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STP's BLOG 05/25/12 "Sexting"

BJ started the show off with depressing news…He came across a story about why people “sext” – I thought this would be an easy answer…to have sex. But apparently I am wrong. According to the website Wired, women send naked pictures because it’s a turn to feel desired. So if a chick sends you a sexy picture, it’s not because she wants to do you…she just likes the way it feels to know that the picture makes you want to do her…but no “doing” is necessary! That’s crap if you ask me…talk about a whole new way to tease a poor fella! Now for guys, Wired says that guys send naked pictures to show off. That is total B.S….sure a guy is “showing off”, but they are “showing off” because they want the intended party to want to put what was he is “showing off” to use! Duh. We got a couple of texts because of this…

steve sounds so heartbroken about this fact hahaha

I was sexting last night...I got laid last myself. Steffeny on Puyallup

The big story of the day yesterday was a Tiger is on the loose in Puyallup…people are freaking out, and for just reasons…it’s a 200 pound tiger! I even had contact with the Tiger! Ok…not really…but I did get involved in a Twitter exchange with the Puyallup Tiger!!! Yes, the tiger is on Twitter…follow him @puyallup_tiger. It all stemmed from a Tweet I received from Vicky B. Check it out:


Yup...the Puyallup Tiger listens to our show! Awesome!!! Here were some of the other choice “tweets” by the Tiger…They’re Greeeeeeaaaaat! (Sorry I had to do that!):

Dave Sims still getting excited about warning track fly balls?

Jesse Jones says his name weird.

Found a radio... Listening to the men's room.

For the record... Chihiahuas are cats. Not dogs. And quit spending so much money on them.

Hold the phone! You guys pay that much for gas?

Hope I don't go to gig harbor... I got no cash for the toll on the way back.

Tattoo removal has gone up 32% in the past year . . . supposedly because people realized tattoos can make it harder to get JOBS. A new survey asked 700 people who had tattoos removed last year WHY they did it . . . and yes, job reasons was the number one answer at 40%. I just think it’s crazy that we still have issues with people having tattoos. I think it looks more ridiculous when you go somewhere and the tattoo’ed employee has to wear a arm band or a band aid to hide their tat or piercing!

Based on this…Whether it be a tattoo or anything else…when has something kept you from getting a job? Here are some text messages we received:

Im a teacher & have to cover my tattoos. I have nothing even remotely offensive, but people are uptight.

Should be a garbage man they don't care RED

I SMOKE WEED. That has kept me from getting plenty of job's

Job? I can't even get a meal. Puyallup Tiger

Aw man, I didn't get a job because they said I was fat! Who cares as long as I can do a great job?! They acted afraid my fat would rub off!

I was looking for work for 15 months and went to lots of interviews , but believe I didn't get the job because I'm morbidly obese. Glowdaddy

I had a bad of pot fall out of my pocket in the middle of a interview. Reached for my phone and bam! there it was. Oops

Well i had lip piercing's and i had to remvome them. then i got hired on at spencers and they dont care since we sell body jewlrey

As a guy, I used to have long hair done to my waist I grew for 10 years. Cut it when it was getting thin on top. Think aging hippie look. After the snip, My work then offerd me an upper management job with a secretary after the haircut. Keep it short always now. Cajun

Today's video blog features competitive Bar B Q'er she brought us some ribs she cooked with Bulls Eye Bar B Q Sauce!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/25/2012 7:19AM
STP's BLOG 05/25/12 "Sexting"
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