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STP's BLOG 06/01/12 "Hot For Teacher"

This is the story of the day!!!!

26-year-old Julie Warning was a global studies teacher at the Manhattan Theater Lab High School in New York City. 18-year-old Eric Arty was one of her students. And earlier this week, they were photographed MAKING OUT in broad daylight in a park. Check it out:


This is the best part…Turns out Eric and four of his friends actually had a $500 BET on which one of them could kiss her first. They each put in $100, and Eric kissed her first, either to win the bet or because he liked her. Either way it destroyed her career. The school district is investigating the case. Not only does Eric win money, but he wins in life…she’s hot…check her out:


]Tonight is the night!!! We hope to see you there….


Tix are still available at or just show up to the Paramount and get your tix at the door!

There is a hilarious video online of a guy trying to look cool on a scooter, but his attempt to show off is an epic fail. A guy on a scooter tried to impress the crowd in Ocean City, Maryland by attempting a wheelie on his scooter. Then it all comes to a halt when he falls of the scooter while doing the wheelie, and the crowd’s reaction is priceless. Here is the video:

This video is the funniest thing ever! I wish he would’ve landed on his head to knock the stupid outta him! I see morons like this all the time on 512…granted they aren’t on a scooter…but nimrods on street bikes, with those stupid helmets that have a red mowhawk glued on em trying to look cool doing wheelies and standing on their bike. Wow. You are soooooo cool. I should pull off 512 because I am not worthy to share the road with someone as cool as you. Knucklehead. Even Rock girl Amanda agrees…she texted in this:

When ever a douche like that drives by me I yell "I wanna be friends with him. He seems awesome" i usually get bystanders to laugh cuz they agree!. hahaha stupid people. <3 rg Amanda

Based on the video of a guy that fell down when trying to do a wheelie on a scooter…When have you tried to look cool, but you wound up looking like an idiot? Here are the texts:

About 11 years ago I tried to look cool when riding my bike by doing some tricks. I fell of and broke two bones in my right wrist.....Chris in Enumclaw

In fifth grade I was trying to show off to some chicks and jump out of a swing. But instead of sticking the landing, I broke my wrist and spent my entiresummer and a cast from fingertips to above the elbow. - Shep in Spanaway-

When I was 12 I tried impress the boys by telling them that I smoke and sold weed. Thay laughed and said well then how bout you bring us some tomorrow, I sais alright. The next day I showed up with a ziplock bag of flour and tried to pass it off as weed..... I clearly had no clue what weed looked like :( We all became friends but they sure as hell never let me live that down!

Thought I could skate acroos the ice and hip check my 280 pound buddy. I was wrong. I hit him then hit the ice. He skated away.It was coot,steve. Bob Puyallup

Was trying to impress some girls by longboarding down a hill called mile hill in port orchard, long story short I wrecked hard, road rash all over me and a $75 fine from the man

i tried to do a trick on my skateboard 6 years ago i ended up with it in my nuts (by the way I never ever attempted to do a trick on it till then bad time to start)

My band was playing in a small house party and I was so into the guitar lead I was playing that I didn't notice I was drooling. My drool stretched from my mouth to my guitar's pickguard ... suddenly there were no more girls in the front row. The extra testicle.

Trying to impress girls at the pool. Did a backflip off a diving board- hit the back of my head on the board and had the lifeguard come get me.

I tried slam dunking a basketball off of a chair and fell off. The basketball hit me in the head too.

I bent over to get water at fountain while a chic.was checking me out and while bent over I stuck my butt out for her to.check and ending up sharding my pants in front of class.

Today's Video Blog features a gift from our intern Craig's mom & sister...and they call em': Slutty Brownies!

Here is the same Vlog for the iPHONE generation.

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06/01/2012 7:48AM
STP's BLOG 06/01/12 "Hot For Teacher"
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