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STP's BLOG 05/13/13 "Great View Seattle"

Another great weekend in the books! Man what awesome weather…Friday was a perfect day, I love Seattle all the time, but I especially love it when this is the view…

 photo stpoustidecityshot_zps460be291.jpg

That pic was taken from our deck at work…not a bad spot, huh? Later on that day I hit up Johnny’s Dock in Tacoma…man I love that place. My buds and I kicked it on the deck, discussed how we one day need to rent a Dragon Boat, had a bucket of Corona, and enjoyed their Oyster Shooters!

 photo CF6E031F-81B5-4996-9CA6-9529B809EE6A-4526-0000042F3E7F57A0_zps536b086b.jpg

On Saturday night, The New Originals (KISW’s house band) played at Studio 7 for the “Night Of The Living Tributes” – what an awesome time. We played with Cheaper Trick (a…yup you guessed it…Cheap trick cover band) & they were unreal! We also played with Gene’s Addiction – yes a KISS cover band where all the members have the Gene Simmons face paint on, so damn cool. The final band on the bill was Unchained – they are a Van Halen tribute band from Portland, and holy smokes they brought it…and I literally mean that…full on smoke (fog machine), strobe lights, and LASERS! Effing Lasers man! They were awesome, plus I loved the drummer’s kit:

 photo unchained_zps62339935.jpg

Yesterday there was some great hockey on the TV…what a battle between the Rangers and Capitals, as the Rangers won 1-0 thanks to their goalie King Henrik, and game 7 is tonight! The Maple Leafs also forced a game 7 against the Bruins, that was a great game…their goalie James Reimer has been playing unreal these last couple of games. The highlight of the Leafs game was watching the CBC broadcast of the game…as Don Cherry was rocking yet another sweet look….

 photo F3F37380-4E8E-44ED-91F3-CD48E031C420-4526-0000042EB6E0BB78_zpsadd51834.jpg

Barry Swegle of Port Angeles made news this weekend when he used his bulldozer to damage 4 homes in his neighborhood, a boat, a pickup truck and a power pole…he even took one home off it’s foundation! When I first saw this story online, I saw it on a National news site...I immediately figured this story was from Florida or something crazy like that....but nope, it happened here in Washington...sweet!  The incident stemmed from a dispute over a fence...gotta love the neighbor dynamic. 

Based on the story of a Port Angeles man that bulldozed his neighborhood because of a fence…what is it about your neighbor that you find annoying? What is your neighbor horror story? Here are the texts we received:

My neighbors just love smoking opium out of their big old bong right on their porch.

My neighbor thinks our walmart solar garden path lights are hidden cameras put out there to spy on her as she drives by.

Used to live in the boonies next to some junkies, that occasionally blew up a bathtub cooking. Once came home to them using our hot tub!

Our neighbor threatened to cut off our dogs' heads if they didn't stop barking

A public service announcement to my neighbor. Mow your lawn again at six in the morning and I'm dumping lye on it. –DV

The question should really be: what thing about your neighbor do you find O-Fence-ive... Ha ha -Marc

My neighbor told my husband i was cheating on him. I would never do that i love him.

My neighbor burns his household garbage, we have asked him repeatedly to stop, butt then he just started burning at night.

My douchey old neighbor scoops up dog poo that is in his yard and splatters it on my driveway-NOT the grass, but the cement. He thinks its my lab doing this, yet there are 3 labs living at the house right across from him. This had happened 3 times. –Taylor

Today's video blog is part two of our chat with Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Alice Eve from Star trek: Into Darkness.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/13/2013 8:30AM
STP's BLOG 05/13/13 "Great View Seattle"
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