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STP's BLOG 05/17/12 "There's An App For It"

So we were talking about this sweet new app that Hyundai has where you can lock and unlock your car…and turn it on…just with your cell phone! The app works with the Hyundai and Veloster & Sonata only…and not only does it do what I mentioned, but it will also run a diagnostic on your car and it acts as a key finder! Wow…seriously we are just years away from our cell phones doing everything! How soon until you can open your garage door with your phone…oh wait…that’s been done too…as a guy texted this to us:

Craftsman has an app to open and close your garage. It will notify you if it opens or closes while your not at home too!

Hell even last night I used my cell phone in a way I would have never thought I could…as a TV remote control. It was 4:55 pm and my dad was asleep on our couch with the remote control in his hand (my parents are in town this week)…I didn’t want to wake him, but the Devils playoff game was about to go on, so I went on my X-Finity app on my phone and went to the channel guide where all I had to click was “watch this channel” to change the channel to NBC Sports! Bad ass I tell ya!

A new survey by an HR consulting firm called Development Dimensions International asked 1,300 employees what they dread the most, out of a list of awful things. And "a difficult conversation with my boss" was number one. It beat out things like getting a speeding ticket, going back to work after a vacation, being sick, paying taxes, a bad hangover, doing chores at home, or getting a credit card bill. 55% of people have considered leaving their job because of their boss.

Based on this, what is something that you have to do often, but you hate doing it? Here are the texts we received:

Small talk at parties. I'm too honest and slightly rude and will ask someone why they are talking to me if I don't know them or might tell them I don't care if they drone on about boring drama. –Bjorn

Having my period; I get a migraine no matter what

I dread talking to my wife. Nag nag nag, drama drama drama. I would rather let a blind man with a rusty machette, cut off my left nut.

Easy. Cuddling with my girl to "talk" about nothing

Talking about my finances. My money, my business! Karalyn R.

Folding socks!

Listen to John Laurnitis talk. Steve will agree

Talkin on the phone.

Absolutely hate being the only sober one in a room everyone is so effin annoying!! Haha doesnt happen often but when it does! Ugh!<3 rg Amanda

Today's Video blog features a guest from Australia, Jamie, who listens to our show online!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/17/2012 8:13AM
STP's BLOG 05/17/12 "There's An App For It"
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