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STP's BLOG 05/15/14 "Hero Of The Day -- A Cat!"

Huge thanks to Xana for sending me this (check her awesome music site/blog: )…here I am jamming with my buds, The Guessing Game, as we covered “I Believe In Miracles” by the Ramones at the Sunset Tavern last Friday.

Have you seen this crazy video of a cat that saved a four-year-old from a nasty dog attack?  This is the first time I have an example of why cats are cool…at least this cat is one cool…uh…cat!

A 4-year-old named Jeremy was playing on his bike in his front yard in Bakersfield, California, and out of nowhere, the neighbor's dog attacked him…latched onto his leg and pulled him off the bike.

Things could have gotten real scary…but thanks to Tara, the family cat.  Tara looked like a hockey player…came out of nowhere & full on body checked the dog…it’s incredible!  Tara then chased it off, and then checked on Jeremy.  Check out the news report of this…

Props to Barrett…he tweeted me a “re-mix” of the video…check it out:

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05/15/2014 8:09AM
STP's BLOG 05/15/14 "Hero Of The Day -- A Cat!"
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