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STP's BLOG 05/27/14 "BTP at DLM"

I’m not going to spoil anything…but if you have been hearing people rave about that HBO show called True Detective….believe the hype.  This show exceeded the hype I heard, it’s right up there with Breaking Bad as one of the best TV shows I have watched.  It is on HBO…all of the first season is up On Demand, and it stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson…and these guys put on an acting clinic.  I can’t recommend this enough.  My wife and I watched the entire season on Sunday and Monday.  We watched 6 episodes on Sunday, and watched the final 2 yesterday…talk about binge watch! 
BVJ asked me why I decided to watch it…it’s an odd reason…all because of a wrestling personality.  Paul Heyman went on a Twitter raving about it, and said it was some of the best character development since the Sopranos, and Breaking Bad.  Since I’m a “Paul Heyman” guy…I gave it a shot, and I am very glad I did!

On Friday night we joined Doug Benson on stage at the Neptune Theater for the taping of his podcast, "Doug Loves Movies".  What an incredible time…not only did we play Beat The Producer (BTP at DLM), but we got to hang with him for a bit on stage.  As a fan of his podcast, it was quite the honor…and his audience couldn’t have been cooler to us.  It was a blast!  I came across this pic on Instagram…thanks to RaveAndReview for posting this!

Here are some pix we took while there…
 photo 1E5BFF6F-1A68-491C-B3B2-CD2F4F5354E3_zpsxvd4pflm.jpg
 photo 77E42661-C153-4AEE-920A-968933E6EA90_zpsfww47um0.jpg
 photo D3174746-D96D-4E3F-8A5B-996668A39AB6_zpsimmf9mes.jpg
 photo 7D0A2FAC-9427-4972-A844-878BA86C4706_zpsm1xz9a3t.jpg
 photo F82A1C9C-5C08-41D8-B35C-0EB11354EAAD_zpsthirimem.jpg
 photo E9B06B73-4C96-4CA1-BBCF-89434FB72A2A_zps2poitc3k.jpg
And for no reason…a cute pic of Lulu.,..
 photo D29E4A78-A837-451E-B64C-D66AC6792EEB_zpsqhdkj8ex.jpg

Rolling Stone" readers picked the 25 Funniest Movies of All Time...The '70s were represented by SIX films...there were EIGHT from the '80s...FIVE from the '90s and FIVE from the 2000s.  Nothing from this decade made the cut.
Here's the complete list...

1.  "Blazing Saddles",  1974
2.  "Airplane!",  1980
3.  "Monty Python and the Holy Grail",  1975
4.  "Animal House",  1978
5.  "Young Frankenstein",  1974
6.  "Caddyshack",  1980
7.  "This Is Spinal Tap",  1984
8.  "The Life of Brian",  1979
9.  "Dumb & Dumber",  1994
10.  "The Naked Gun",  1988
11.  "The Jerk",  1979
12.  "The Big Lebowski",  1998
13.  "There's Something About Mary",  1998
14.  "Borat",  2006
15.  "A Fish Called Wanda",  1988
16.  "The 40-Year-Old Virgin",  2005
17.  "Step Brothers",  2008
18.  "Anchorman",  2004
19.  "Office Space",  1999
20.  "Planes, Trains and Automobiles",  1987
21.  "Raising Arizona",  1987
22.  "Dr. Strangelove",  1964
23.  "The Blues Brothers",  1980
24.  "Tommy Boy",  1995
25.  "Superbad",  2007
If I had to think quick and make up my own list…here is my top 10…

1.  Pootrie Tang
2.  Beer Fest
3.  Superbad
4.  Super Troopers
5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
6.  Jerkbeast (because I’m in the film of course!)
7.  Ride Along (just trying to think of some recent films since the list didn’t)
8.  This is the End
9.  Bad Grandpa
10. The Hangover

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05/27/2014 6:44AM
STP's BLOG 05/27/14 "BTP at DLM"
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