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STP's BLOG 05/09/12 "Last Night Ruled!"

I’m in a great mood today! Why you ask? Maybe you aren’t asking…maybe you don’t care…but this picture sums it up:


That’s right! The Devils won last night 3-1 against the Flyers…winning the series in 5 games, and are now heading to the Eastern Conference Finals!!! Let’s Go Devils!!!!!!!

"Where the Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak died yesterday, after suffering a stroke on Friday. He was 83 years old. “Where The Wild Things Are" is one of the most celebrated children's books of all time. It's about an unruly boy named Max who travels to a land of monsters...and becomes the wildest thing of them all. Yesterday when the news broke, Slash had a great Tweet paying tribute to Maurice, saying, quote, “RIP Maurice Sendak. A couple of your books were huge to me when I was a kid. Lot of great memories thinking about them.”

Based on Slash’s tweet paying tribute to Maurice, we aked the Rock-A-Holics… What is something iconic that brings you back to your childhood? The texts were awesome…here are a few:

Anything pokemon, japanese icon for americans since the early 2000's- Nick from Everett

Emerald city comic con and seeing the kids buying comic books dressed up as their fav super heroes. Scott from kent.

Pogs and Pokemon cards, also laser tag guns and vests

I get nostalgic whenever I pop in a Ron Jeremy film.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Grew up watching it after school they were awesome. -Brett M.-

Griffey Jr...going yard mid 90's, great time to be a kid.

When I poop myself . I m 50 and it always gives me a warm feeling to revisit my childhood

My dad would take us 5 kids to the hydro races for every year for long time....:-)

It's all about the Go Bots! -Pancho-

Spending the night at parents house for christmas eve!!! i'm 24 absolutely still love to do it. At least Until I have my own kiddos =] <3 rock girl Amanda

Most iconic childhood item ever... BIG LEAGUE CHEW. Bubble gum flavor or grape. still get it if I can find it. Gman Drew

My mind is flooded with childhood memories every time i see n old "Mr. Yuck" sticker
The SLINKY oh what a wonderful toy SGT Rev

Captain planet! I found my badass captain planet ring the other day. Brought me back.

Police in Buffalo, New York, have released street surveillance video that shows a car swerving toward a group of people and plowing into a teenager, sending him flying head over heels into the air. Three men were walking in the street around 3 a.m. on Thursday when a car approached them. The video shows the men dashing for the sidewalk. The car is seen veering onto the sidewalk, where it hit an 18-year-old and narrowly missed the other two men. The victim, Victor Jerez of Buffalo, was flung over the car and landed out of camera range. He was taken to a Buffalo hospital, where he was treated for multiple injuries and released. Mayor Byron Brown said at a news conference Monday that he was releasing the video in response to recent hit-and-run accidents in the region. Police arrested the 19-year-old driver in Thursday's accident after witnesses described the vehicle to a 911 dispatcher. Here is the video:

The fact that he is OK makes this video so awesome…you know this guy is going to show this video to his friends all the time…hell, the time I passed out while getting pierced is a video I show to everyone and it’s not nearly as cool as this video. If you don’t remember that video…here it is:

Based on these videos, finish this sentence: “I wish a camera was rolling when _______ happened.” When did something happen to you or someone you know that you wish was caught on film? Here are some of the texts we received:

I wish the camera was rolling when I woke up one day and these three fat ass squirrels were having a three some, all in a line, the biggest wtf moment ever!

When my brother cut his finger off playn that game as fast as u can go with a knife inbetween ur five fingers!

I worked forest service and wish I had a camera on me when I had to dodge a Volkswagen sized boulder tumbling toward me from 1000 feet up

When I made out with a porn star. Matthew

I wish there was I video of when me and my lil brothers were riding bikes and on of my brothers got hit by a car he flipped twice landed on his head he jumped up and ran to the hospitle and just got a lump on his head it looked crazy

I wish the camera was rolling when I hooked up with the hottest cheer leader at my high school.. Because no one believed me -Randolph.

I wish a camera was rolling when I got blown up in Afghanistan. So I could remember it! –Sauce

When my hubbie was master bating and my cat attacked his boys

Wish I had video of my daughter when she met Eddie Vedder! She got his autograph addressed to me - 2nd best thing :))). Lori - Camano Island

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge with Hot Kyle, and it stems from last week's nipple pinching challenge. BJ challenged Hot Kyle to do it again...this time finding a guy to do the pinching...and Kyle has to be shirtless. Our intern Hot Kyle has 60 seconds to find a random guy to pinch his nipples while Kyle is shirtless…will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/09/2012 8:27AM
STP's BLOG 05/09/12 "Last Night Ruled!"
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