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STP's BLOG 06/03/13 "The Spoke"

Phew…BJ, The Rev, and Vicky made it back alive from “The Spoke”!  They went to Spokane for the Spokane Comicon, and despite staying at a sketchy hotel…they survived.  This is a fun Vine clip that sums up their experience...if you want the video to stop, just click on it...I haven't figured out a way for the video to not start until you click it.  Curses technology!

This morning we started a few minutes late…and you have to love the texters that make you aware of the circumstances…

Here is the picture of the day…we were watching that Jennifer Statham / Jennifer Lopez movie, Parker (awesome movie)….apparently my wife and I weren’t the only ones into the movie.  Lulu was enjoying this flick as well!

 photo 09582A1D-E818-41F8-9094-A4ACACF6E292-3715-000003B3026CF275_zps70c3ded1.jpg

According to a new survey by Female First (Female based lifestyle website), here are seven things people expect on a first date:
1.  Women think a guy should text before the date to confirm it's still on for that night.
2.  Women think the date should be somewhere that's an equal distance from where the two people live . . . guys said to pick a place closer to where SHE lives.
3.  Guys think they should compliment the woman on how she looks . . . but women say it should be sincere, and not just something vague like "you look good". 
4.  Women think guys should buy them a few drinks . . . but not too many.  Guys said they'd be willing to buy her as many as she wanted.
5.  Women think a guy should spend between $75 and $100.  Guys want to spend less.  They'll spend that much on a SECOND date . . . after finding out if she's interested.
6.  Only 54% of women think a guy needs to walk her to her door afterward.  But 98% of guys said they're DEFINITELY going to . . . to take a shot that she'll invite him in.
7.  And both men and women agree that if the date went well, the guy should go ahead and try for a kiss on the first date.

Based on this list of things people expect on a first date…Be honest…when on a date…what do you expect?  Or…when have you been on a date and something unexpected happened?

I expect
not to get herpes

I had one guy that I just met after our date kissed me on the cheek and then said tomorrow your gunna meet my parents

My girlfriend now for the last 4 years first date we went to Dicks after after showing her the sights around seattle

On a first date I would expect the guy to pay attention to me instead of his cell phone...or a tv in the bar...

I expect the female to look like their profile pic. Hate when its a good pic but a few months or years old and she put on some pounds. Thax bj. Herrick E

I always fart on the first date. If he can handle it, hes a keeper! <3 Hilary

Went to a movie with a dude, had meet on match & half way thru the flick he started feeling me up. I hadn't ever messed round like that & we proceeded to go to the back row where 3rd base was def acheived. ;}

On my third date, i was followed for 45 min by my current bf's ex. She found my car in my driveway and slashed my tires overnight. Wasnt expecting that.

Unexpected? Girl and I came back from a movie, turned a corner and a car outside her apartments was on fire. Nobody had shown up, no cops, no firefighters, nobody was even watching on the street. But she still put out!

Took my GF to Deja Vu , got third base after words. Been with her for 3 years now!

06/03/2013 6:49AM
STP's BLOG 06/03/13 "The Spoke"
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