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STP's BLOG 05/08/12 "2 In A Row?"

BJ does something that I find odd…if he likes a movie, he will go watch that movie again immediately after he just watched it. So he will invest nearly 5 straight hours to watching a movie, the same movie, back to back. I think that’s crazy…BJ tried to rationalize it, but I can’t see eye to eye with him! He also said that he son would do this with him as a kid, but these days he doesn’t go because he is too busy…I disagree…he doesn’t go because he too thinks it’s a little odd! The texts started flying in…

I agree with stp about a movie and watching it over right away!! I need at least a year between sessions to actually appreciate it again <3 rg Amanda

Back to back is the way to go 1st time to enjoy 2nd time to critique Steve suck it!!!

you're not weird's no different than listening to a new song you like, then listening to it again right after. steve you suck! lay off bj! <3

Im with u stp... bj u whack job

I watched the Matrix 3 times in a row at the theater.

The second time u watch something u see stuff u missed. I understand. -david-

Yes..Bj you are weird.

The pop culture website, Betty Confidential, did a article based on the findings done by Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist, who identified the five common relationship issues that can slowly, but surely wreck a relationship.

1. Over-Reaction -- “When your partner says or does something that makes you feel angry, sad or insecure”

2. Nagging – “We all know that this can irritate your partner, but it can also push your relationship to its limits.”

3. Insecurity -- “Men and women both want the same thing, someone confident and strong, not someone they need to reassure like a toddler.”

4. Codependency -- ‘Try monitoring the amount of alone time you have, as no couple should be spending all their free time together.”

5. Compulsive behaviors – “An increase in frequency of substance use, shopping, impulsive purchases, or going out will often make the grounded partner very anxious, destabilizing the relationship and causing it to end.”

Based on a story about the 5 Ways to Wreck a Relationship… How did you intentionally or unintentionally ruin your relationship? How did somebody else ruin the relationship? Here are the texts:

My ex ruined our relationship with ultimatums. We'd argue briefly, then resort to the ultimatum. she didn't care how I felt enough to even try to convince me
Used to always try to make the wife happy. Realized I couldn't. She had to do that for herself. Quit trying so hard. Started working on myself. Beg of the end.

My ex-wife cheated twice but the joke was on her she got an std. Serves her right the loose legged tramp.

My girlfriend and my room mate at the time hated each other, and I thought it would be funny to yell his name in bed instead. He thought it was funny, she not so much. (Didn't last long after that)
The bitch blew all $33k of our savings, so I divorced her ass

Started cooking horrible meals to get rid of her. Food poisoning worked. -the DV

I was a big part of the end of my marriage by being the over reactor. We r still friends I am on anti depressants now. My new man is the nagger and it irruining our relationship. Lisa

This one girl told me to bring her friend crack cocaine so that i can proove myself to her. I told her to f*** off. –juan

Do you guys remember Ditch? He rocked the KISW airwaves back in the early 2000’s….well we had him on the air this morning, as he has created a show that is getting a huge buzz as being the Discover Channel’s next big thing. He created “Devil’s Ride” – which is about a motorcycle club from San Diego called The Laffing Devils, and it looks like an awesome show. It premiere’s tonight…here is a taste of what the show is all about:

Ditch joined us with Gipsie, the leader of the Laughing Devils…both are great guys, I can’t wait to watch this!

The Wedgewood Broiler restaurant has a legendary 72-ounce steak dinner challenge, and for 47 years no one has successfully completed it. In addition to the steak the challenge includes a glass of tomato juice, cup of soup, dinner salad, steak fries or baked potato, slice of bread, a cup of coffee tea or milk, and a dish of ice cream or sherbet – all to be eaten in an hour. The challenge required a $75 cash deposit and up util this weekend, they never had to refund that money. Friday night, bodybuilder and competitive eater Randy Santel from St. Louis got his money back. Santel beat the Wedgwood Broiler challenge in 41 minutes and 46 seconds. WOW!!! What’s even more crazy… the Wedgwood Broiler 72-ounce steak challenge was one of five epic eating challenges Santel won in his three-day trip to Western Washington. Santel went to The Loose Wheel Sports Bar and Grill where he downed fries and a 6-pound bacon burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for a bun. After that was the 1-pound doughnut in Auburn, then to Wing Central Bar and Grill in the University District where he ate a 2-foot long chili-cheese hot dog with jalepenos, onions and a side of fries. Hours before the Wedgwood Broiler steak challenge, Santel competed the 3-liter Ramen Bowel Challenge at Kobe Sushi Bar in Bellevue. The following day he ate a 12-patty, 3-pound cheeseburger to win a challenge at Seattle's Burger Madness. Next he devoured a six-pound burrito at Masa of Tacoma in seven minutes 12 seconds. The Wedgwood Broiler steak challenge was the only one that took him more than 15 minutes. The weekend success in Western Washington gave Santel 100 wins in 11 states – far more than the 37 wins by "Man v. Food" host Adam Richman.

This story led to a fun topic…whether it be a food challenge or any other type of challenge…when have you tried to accomplish one? Did you succeed? Here are the texts:

Ate 12 of the hottest wings at buffalo wild wings in under 6 mins, they gave me a sweat head band, still rock it everytime i go there! Rock on bitches- Wes

Couldn't get through one jar of peanut butter. Lucy

There's place in amarillo that does that too and lots of people have beat it over the years. They need and hour cook the steak. It's a monster.

i.cant call in, but! i do hot wing challeges, i still havent lost. i am soon going back to buffalo wild wings, 12 wings, 1 min, is,my goal. 3:18 is my record – casey in auburn

There was a Teryaki place by my house when I was younger. It had the "top special". It fed 5-6 people. Me and one of my wrestling friends challenged ourselves.

Conquered a US Marine 25 pullup challenge. I was wearing a justice league tshirt at the time. They were nice, but didn't expect the nerd to do it. –Bjorn

7 deadly wings at the wing dome. 5 wings in I had to stop. - Matt in Lakewood

I did the 1 pound burger and 1 pound fries. At Big Jugs in boise idaho. You have 30 minutes to eat it all. I did it in 15 minutes

When i was 7 years old i ate the 3 pounds of clams challenge at a restaurant in long beach. Got my picture taken with the owner and the whole meal comped

Did the original 72 oz steak challenge in Amarillo TX. Ate the whole steak but couldnt touch the sides. Threw up 5lbs of meat w 10 secs left. Wierdest feeling

Completed the 7 alarm challenge at wingdome. Got a T-shirt, free meal, free beer and picture on the wall

Today's video blog features Top Pot donuts...and more!!!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

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05/08/2012 8:41AM
STP's BLOG 05/08/12 "2 In A Row?"
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