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STP's BLOG 05/30/13 "Teachers!"

Have you seen the trailer for this movie, “This Is The End”…I am so excited to see it!  Luckily we get to go to a screening for it tonight, as Seth Rogan might be on the show next week. 

Yesterday we played this audio from a video posted by a 4th Grade teacher that quit via You Tube because she was sick of the way the school system discourages creativity in teaching.  She became a teacher to make a difference, but became a “cog in the wheel” and wasn’t doing what she wanted in the class room.  Here is the video:

I am so far removed from being a kid in class, so I don’t know how it is anymore…but I don’t think she is alone in her frustration.  I was lucky…I had many teachers that had an impact on my life, stuff that sticks with me to this day.  So this led to a topic… Good or bad…what made your teacher memorable?  Here are some of the texts we received:

I had a jr. High science teacher named Mr. B and he starred out the year by having all students stand on a countertop and fall back having us trust he'd catch us.
Senior year my teacher took me to a mariners game, we smoked bowls and drank yagger bombs the whole way
Mr bartel enumclaw wa, he was inspirational and never gave up.. Always head strong and passionate in his lectures and taught us more about life. Kelsey
BJ I had a seventh-grade teacher of social studies that when we studied another culture he brought the food into class and cooked it and let us eat it it was awesome. What better way to get students to learn them to let them eat.
I had a teacher in middle school that got me into death metal and even took me to a Gojira concert!
My 8th grade science teacher at Kenmore junior high crapped his pants during a test. It smelt awful but was hilarious
Tom Sproull. Great teacher and he shaved his head when mom got cancer so she wouldn't feel weird being bald. Dude changed my life.
My 11th grade commuter teacher asked me to stop coming to school high on weed.. Haha!
We had a teacher who was in a porn! It was very memorable hah
Frist pair of breasts I ever saw 5th grade teacher bent over to help with math problem and poped out right in my face greatest math day ever
I remember going to the déjà Vu strip club in shoreline and as I'm walking in I see my math teacher sitting there alone me and my friends sent a stripper over to him to say hello from us he ran out and has denied that that ever happened 

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05/30/2013 8:25AM
STP's BLOG 05/30/13 "Teachers!"
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