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STP's BLOG 05/14/12 "I'm A Weekend Warrior!"

What a fun weekend! On Friday night my wife was doing some stuff with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, so I did what any man with a “free” night would do…No, I didn’t hit Foxes…or the bars…or even a Fast Food Crawl…I stayed at home and watched WWE Smackdown! I don’t remember the last time I watched Smackdown as it was airing…usually it’s on DVR. It was a fun night for me and the pups…as you can tell:


OK, maybe Lulu is a little bored. She’s more of a WWE Monday Night RAW fan.
I needed top rest up for Saturday as it was a busy day. First off church, then the complete opposite…a trip to see Topshelf to see his new house and celebrate his birthday. Before we went to his house…we stopped at the liquor store (man those stores are gutted out), got a bottle of Vodka for the festivities….and as we were about to leave the parking lot…I saw my dream car. No…not the new Range Rover (although they are sick looking), check it out:


We get to Toppy’s place…what a fun party…I do have to say Toppy has the coolest Man Cave…the highlight is what is on the walls. He has the most random stuff framed...he has a framed collage of Crazy Shari…and then he even has a framed tribute to me…and my wife was stoked to see it…until she saw a hand written note that was framed in the there where I wrote “Toppy…Lick B****” Yeah, my wife is now confused by Toppy & I! After the party…we went to Cheney Stadium to meet up with some friends and I finally saw a Tacoma Rainiers game! Man was that a blast…the weather was perfect, the team played great, and I got to eat a jumbo pretzel. Win, win, win! I can’t wait to go to more Rainiers games…I love the ballpark!


Yesterday was mother’s you like the card I got my mom for this special day?


 A survey by the staffing company OfficeTeam asked 1,300 employers the most ridiculous excuses they'd heard from employees who'd quit their jobs. Here some the more interesting excuses.

A woman quit because her boss lost the dog she gave him.

A guy quit because he wanted to go watch a movie with his girlfriend during the day.

One person quit because the office building was unattractive.

Another guy quit because he said he just couldn't get up in the morning.

And finally, one guy quit because he was making too much money, and didn't feel like he was worth it.

One employee said he was joining the circus.

An employee wanted to enter a beauty contest.

One person left because she didn't want to work so hard.

An employee said work was getting in the way of having fun.

An individual did not like the sound of file cabinets being slammed.

A person quit because he hated the carpet.

So based on a list of the most ridiculous excuses for quitting a job…what was the most ridiculous excuse you or someone you know has given for quitting? Here are the texts:

I once had an employee tell me she stopped showing up to work because she was feeding a giraffe at the zoo and it swung it's head around and knocked her into a coma for a week. -​Abby, Auburn, WA

Iknew someone that quit because the turn signals on thier car wasn't working.

Once quit my job cuz I won tickets from KISW to go see Seether and audioslave

I told my boss i was going to prison for an extended stay and i would rather not get into the details

They wouldnt let him smoke pot on the job.

My roommate quit his job because he had a hangnail. He worked at toysrus.

My coworker quit her job because she said there was black mold growing in the fridge. She is not that bright....

Watched a guy quit because his raise wasn't big enough 15 min after he got the raise

My little sister quit her job cause of a broken heart then tried to file for disability.#Bld

Victoria's Secret just released its annual “What Is Sexy?” list. Oddly enough the list has a bunch of people voted as sexy…so you would think they would have called it “Who Is Sexy?” and not “What is Sexy?”, but what the hell do I know! These people were voted on my Victoria Secret models…Here it is:

Sexiest Actress: Charlize Theron
Sexiest Legs: Stacy Keibler
Sexiest Bikini Body: Annalynne McCord
Sexiest Summer Style: Blake Lively
Sexiest Smile: Jessica Chastain
Sexiest Eyes: Jennifer Lawrence
Sexiest Lips: Amanda Seyfried
Sexiest Curves: Amber Heard
Sexiest Sense of Humor: Emma Stone
Sexiest Mom: Beyoncé
Sexiest Songstress: Britney Spears
Sexiest Summer Glow: Olivia Wilde
Sexiest Cyber Star: Elin Kling of
Sexiest Up & Coming Knockout: Elizabeth Olsen
Sexiest Tweeter: Kristen Bell

So we asked the Rock-A-Holics this: Who or what do you find sexy? What is sexy? Here are some of the texts:

Eyes and smile because they tell you everything and subtle movements can turn you on. Actress example: Isabella Rossellina in "Cousins."

I find Toppy sexy!!!!! KCDennis Go Royals!

Tattoos, piercings, and confidence--basically, the Suicide Girls. -Kat in Auburn

Paulie Purett...Abby from CSI...when she sports the pig tails ...that's hot !

Being inviting, and not stupid or arrogant. Aisha Tyler's up towards the top of my list right now. That woman is smoking (and she was on the Talking Dead

The sexiest is when a girl can be goofy and have me in stitches laughing.

Women in stockings or pantyhose are the sexiest things in the world!

Will always be, Scarlett Johanson! Gotta have curves in all the right places.

The sexy legs on the back ground of the kisw rock girl Facebook page. Very very nice!

Feet. Im into feet. Gotta be petite, tan and painted...toe rings a plus....

Chest piece tattoo on A big huge rack

Sexy is a girl with NO tattoos

Babymaking hips are sexy. Ill wrap it up but hey, let's practice. Need a nice spot to grab on, not too fat and not too thin.

A nerdy girl is damn sexy! My fiancee is a lovely lady who happens to be the biggest nerd I know. Owns a Stat Trek TNG episode that was never filmed th at explains why the Klingons look different from the original series to TNG. In sure BJ and Rev can appreciate.

Today's Video Blog features our bud, comedian Josh Wolf!

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05/14/2012 7:21AM
STP's BLOG 05/14/12 "I'm A Weekend Warrior!"
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