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STP's BLOG 05/15/12 "Prom"

This is a great story! Joyce Grendel is an 18-year-old senior at Independence High in Cleveland. Last week, just a few days before her senior prom on Friday night, her date backed out. So Joyce went on Twitter, and asked a Cleveland Browns player named Joe Haden if he would be her date. She's a member of his fan club and a regular at his autograph signings and public appearances, so he recognized her name . . . and said Yes! How cool is this guy? Joe has a $50 million contract with the team, but he enrolled in college early and regretted that he never got to go to his own prom. He said, "I was nervous. I was getting ready [and asking] 'Does this look cool?' This is my prom too." So on Friday night, Joe showed up at Joyce's house in a grey three-piece suit, and drove her and her friend to the prom in his white Lamborghini.  Wow...I'm impressed with how awesome Joe is...check out a pic:


In unrelated news…another student asked Ben Roethlisberger to the prom, but the school had to shut that down because they didn’t have enough chaperones to monitor the bathrooms…waka waka!!!

Boy is my arm sore…I finished phase 2 of my sleeve on my left arm…got a lot of color done…including the skull on my arm…which is looking sick!


Big thanks to my homie Tony F’ing Mitchell from Tony’s Tried & true in Port Orchard for doing the artwork…check em’ out at

Hey those of ya have heard about my hockey team..the Tacoma Donkeys…well, a bud of ours (and future intern for the show) created a documentary about the team for a school project…it’s called The Donk-umentary…check it out:

I love the fact that this was made for a class he is taking at Pacific Lutheran University…I bet they loved the language and content of this video!

According to a new survey, 92% of people surveyed said they get a lot of pleasure out of a new car . . . only 48% said they get a lot of pleasure from a new relationship, and 48% said they get a lot of pleasure from having a new baby. The main reason? Relationships and babies are incredible . . . but they also take work. A new car doesn't take any work . . . you just put in some gas and drive. Plus a new car smells awesome…a new baby…smells like dook. Or something! The survey also found that people say a new car gives them more pleasure than a new house, new technology, a major home improvement, or a new
Based on this story…besides sex…what brings you great pleasure? Here are the texts we received:

I do stained glass and when I make something for someone as a gift and they truly like it. It's an awesome feeling.

What brings me a lot of pleasure is playing video games with my gf. She's not really a gamer by any standards, unlike me who pretty much needs to play to live, but she likes the story, and experiencing them with me, and we'll just cuddle up and game together.

...............performing on stage!! It's unreal! Sean, LACERO

My greatest plesure besides sex is driving like a maniac. Nothin comes close the the rush I get exepts for sex lol

I like chunky peanutbutter ! signed lucy !

Shooting things blowing things up or just destroying stuff brings out pleasure for me. -Russell in Elma.

New socks end of story. Buddha in o-town

Fighting! MMA is a rush. Like a chess match with violence! --STP's recycle guy—

Riding my Harley

The Social Security Administration released their annual list of the most-popular baby names, and for the first time since 1948, Michael is NOT in the top five.

1. Jacob. (--This is the 13th straight year Jacob has been #1.)
2. Mason.
3. William.
4. Jayden.
5. Noah.
6. Michael.
7. Ethan.
8. Alexander.
9. Aiden.
10. Daniel.

--Here are the ten most popular names for GIRLS . . .

1. Sophia. (--Up from #2 last year.)
2. Isabella.
3. Emma.
4. Olivia.
5. Ava.
6. Emily.
7. Abigail.
8. Madison.
9. Mia.
10. Chloe.
Based on the list of the top baby names…finish this sentence… “I wish my parents wouldn’t have named me BLANK”…or…do you have a name that everyone else thinks is odd, but you love it? Here are the texts we received:

Malcolm. That tv show got me so much crap as a kid, then I grew up and love the show and my name

My birth name is Bambi. Imagine the teasing as a kid and the assumptions as an adult. I'm hot but not a porn star.

My name is ZAQ. My parents for some damn reason used a Q. I enjoy it. Lots of people thinks its not correct and I have to prove it with identification.

I wish I hadn't been named Bjorn. I'm proud of my Norse heritage but the years of it being mispronounced and trying to spell it for people over the phone has driven me mad. Hate my name with an effing passion. The funny part, everyone else these days seems to think its awesome. Go figure

My friend named his son atomic nexus

My mom's name is Checkie. Her grandma had a dream about that name

Hayden, Jayden, Braiden, Aiden... All the "Aiden" sounding namers need to seriously chill out.

Steve. Because I share my name with a creepy dog humper.

My redneck exhusband named our third kid Beau Hunter

My name is Keith Richards. The jokes get old but my stuff usually gets read on KISW. Fair trade.

My name is Harley and it is the coolest name but my mom always makes it awkward when people ask how I got the name and she says it was where he was conceived. Come on min ruin the moment. Harley

My first name is shadoe, I much shit growing up

I love the fact that I'm probly the only white LeRoy you will ever meet. the handful of times I've been over to the east coast I had to show my ID constantly .

My name is Apprilla and i love it -apprilla from everett-

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our chat with Josh Wolf...somehow we get into a chat about grooming habits!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 05/15/12 "Prom"
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