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STP's BLOG 05/22/12 "Great (long) Weekend!"

What an awesome weekend (we had yesterday off)…hell, all of last week was great! The highlight was the fact that my parents were in town, and my brother, since he is stationed over in Bremerton, was able to come in during the weekend and we all were able to hang out. Plus it was my wife’s birthday this weekend…so on Saturday night we hit the Space Needle for dinner. I love dinner there…we did this the last time my parents came to town, so I am digging this tradition. The view of course is spectacular, yes I used the word spectacular…that’s the only time I have used that word, because it applies! The dinner was also spectacular…I had the Ahi Tuna, so damn good! Seriously if you want to show someone a good night with a great meal…take em to the Needle! Here we are enjoying my wife’s great day!


On the way down the elevator in the needle we saw the Dale Chihuly Garden & Glass exhibit that was just built in the Seattle Center. I guess it officially opened yesterday…I need to check this out. I never thought I would care about a blown glass exhibit, but just seeing it from above makes me realize how awesome this will be to see. I took a picture outside of it…damn Dale…you blow good glass!!!!


After we had dinner…we took our parents and family to Capitol Hill…to go damncing at neighbors of course! OK, not really…we took them to Molly Moon’s to get Ice Cream! Have you ever tried Molly Moon’s? It’s homemade icecream, and the best ice cream you will ever have…seriously, it’s that good. There is usually a line outside of it…and our family all agreed after eating it…it’s worth the wait! I had my usual…a waffle cone with a scoop of vanilla bean and a scoop of salted caramel! It’s so good that last night after dropping off my parents at the airport…my wife and I hit up Molly Moon’s again for more ice cream awesomeness.


Earlier in the day we went to Nike Town, and I finally got to see the new Hawks jersey’s, as they were on display! Seeing these jersey’s in person makes me want them even more! They are sweet looking! I’m on the fence if I want a red Bryant #79 or a Bruuuuce Irvin #51…If Bruce never responds to one of my tweets…my loyalty will go with big Red! Check out the sweet display at Nike Town…you can see the new uni’s:


Yesterday was also awesome because the Devils tied up the series against the Ranger’s in the Eastern Conference finals…which made me, and the young version of me a happy camper! This pic is probably from the mid to late 80’s…wow!!!


While my parents were in town, we also did some tourist stuff…like going to Pike Place for them to check out the market…and I did something I have never seen in the 14 or 15 years living here…and I have been literally feet from it, but never saw it…the gum wall! Talk about gross, but cool!


One person asked me on Facebook what it smelled like…it didn’t smell like gum…more like urine…afterall it is in an alley!!!

Kristen Stewart says her life has been easy so far. Too easy…to the point where she would appreciate it if someone would screw her over, just to make it interesting. In the new issue of "Elle" magazine, she says, "Maybe because my life is so perfect, when I see the other side of life, it just seems like, almost like I want . . . You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like,' Why is everything so easy for me?' I can't wait for something crazy to [effing] happen to me. Just life. I want someone to [eff] me over! Do you know what I mean?"

I like what one texter said about this:

What does that chick mean never been screwed over? Didn't they make her watch twilight?

Kristen Stewart recently said that she wants someone to "Eff her over"...based on this...when have you been screwed over? When have you screwed someone over? Here are some of the texts we received…

I was arrested for dui and position. The last court date the prosecuting attorney told the judge that I was not impaired and had no drugs

I was leaving my girlfriend's house and I ran over her cat while she was watching... She broke up with me about 3 days after.

Alex from bellevue, i screwed my parents over by skipping so much school that they filed a bekka bill for truency. They had to appear in front of a court

I got fired because I knew my boss was boning his sexcratary

I was going to college and paying for my classes my mom told me to pay chretien and she would reimburse me....she never did, she screwed me out of 3500!

I got screwed out of 5 grand by a contractor because paperwork was late – mryippiekiya

My faience left me. One month later she was engaged to an ex friend.

I'm screwed over right now girlfriend left me after five years took the kids left me with two vehicle payments and a apartment we just moved into. Jason

  So last week before we left for a mini vacation…we reported the sad news that Donna Summers died…this one hit me for the oddest reason, as I admitted that Donna Summer was my first “girlfriend”…you know…the first person to inspire some “alone time”. BJ was shocked that was my tribute to the queen of disco, but c’mon…she was a sexy Bad Girl after all!!!! A texter suggested a great topic idea because of this:
Theres a topic. Who was your first "girlfriend”

Here are some of the texts we received:

Im ryan from mt vernon. My first was Posh from spice girls, then she got knocked up from some other dude. So i moved on to sporty spice

I'm a chick and old school gwen stefani was my first girlfriend!

For me it was Deanna Troi from Star Treck Next Generation

The topless scene from caddyshack. Wore out the VHS rewinding and pausing that s***

When I was 12 my friends hot mom was across the street washing her camero in a tiny red string bikini...

My name is Scott from Everett and I am 30. My '' first girlfriend '' had to be Madona. I saw a music video with her on a motor bike and it was a little futuristic looking but chicks on bikes are hot. I had an Amarican pie moment.

I hate to admit this but mine was the bra model in my moms sears catalog. i thought i saw a nipple a few times. many happy times cheers to sears.

My first was Heather Locklear. She was the hottest woman t that time. Blonde and beautiful. Many a nights thought about her and I lol.

Paula Abdul in cold hearted snake video

Steve will agree. Sheron stone basic instinct the police station scene

I have to agree with STP. Batgirl or Catwoman from the Adam West Batman show would both predate Cindy Crawford for me. –Bjorn
April O'Neil from the original TMNT movie.

Alyssa Milano dominated my spank bank for many years growing up.

Olivia Newton John from Grease was friggin hot back then. Chris in Bremerton.

Today's Intern Challenge features Tahiti Steve trying to conquer the 7 Alarm Challenge at the Wingdome in Seattle!  This led to a bunch of texts from people that tried the 7 Deadly Wings Challenge:

I've done it twice. It's ridiculous, but the trick is to keep going, use chapstick before you start, keep it off your lips if possible and feel the pain later. :)

I had dreams I was burning alive after I did that challenge!

Did the 7 wings in 5 minutes.

I've been eating at the Wing Dome in Kent for the last couple weeks. I enjoy the #6 heat wings. Tried one #7 and it was a mistake. C'mon ice cream! PainterguyD

Did the 7 alarm challange, made it to 6.. went to a strip club for my friends batchlor party after.. worst night ever -Trev-

Here is Tahiti Steve's attempt:

Here si the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 05/22/12 "Great (long) Weekend!"
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