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STP's BLOG 05/11/12 "Feeling The Internet Love"

By popular is my rant on people using Facebook to share their political beliefs. If your friend make's a political post on Facebook...embed this video on their page!

I was all the abuzz on the internets yesterday. It’s tough being me…people talking ‘bout me. Sorry…I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop recently, so I’m in a more boastful mood these days haha. In all seriousness…yesterday I was on Twitter, and one of the funniest things happened…a dumb thing that I said on air was quoted and tweeted! Check this out:


So that put me in a good mood…and then a few hours later, our web guy came across this on Craigslist:


Hahahaha!!!!! This is too funny. The best part is that whoever posted this put it in the “Rants & Raves” section…much better than it being in “Casual Encounters”!
This morning we read a messed up story about a player on the Denver Nuggets, Chris “Birdman” Andersen. Yesterday the Nuggets were playing the lakers in the playoffs, Birdman was there for warm up’s, but was pulled from the roster before the game started…why you ask? He is the subject of a child pornography investigation! Wow! Seriously, wow. His property was seized, and that’s about all we know right now…and I was looking at pix of him, and I hate to profile, but this dude looks sketchy…he kind of looks like a younger version of the Deniro character in Cape Fear:


George Clooney was the featured guest at an event in Houston last Thursday called "The Brilliant Lecture Series: Conversations with Brilliance". And he shared some funny stories, including his failures in TV and movies before "ER". George also shared that a couple years ago, he decided to adopt a dog after not having one for a while, and found one he liked online…a Cocker Spaniel mutt named Einstein. But when he called the shelter, two things happened: One, they didn't know who he was, which was fine. And two, they said they'd bring the dog over . . . but told him it was up to the DOG to like HIM. Otherwise they'd find a different home. So Clooney hung up after scheduling the visit and thought, "What if this dog doesn't like me?" And right as the dog reps arrived, he got the idea to take some turkey meatballs from his kitchen, and rub them all over his shoes and the bottom of his pants. When Einstein showed up, he basically hugged Clooney like a spider monkey, and the people from the shelter said that they'd NEVER seen him react that way. And with a smile, Clooney told the audience at the event, "That's my dog now."

So George Clooney once rubbed meatballs on his pants to impress a dog… based on this, what stupid things have you done to impress someone? Here are the texts:

I found a shirt at goodwill for the job I was interviewing for the next day so I bought it and when they asked when could u start working I took off my jacket and said right now. I got the job

Rented a brand new dodge charger for a first date and took the license plate covers off. Well worth 75 dollars

A girl I had just started dating invited me over for St Patty's for homemade corned beef like it was no big deal. She later confessed she had never made it and just wanted to impress me. We are now engaged. –Bjorn

I went off roading in a 93 honda accord to impress my gf I ended in a 45 degree angle in a we spent the next 5 hours waiting for my buddy to get us unstuck and she fell asleep on my shoulder.....sucsess

When i was a rookie firefighter i had my Lt. Stop the engine after a house fire in front of a chicks house so i could ask her out. Scored the next afternoon

Went 110 with 2 bitchs in car. They were impressed until i got pulled over. Fml

A woman made a play at saying she loved guns as much as me, and did a pretty decent job at it until I took her to a range. She was so scared of the damn things I took her off the range out of concern for the safety of others at the range.

On a first date my gf wore a huge push up bra needless to say later that night I was surprised to find small B cups when I took the bra off. :(

Today's Video Blog features a new "toy" that BJ owns!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/11/2012 7:04AM
STP's BLOG 05/11/12 "Feeling The Internet Love"
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