple Of the Dog.  I was hoping Eddie Vedder would appear…especially since the rest of Pearl Jam was sitting right next to us, as well as Kim Thayil of Soundgarden and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees / Mad Season.


Damn.  Hunger Strike with Chris Cornell and Mike McCready

Posted by Steve Migs on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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