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STP's BLOG 05/21/13 "The Door -- RIP Ray"

Bummer news for Doors fans... Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek died yesterday after a "lengthy battle with bile duct cancer." He was 74. The opening keyboard riff to “Light My Fire” is still one of the coolest intros ever...his sound was iconic, and will be missed for sure!

While talking about this, I referenced the Doors movie with Val Kilmer, and BJ said he never saw it! I couldn’t believe could you not watch a classic film like that? BJ’s response was that he’s not a Doors fan, so why watch in my solid logical way of thinking, I ask: “Do you like killing people BJ?...If not, then why did you watch Silence Of The Lambs?” They don’t teach you logic like that in school, kids.

Last Wednesday, when the Powerball jackpot was at $360 million, a woman in California was SURE she'd won. She matched all of the numbers and the Powerball . . . but kept hearing reports that no winning tickets were sold. Turns out she bought her ticket 52 minutes AFTER the drawing, so it was for Saturday's Powerball drawing instead. Could you imagine this? That would be like Mila Kunis inviting you over for a fun night, but when you show up…she passed out and won’t answer the door. OK…strike that, that is nowhere near as awful as what happened to that woman. That is crazy!

Just last month, Jennifer Lawrence topped a survey of celebrities we'd most like to see in a sex tape. But things change. Mila Kunis has pulled ahead of Jennifer, 38% to 23%. Jennifer was followed by Sofia Vergara with 15% . . . Angelina Jolie with 13% . . . and Selena Gomez with 10%. This led to a fun topic of what celebrities we would like to see in an adult film. BJ was giving me a tough time because I wanted to see Ben Affleck and Blake Lively, and then Ben with J-Lo…it would be a theme – Gigli Uncensored, and The Town XXX! BJ is convinced I only want to see this because Affleck would be in it…that’s not the case, I just want to see Ben “get his way!” Here were some texts we received about this:

Jennifer love Hewitt and Kate beckensale. In some three way action.

January Jones in her xmen character. Plus, she already has a porny name!

Megan fox, Zoe Saldana, and I'm still holding out for Alyssa milano!

Rosie Odonell and Ellen Degeneres Oh ya. Big time.

Alice eve from new star trek movie. Or Zoe who plays Uhura! ;)

Vickie Vickie Vickie

Hey guys! Heather here. I would love to see Jennifer Lawerence AND Scarlet Johanssen. In the same sex tape would be even better!!!

I want to see Trish Stratus from WWE. Or even AJ Lee. I bet either one would be crazy in the sack. Especially AJ

Flow from progressive!!!

Today's Video Blog features Torture Tuesday. This week we were shocked when "Paddle" finally won the vote!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users...

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STP's BLOG 05/21/13 "The Door -- RIP Ray"
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