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STP's BLOG 05/30/12 "Slash rules..Im Da Bes!"

Proof that anyone can be a You Tube star…. This morning we talked about this video…it’s the dumbest rap song ever, and will be stuck in your head…somehow…over a MILLION people have watched it:

BJ is right that we are quickly going towards a world of Idiocracy…since when is stuff like that quality entertainment? I mean, c’mon…stuff like that saturates the internet and people might miss real entertainment like this:

At least on TV we can still get high brow entertainment that clearly the internet is lacking. Like this:

On this week’s episode of the STP-CAST, we got to talk to Slash about his new CD Apocalyptic Love, which is in stores now. I have to say, this CD is hands down my favorite record of the year…every song is great…the highlights… a song called No More Heroes…here is the song (sorry for Spanish subtitles):

Another song I LOVE is called Not For Me! Check it out:

Slash is going to be at The Paramount on July 13 – tickets are available through I cant wait to see them perform this CD live! During the interview I brought up the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction where Slash performed with Guns N’ Roses, and Miles Kennedy sang…and Slash said that at first Miles didn’t want to sing and be a part of the drama, but at the last minute…while on a plane to Cleveland, he changed his mind because it was the right thing to do for the fans. This got us thinking…if he didn’t do it…I would be he would have regretted passing up that opportunity…as the performance was awesome…

Based on this...what is something that you didn't want to do, but after you did were glad you did? Or what is something that you turned down doing, and still regret to this day? Here are some of the texts we got:

I regret turning down going to see Dane Cook with a girl I worked with in favor of trying to fix my failing relationship. I am now married to the other girl lol

Turned down the chance to race a stock car for my dads company due to my step dads advice
I regret turning down a construction electrition job making about 45 bucks an hour after 5 years because i was having fun at my job now i make 14 in a warehouse

Regret not sleeping with the girl of my dreams. I had the chance in college and didnt because she was drunk and i wasnt drinking. If i could go back i would do it over and over again! --STP's recycle guy—

Deploy to Iraq was scared out of my mind. But wouldn't change it for anything made the best friends and lots of good and bad memories Drew in Puyallup

Regreted high on meth and ignored the girl in awesome red lingerie. Glad, Serving 4 years in the u s army and straightening my life out ... I don't ignore red lingerie anymore. The extra testicle

Swam with whale sharks in Mexico in deep blue sea! <3 rg Amanda

Turned down a job in Guam working with special forces because of a woman... regret it!! She turned out to be a hoe!!

I regret handing Lucy over to Steve when she was a pup.

Did ya hear about what happened at Rocklahoma? Queensryche’s front man told the crowd that they sucked! Check out the video:

I watched the Rocklahoma coverage on HD NET…it was awesome, but I missed this part…however, we did get some texts:

Hey, jeff was only telling the truth, the rocklahoma crowd was weak! Made me prowd thad a home seattle guy called oklahoma out for sucking! Hellyeah stole the show! Hd net is awsome! Craig in lacey

You can even tell that Scott and Michael thought the crowd sucked when Eddie Truck interviewed them after show.

Geoff Tate killed it at rocklahoma despite how bad the crowd sucked

This isn’t the only interesting news we are hearing about Queensryche… Rumor has it that things in the Queensryche camp is rather unstable, and the band might be calling it quits. Earlier this month, reports on the website Metal Sludge surfaced of an incident that happened in April where Geoff allegedly threatened his band mates with a knife before a show in Brazil. According to reports, before the show, Geoff caught other members plotting his removal from the band. During the soundcheck, according to witnesses Tate violently assaulted guitarist Michael Wilton, knocking him down and then, armed with a knife, tried to attack drummer Scott Rockenfield, but was restrained by security guards. It sounds like Queensryche is ready to move on with a new singer and using a different name since Tate probably owns the rights. On June 8th and June 9th, Rising West – featuring everyone in Queensryche besides Tate – will be performing Queensryche classics from the first five albums with singer Todd La Torre at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle.

The website Pop Sugar has an article about the 9 Ways To Earn Extra Cash When Money's Tight… here are some of your options:

1. Offer Experiences to Strangers – there is a site called Vayable, which allows people with specialized knowledge and talents, local info, and time on their hands to create experiences that others can purchase. It's basically a touring and activity company without the company.

2. Become a Mystery Shopper

3. Seek Out Odd Jobs on the Internet -- So long as Craigslist is around, so too will there be part-time gigs like walking dogs, house cleaning, babysitting, yardwork, and more.

4. Have a Garage or Yard Sale

5. Turn Your Space Into a Microsublet -- rent out your spare space to travelers.

6. Register For Focus Groups - you can make anywhere from $50 to $125 per session, which usually last from one to two hours.

7. Perform on the Streets

8. Collect Recyclables For Cash

9. Sell Your Body to Science -- Sought-after specimens include plasma, hair, eggs, and sperm.

Based on this…what have you done for extra cash? Here are some of the texts we received:

Donate blood plasma for money in college. It sucked. From the O.D.P

I referee basketball and umpire slow pitch softball.

Had no job. So i sold lots and lots of weed. –justin

Magic: the Gathering. Cube draft for money. David in Everett

For extra cash: I once sold the tix that I won on YOUR show. They were for Five Finger Death Punch, and I couldnt go to the show. Thanks again, Dave Allen (from Everett).

Far extra cash I pretended e b a guard dog & bark whenever I heard something or someone outside. That was a fun way to make $1000 for 5 hrs. Lol!

I've done at least 15 of those medical research experiments earning $500 - $2800 for each one... I've taken so many pills and undergone so many tests I now urinate bright green on a daily basis...

Mystery shopping sucks! The pay is crap (and you pay upfront then they reimburse you- which takes forever), and they expect you to write pages ofdetailed reports. If you miss even one small detail, they don't pay!

i officiate hockey for 60 bucks a night

Bouncer for high school parties, being 6ft 300 lbs $50 and a bottle of Goldshlogger

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05/30/2012 8:08AM
STP's BLOG 05/30/12 "Slash rules..Im Da Bes!"
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