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STP's BLOG 05/22/14 "Seahawks At The White House"

Did you see the Seahawks at the White House yesterday?  It was AWESOME!  It should have been called “Comedy Central’s Roast Of The Seattle Seahawks!”  Man, the President was on fire!  He was cracking some great jokes…it was beyond cool to see President Obama talking about guys like Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Brandon Mebane, Doug Baldwin, and the LOB!  Check it out…

It’s another proud moment for Seahawks fans…this has been an unbelievable ride!
Speaking of yesterday’s White House visit…did you catch our interview with Michael Bennett of the Hawks yesterday?  He called us while he was in the White House, if you missed it…it was a technical nightmare as his phone kept cutting out…but it was a fun one regardless as he is one cool dude.


So after the interview, I went on the Seahawks Instagram account, and they posted a bunch of great photos from the players at the White House…one of them was a pic of Michael sitting while on the phone…and it was taken right around when we had him on. 

I geeked out on that, especially when I read the comments and there were some people are a couple comments I saw:

Michael Bennett talking with @bjshea! Great show this morning! Awesome interview! Lol jack bauer!

On the phone with BJ!! Hahaha


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05/22/2014 7:09AM
STP's BLOG 05/22/14 "Seahawks At The White House"
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