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STP's BLOG 05/24/13 "I-5 Bridge!"

Our thoughts are with those affected by the I-5 Bridge collapse over the Skagit River.  Thank God that no one died, and it sounds like everyone will be ok…what a crazy experience.  I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like!  Check out the bridge collapse…how insane is this?
 photo 37DD1019-2CD8-4C1A-9547-3B4B8C30C64B-20799-00001051E8F6DD55_zps6668978e.jpg
I want to give huge props to my buddy, Brent Amaker!  Brent and I have been friends for a long time, and we also were in a band together called Dorkweed.  He has since achieved some great success with his band Brent Amaker And The Rodeo – they have had their music featured on Weeds and Californication, they have toured the world, but I think this is by far the coolest thing:
 photo 486723DE-A272-4C3E-8A85-B40B4430A537-20799-000010512731BC2D_zps923e465b.jpg
That is a giant painting of the band on the side wall of Neumos!  This is also the cover for their upcoming new record “The Year Of The Dragon”, which I think is an amazing record – sure I am biased, but I love it.  If you don’t remember, they were on the STP-CAST to play a few songs, and here is one of the songs off the new CD…”Boots”:

Here is another song off the record, “Death Is Always Near”:

The new record is in stores on June 4th.  Get more info at , plus they will be at Neumo's on June 8th! Also, if the artwork on the wall looks familiar – they were lucky enough to have Takashi Okazaki do the artwork.  Many of you will know Takashi from his work on Afro Samurai.

I know I share a bunch of pictures of my pup, Lulu…I can’t help it…she is so bad ass that I have to share.  For instance, we got her a new toy…check her out shredding!
 photo D85100B2-625C-48B4-9605-0E04E4888A92-20799-0000105120FD8CD2_zps8a05e358.jpg
Yes, that is a Brett Michaels dog toy…he has his own line of dog toys and clothes…hilarious!
Last night Lulu was pretty tired, after rocking her new guitar of course…and I was able to catch the anatomy of a yawn…
 photo 538EAE1B-D32C-4DF0-B89A-CF8B5D567461-20799-0000105115830C6E_zps6544d6a1.jpg

Today's Video Blog features a cool new coffee machine that is in our kitchen at work!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

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05/24/2013 6:58AM
STP's BLOG 05/24/13 "I-5 Bridge!"
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