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STP's BLOG 05/30/14 "My Beef With Kick Starter"

LeVar Burton's Kickstarter campaign for a new version of "Reading Rainbow" collected a million dollars on its FIRST DAY.  The campaign reached TWO MILLION on the second day, and kept on going. Wow.

This is one of the rare instances that I am not sick to my stomach to read about KickStarter or any of these crowd funded sites. I say I’m not sick to my stomoach about it, but at thew end of the day.,..I am still not a fan of this being the way “we” get things done.  I dig that the end goal is for the kids (regarding Reading Rainbow), but I HATE HATE HATE that we no longer “work” to make things happen, and we just put it on a website and hope people will give out money to us. 

I know I am old fashioned about this, and hell…I’m a hypocrite as I have given to some of these…but as a guy that had to save money to get the things I want…including creative outlets like recording music, etc…I just hate that the art of “busting your ass” to “make it” is gone.  Now if you have a movie you are trying to make…or your band wants to make a record…you make a video begging for money, and offer silly incentives to get people to pay. 

For instance…on this Reading Rainbow thing…if you donate $10,000…you and a friend could get dinner with LeVar, and you can wear his visor that he wore when he was on Star Trek.  No, you don’t get to keep it for 10 grand…you get to wear it.  Seriously?  Ok…I’m stepping off my soap box, I am sorry!
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I love those awkward moments that happen on TV.  I dig them because I think we all strive for perfection to the point where it can drive us nuts…so to see a moments of imperfection can lighten life up a bit.  Here is a great excaple of that… a Fox News affiliate in Detroit cut to a camera mounted 300 feet high on their TV tower last Sunday morning, and when they were doing the weather they got a live shot of a workman's FACE as he was cleaning the lens.

So if you have read my blog yesterday…or have been listening to my podcast, the STP-CAST, or Ted Smith’s podcast, Thee Podcast…we have been talking about doing a live event and calling it the Mega Cast.  The name is a nod to the time when Hulk Hogan & Macho Man Savage joined forces and became the Mega Powers.  How odd is this…just last week the WWE premiered a special about the Mega Powers…I can’t wait to watch this!

Well…huge props to a fine listener of the STP-CAST, Chris…for creating this amazing logo! 

 photo MEGACASTLOGO_zpsb23414e1.jpg
Chris is a great Graphic Artist…check his stuff out here:
I love that the STP-CAST logo (which he designed) is in his portfolio – that rocks!
 photo stpcast_zps682d8c54.jpg

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05/30/2014 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 05/30/14 "My Beef With Kick Starter"
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