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STP's BLOG 05/23/12 "Beating The Producer"

So I went 10 for 10 in Beat The Producer, and after I won the game…BJ saw my computer screen and was confused as to why this was pulled up:


First off I didn’t think I needed a reason why I’m on Maxim’s site…other than the simple explanation that hot chicks are featured on the page, but this time around I had a legit reason behind having this page open. One of our new Rock Girls, Haley, is in the running for Maxim’s Hometown Hottie competition…so I was voting for her! You can do so as well…

I mentioned that since there is superstition in the world of competition, and I went 10 for 10…maybe I need to look at her pic every morning to inspire me to victory. This of course led to BJ going down an inappropriate road saying that I’ll be playing a different version of “Beat the Producer” because of that picture…I swear I work with perverts! So now BJ has coined “Beating The Producer” as a new euphemism for…well…you know!

A KOMO 4 Problem Solver hidden camera investigation discovered workers drinking on the largest construction job in the state: The 520 Bridge construction project. Numerous workers are shown with a beer in their hand, or at their desk, in the middle of the afternoon. The 520 project is a $586 million contract!!! I love this part…KOMO 4 went to the project office at 3 p.m. on Friday looking for the boss.

Based on this …when have you busted on the job for doing something you shouldn’t be doing? Or…When did you get away with something that would have gotten you into huge trouble? Here are the texts:

We would put beer & ice in a garbage bag & hide it in a 480 volt electrical panel and drink out of coffee mugs in front of our boss. Co-worker ratted us out.

BI used to sell baby cribs for a retail store. The customers sometimes want me to deliver them to their house. We were not supposed to, but the tips were good. Pancho

Should have been caught many times doing lines, customers, and coworkers when i worked at the bar. In the hallway, on the pool tables, on the boss's office desk

Busted for using a VERY adult dating website on a work computer

I had to spend 4 hours minimum cold calling everyday while doing other tasks like managing 16 production employees. The phone system we had reported to the boss each day so i called my cell and just left it on hold. -koda curently in vail wa

Worked at a fast food restaraunt in Auburn, used to smoke weed in the ball pit for the kids play area after closing...

I got busted for “beating the producer” in the work bathroom when my supervisor was in there. Didn't realize anyone was in there too

I use to "test" our water pipe collection then clean and sell at and during my asst management job at a smoke shop

Nailed a midget in a mechanical room at my job

I get busted for listening to Radio. Between you guys, the mens room and the pod cast i gets me caught giggling. They actually come check on me :) faith

I used to flash for money at my coffee stands

We got this email…which led to a topic…

Over the weekend my wife and I were watching a special on Sturgis on the Travel Channel called “The Wild Ride”. The special is all about the crazy party atmosphere that happens at the motorcycle rally in South Dakota. Something happened during the episode that we thought would be a great topic. There was a guy that brought his kid with him, and this kid couldn’t be no older than 7 years old. He was wearing a little motorcycle vest and hanging with dad. Sure it was cute, but we were both shaking our head at this guy. Is this really a good place to bring a kid? There is boozing all around him, and women wearing nothing but pasties or nothing but painted breasts! This seems like a place that a kid shouldn’t be at, and we thought it would be funny to hear from parents talking about the places they couldn’t believe their spouse took their kids to.
Ken and Deena

It’s funny…I saw this same special over the weekend too…Sturgis looks crazy…I want to go! But I have to agree with them…the vibe looks like a place where a kid should not be, and based on this…finish this sentence: “I can’t believe my spouse took our kid to ______.” Here are the texts we got:

Exwife took kids with her to a hotel to bang her boyfriend

I'll answer for my ex-wife ... I can't believe he took my 10 and 12 yr old boys to hooters!

A buddy wanted me to take his 12 year old to a rave. Wife caught wind, all hell broke loose

I can't believe my wife took my son to a strip club before I did.

When i was at sturgis. Biker kids were everywhere –croak

I am a nudist. I have a 10 year-old son. His mom & I are split up. She h8s the fact that I take him 2 nudist events.

I cant beleave my ex took my 4 year old son 2 pride . She sent me a pic of him playing in the fountan. A man in the back groung w/ ass less chaps on. <J>

My cousins were taken to a drug deal at a hotel with their mom and her boyfriend, they were 5 & 7.. it went south and the boyfriend shot the dealer in the face,

Sturgis what better place to teach boys about the two best things in life. Bikes and boobs

Hi im natasha, I cant beleive my dad took me to the gun range so I played with my little ponies in the lobby. Now I feel like it was his evil ploy. Im a 18 year old woman who loves shooting, and outshoots him! Jokes on him haha!

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05/23/2012 8:09AM
STP's BLOG 05/23/12 "Beating The Producer"
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