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STP's BLOG 05/29/12 "Devils Going To The Cup!"

So BJ shared with us that he hurt himself over the weekend…he pulled a muscle…not the love muscle…but actually pulled a neck muscle during “love making”! I asked if that stopped him, or did he “rub some dirt on it”, “walk it off”, and keep going…to which I am proud to say, he kept going! I, being the investigative journalist I ain’t, asked him what position the injury occurred in…it was while he was on his side. A valuable lesson was learned here…always rest your head on your arm curled under your head…or….get a firmer pillow for moments like this!!!!

So I have been on the Twitter of late, and I came across a Twitter feed that makes me laugh all the time. I thought it was really tracy Morgan’s Twitter page, but it turns out it’s an imposter…but this imposters tweets are far more entertaining than Tracy’s real page. Tracy should hire this guy to tweet for him…here was a fave I read over the weekend:


Here are some other gems:


Speaking of Twitter…how dumb is Metta World Peace? Who is Metta? That’s LA Laker Ron Artest’s new name…and that’s not why he is dumb…he Tweeted this over the weekend:


Oops…wrong holiday buddy…everyone knows Labor Day is on December 25th. At the end of the day, Ron…I mean Metta…still wins…he is paid millions upon millions of dollars to play a sport, so we can goof on him all we want…his bills are paid!

Now BJ’s weekend was one of injury…mine was AWESOME! Friday night couldn’t be better…all because of this:


That’s right Adam Henrique scored the overtime winner…and the New Jersey Devils are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!


Even my wife got caught up in the celebration…honestly there is nothing better than the NHL playoffs…especially when your team wins the Eastern Conference Champiopnship & plays for the cup starting tomorrow!!!!


On Saturday, we had our first ever STP-CAST party…it was to celebrate the fact that our podcast was voted the #4 podcast in Western Washington (part of that KING 5 poll)…so we all met up at Laser Quest in Federal Way and shot Lasers! The big winner was The Humbler…he won all 3 games, and Toppy did the best for the guys on the show. I did great in the first game, but I assembled a team of 8 year old snipers that protected me en route to a 7th place finish (outta 25 or 30 people…not too shabby). In between game 2 and 3, a few of us went next door to get “re-hydrated”:


It was a blast, thanks to everyone who came out to shoot lasers…we will do this again soon! Listen to today’s STP-CAST (will be posted around 1:30 PM) to hear all about our laser battles…including a great story about how I got yelled at by a 12 or 13 year old girl! Plus Slash calls into today’s STP-CAST…that will be fun. You can find the podcast (again, the new one will be up at around 1:30 pm today) here:

A survey by a British healthcare company called Benenden Healthcare Society found that the average person gets injured or ill nearly 10,000 times in their life. That breaks down to:

--2,808 bumps and bruises: That works out to 36 a year, or three a month.
--858 headaches: That's a little less than one a month.
--780 backaches: That works out to 10 a year.
--468 cases of upset stomach: One every two months.
--You'll also get 234 bug bites . . . the same number of paper cuts . . . 156 burns . . . 156 earaches . . . 78 bloody noses . . . 78 electric shocks . . . three trips to the hospital . . . two surgeries . . . and one broken bone.

Based on this…what was the worst or most ridiculous injury you have suffered from? Here are the texts we received:

Vasectomy. I grew an extra testicle for about 6 weeks from a blood clot. Signed e t the extra testicle

Bit my tongue OFF! Was 9, fell backwards in a bar stool, back of head hit the floor I bit thru? ER sowed it back on! Can't prove it, tongues heal scars. Jason

Was crushed by a back hoe. Have to get a new knee and am lucky to be alive!
Fractured my hip playing Kick ball. – Chad

Found out I'm allergic to icy hot, my butt and face swelled up and I had hives for 2 weeks

I broke my elbow when I was dreaming and flailed and hit my night stand... Embarrassing! Holly

Broke both my wrists at the same time bmx racing. Sucked for three months not smackin the monkey. Dan puy

My PE teacher in 9th grade had my class do piggyback races and I ended up snapping my femur in half.

Nate from lake stevens. Me and my buddies got drunk and thought the trampolines would be fun. I literally busted my own balls on the outside rail. 5000 dollar accident

Most recently was attacked by rooster...took a peck out of knee, and beat crap outta me. Twisted my knee and am just now healing from it!

I woke up with a tick sucking on my right nut on sunday morning!! No joke..

According to a new survey, 76% of women and 70% of men say they really want to have sex in public, or they want to CONTINUE having sex in public. That's more than three-quarters of women, and more than two-thirds of men.

Men and women were less excited about making a sex tape . . . especially women. Only 40% of men said they'd film themselves getting-it-on . . . and women were even less into it, at 22%.

So we had to ask the ladies and the fellas…is this you? Where was your favorite place to do “it”? Where was the riskiest place? Here are some of the texts we received:

I had sex with my girlfriend in the kitchen of her dads house while her dad was passed out on the couch in the living room. It's was the first time I had ever been to his house and first time ever meeting him. scary but awesome!

Womens bathroom on the ferry. It was AWESOME!!!

Jfk airport lounge. Their argueing woke me up, their make up sex kept me awake. Good thing it was dark ;-)

best place I've ever done it would have to be in my ex's office during business hours! –Chiree

In the woods hunting w/boyfriend. Another time in the Redwood's between split in trees. It's the thrill of getting caught.

Had sex in a salon chair stationed at the storefront window during lunch hour:-P Andrew in AUBURN

On the capitol steps in Olympia with the hottest girl in high school. Got caught. Cop was laughing so hard he let us go. First thing he said was " did you get your pants back on ok son" . He was crying he was laughing so hard. Fishpimp

I had sex in a packed movie theater during 1 of the star treck movies

Had sex in a crowded nightclub on halloween

Im a chick and i did it once at a little leugue night...super hot when i got pressed up against a chain linked fence.

On top of a Zamboni when I worked at an ice arena

My gf and I did it rock climbing up on the edge of a cliff about 200ft in the air

Today's Video blog is a stems from the STP-CAST party at Laser Quest in Federal Way, and when Toppy gets in the mood to dance...there ain't no stopping him!

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05/29/2012 7:46AM
STP's BLOG 05/29/12 "Devils Going To The Cup!"
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