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STP's BLOG 05/31/12 "Damn You Kopitar!

Ugh…rough loss for the Devils last night! I was all ready to rock…I had a homebrew beer poured that my bud Gilles made…and hell, it looked like Marty was eyeing my beet through the TV!


I really thought we had this one…started off weak, by the third period the Devils looked awesome, and in overtime, they looked great too…but sadly they made one mistake, and that mistake cost them the game!

So the Kings are up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals…I’m not worried just yet…the Devils started off the last 2 series with a loss, and made adjustments to the team they are playing and wound up winning. Plus…I predict the Devils will win the cuip in 6 games…in order to do that, you have to lose 2 games…consider that one of them.
Angela on Facebook posted these pix on my Facebook wall...never before have I seen pictures that sum up who I am as a person…nice find Angela!




According to a new study, 60% of American workers are unhappy at work. That's three out of five people who aren't happy to be there, but 70% of them plan on staying. A separate study found that one in three people say they're chronically overworked, and 54% have felt overwhelmed at work at some time in the past month by how much they had to do. It also found that 29% of people think most of what they do at work is a waste of time. I guess I am in the 40%...I love my job, minus getting up early and dealing with BJ for 4 hours. Other than that…Best. Job. Ever!

So 3 out of 5 people are miserable at work…based on this…why does your job make you miserable? Or are you one of the 2 out of 5 people that’s not miserable…what is it about your job that you love? Here are some of the texts we received:

Getting yelled at by drs offices bc their patients eye glasses ate not done or delayed .... Norm

I went to school to be an engineer but the very large company in this area i work for outsources all the real engineering work so i basically sit around all day doing paperwork instead.

I love my job. I work parks and rec at a park on a lake. I get to spend all day at a beautiful park and fish on my lunch. Ever seen a bald eagle catch atrout? I have. Freaking awesome. Johnny D

Im an elementary school teacher, what I hate about my job is that it's so political, it should be about the kids!

I dig graves and am outside all year, been there 24 years and it feels like about 3. Its only a job if you dont want to be there. The t town gravedigger,

Unhappy due to the boss won't pay for parking in Bellevue so I have to bus.

My jobs cool, I calibrate scales used on anything from loading the space shuttles, to weighing the crabs on deadliest catch! Have seen my scales on TV! Jason.

Im in the army and i love my job they pay me to shoot kick ass guns drive kick ass trucks and when i deployed and got shot shot at it was the most kick ass rush ever GOD BLESS AMERICA

I love my job! I'm a massage therapist and I help people everyday. Leyland in Olympia

I haul cow manure for a living and I wouldn't trade my job for anything!! I make good money, I have the most awesome bosses a guy could ask for, and I don't have to deal with the public! Steelers suck... Derrick in Sedro-Woolley

Love my job. I'm a truck driver. I don't really have a time clock. I get there when I get there and my customers are happy. No timeframe = no stress.

I hate my job because my creepy coworker scratches he balls in front of me, then touches everything.

There's a website called WotWentWrong that offers relationship advice, and they came up with the most common reasons why men and women get DUMPED. Here's what they found:

--When women get dumped, the top ten reasons are:

1. The guy isn't ready for a relationship.
2. She has bad hygiene.
3. The guy doesn't feel like he's a priority.
4. They fight too much.
5. He thinks her sex drive is too low.
6. She's always late.
7. He met someone else.
8. She's a bad kisser.
9. The guy doesn't see a future with her.
10. She's too hairy.

--And the top reasons guys get dumped are:

1. She found someone else.
2. She thinks their eating habits are too different.
3. He's too high-maintenance.
4. He's too short.
5. He doesn't make enough to support the lifestyle she wants.
6. He doesn't make her feel attractive.
7. He's always late.
8. She's not attracted to him.
9. They fight too much.
10. She doesn't feel like she's a priority.

Based on the top 10 reason why people get dumped…be honest…why did you get dumped? Why did you dump someone? Here are some of the texts:

Broke up with a girl because she had bad breath. She had just told me 'I love you' the week before. I'm an ass. -the DV

I got dumped because he couldn't get over his ex...but ill admit she was hotter than me but she used him...i at least had common interest

He got me & his ex pregnant, @ the same time. We both had the same name, they're now married with 4 kids. I aborted & it wasn't the same anymore especially finding out he never let go of the ex.

My girl friend of 12 years dumped me Because i didnt list her on facebook as being in a relationship with her!

I've been dumped for being "too nice". Apparently this girl wanted to be treated like crap. Now im dating the girl of my dreams and i can be as nice as i want!

I got dumped over religion. She told me i wasnt holy enough to marry.

Dumped an ex because she was jealous of my hotter friends.

I got dumped because she was whoring around. Not sure how I didn't realize it while we were dating. Always practiced safe sex though, thankfully.

Just last weekend I told my girl I cheated on her 3 times do she would leave me alone.

My girlfriend left me because she wanted to focus on school, later found our she found some other dude. BLD!!! –Tim

Ima guy who got dumped because I play to many video games allthoygh I work 50 hours a week

Today's Video Blog features John Keister from Almost Live! John is going to be at the BJ Shea Comedy Riot tomorrow at the Paramount (June 1st) with Lisa Lampanelli, Chris Hardwick, and Mono-Nick! Get tickets at

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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05/31/2012 7:44AM
STP's BLOG 05/31/12 "Damn You Kopitar!
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