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STP's BLOG 05/16/12 "Chirp Chirp"

My parents came in yesterday…I am so stoked, as it’s a blast having them in town! Plus I have been eating like a champ…yesterday we hit the Ram (my parents favorite joint to eat at in the northwest), and then later hit up the Dukes on the Tacoma waterfront! Food Food Food Food!!!!! I was tryiong to eat somewhat healthy for lunch, having a 5 oz salmon…I was proud of myself…until our waitress, who was entertained by my pops, brought us a giant mud pie for free. My parents brought me up right…to appreciate people when they do nice things, so I ate that bad boy like a champ! It was the right thing to do.

So if you didn’t know…I have been on the Twitter these days. You can follow me @stp999 . There is a twitter page that I follow and that I love, it’s @howtochirp (chirping is a hockey term…basicially when you give someone crap, make fun of them, etc…you are “chirping”)…this Tweet cracked me up. Ladies…you might wanna think twice when you add an extra “y” to “Hey”:


The "New York Post" says that Angelina Jolie shelled out $1.6 million on a helicopter and flying lessons for Brad Pitt. A source says, "They've had a helicopter pad installed in the grounds of their south of France home, so Ange thought it would be nice to buy Brad a helicopter as a surprise present."

After seeing this story…we had to ask the Rock-A-Holics this…what was the coolest gift you have received or given to your significant other? Here are the texts:

Last month my oldest brother died, his wife gave me his ashes! Some ppl might think thats weird but if u ever lose a close family member u might think differently! R I P shawn sanders!!! Kevin in p town!!! Btw luv y guys!!!

Gave my wife a dyson 41 vacuum ($600) for mothers day and she loved it.

I had to sell my cello because I needed money for Rent and two weeks later my mom buys me a new one and music is my passion soo that was the greatest gift. -Becca from Kent

My 30th bday my wifey got me front row tickets to the UFC in Portland a couple years ago. $600.00 per ticket crazy ho Just kidding it was awesome . The Falcon from Woodenville

My master gave me jiff pb. Choosy pet-o-files choose jiff. Lucy

I received herpes, the gift that keeps on giving.

My wife flew me to vegas and got two women for me for the night and then joined in
My father passed away a week ago and I will be putting some of his ashes in my next tattoo. Johnny g

My wife bought me a night with Dreamtheater. Fourth row seats at moore theater, meet & greet with band members, met my drumming hero Mike Portnoy

Hey, check this out!!!


Last night on KING 5 news, BJ was featured in a piece they did about Howard Stern being a judge on America's Got Talent. Check out the video at the bottom of the blog!..Based on this…When did you make it on TV? What were you doing? Here are the texts:

Singing the national anthem in the Kingdome for a mariners game. Used to be in a boys choir. -the DV

I was on the good ole Phil Donahue show in 1990 in Alaska. Topic: should weed be legal. Location was at the college. Phil said he'd never go back to Alaska cus of that show. Bunch of stoned college kids wanting to be on tv. I got to make a good point to the panel on the microphone though!

Running the floor security for wwe events I would inadvertent ly get on camera. My friends played spot the cajun and every time was a shot of booze. Good times!

Chad Eaton interviewed me at wrestlemania for fox news. It was awesome!! From your bro GUMP

I have had my 15 mins of fame 3 times in life. when I was 7 I was on the ranger
charlie and roscoe show with my bluebird troop introducing cartoons. then on northwest afternoon twice. asking people questions on stage from the audience.

I was on a romper room for 3 weeks when I was 5 years old

Today's Video Blog features BJ Shea on KING 5 News last night -- talking about Howard Stern as a judge on America's Got Talent.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/16/2012 7:44AM
STP's BLOG 05/16/12 "Chirp Chirp"
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