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STP's BLOG 05/20/14 "Macklemore vs. Seth Rogan"

Tomorrow at 9:15 am -- Michael Bennett from the Seahawks will be joining us! 

Michael has a great charity event coming up on May 31st... "Michael Bennett's Champs & Cocktails For A Cause."  It’s happening that Saturday afternoon at the Columbia Tower Club, and is a fundraiser for Michael’s charity: Ocean! (fighting obesity through community, education, activity and nutrition).  A bunch of Seahawk players will be there...this should be fun…I got my tickets so I hope I will see you there!

Get more info here:
So I don’t usually get too serious on my blog, like to post funny videos or pictures or share my random thoughts…but I wanted to quickly address this whole Macklemore “controversy”.
Yesterday word spread that he did something offensive at a show on Friday night…he was wearing a costume that some people thought looked like an offensive Jewish caricature.  Here is a video from the performance…

Macklemore claims it was just a "random costume" . . . but Seth Rogan got up in arms about it and tweeted this: “@Macklemore, first you trick people into thinking you're a rapper, now you trick them into thinking you're Jewish?"

Macklemore explained that it was an innocent misunderstanding.  He Tweeted, "A fake witch's nose, wig, and beard = random costume.  Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody."

Seth didn't buy it.  He Tweeted back, "Really??  Because if I told someone to put together an anti-Semitic Jew costume, they'd have that exact shopping list."

Seth…shut up.  OK..thank you, that’s my big serious response to all of this.
Everyone that wants to quickly jump the gun and say by him wearing a costume with a wig and a big nose makes him look Jewish and that he is perpetuating a stereotype are shooting themselves in a foot if you ask me…by them seeing it that way, wouldn’t it make them as guilty of furthering this stereotype as well?  He never said on stage that he was being “Jewish”…the outfit could easily be viewed as whatever you want…Ringo Star was mentioned, Abe Lincoln, I thought it was a nod to the Digital Underground….

You can read Macklemore’s well thought out response about all of this by clicking HERE!
The worst part of all of this was some people screen shot a moment from his performance when his hand was up and tried to say he was doing a Hitler type of a hand gesture…it’s sickening that people will stop at no lengths to create controversy out of something that wasn’t there.

OK, enough of that…here is a picture of a cute puppy…Lulu!  Sorry Seth, she’s not wearing anything in this picture that you can twist into something it’s not!
 photo lulucutepic_zpsafb295ec.jpg

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05/20/2014 7:22AM
STP's BLOG 05/20/14 "Macklemore vs. Seth Rogan"
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05/20/2014 12:21PM
There's always someone...
Sadly, there will always be people on society who look to cause trouble, raise a cause and worse, use their celebrity "power" to do it. In my view, we have become waaay too PR in this world; so much so that it's taken away people's creativity & willingness to lay it out there, especially entertainers. When there's always someone watching you, waiting to jump on the slightest perceived offense, why would anyone bother? The funny thing is, Seth is taking offense to the way he dressed, but there's no one out there rallying for me - and I've been made fun of everyday of my life, blonde jokes, costumes, dumb antics galore. If it's so easy to offend in our society, maybe I should jump on the bandwagon also. Give it a rest Seth. You're a funny guy; apparently the "humor" you dish out with perceived (and not so) insults are funny because you created them? I never heard one comment, perceived or not, from Macklemore to suggest he was using his costume in an offending manner towards the Jewish community. Which of you is the worst offender? I would think it obvious. You have a right to be sensitive & protective over your religion - just don't push it on other people - stick to what your good at. Enciting religious unrest? Not so much.
05/20/2014 7:04PM
Aww Lulu is sweet :-)
05/21/2014 3:45AM
If I wore black makeup and huge lips, would that just be a "random costume"??
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