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STP's BLOG 06/04/12 "Mono-Nick's Comedy Riot"

Another rough loss for the Devils…unreal. It honestly was like I was watching a re-run of game one. So many similarities...lets review:

1. Marty gives up a weak goal, but then turns it around and plays amazing.
2. Devils finally score, but it’s a fluke goal.
3. Devils dominate 3rd period.
4. Devils nearly score at the end of regulation
5. Devils dominate Overtime
6. The Kings win it in OT after a Devils mistake
7. Final score 2-1

Let’s hope game 3 is different…the Devils better have worked on shooting the puck in practice. This is ridiculous, your goalie is only allowing 1 goal in regulation time…you should be winning these games!

What a great night Friday, as the BJ Shea Comedy Riot went down at The Paramount Theater, and thanks to Lisa Lampanelli, Chris Hardwick, John Keister, and Mono-Nick for a great night of comedy!


Huge thanks to Iron Mike for snapping this pic that I photo bombed!


For those that missed it, and are wondering how Mono-Nick did, here is a “film” about Mono-Nick's comedy aspirations.

Here is the same video for you iPHONE users:

Did you hear about this Seattle garbage truck driver that was the hero of the day last Thursday? A quick-thinking Seattle garbage truck driver helped rescue a baby in a runaway stroller. Jeff Blackburn was on his Queen Anne route Thursday when he saw a woman jogging with a baby in a stroller. The woman turned the stroller sideways at the top of Bigelow Avenue, and the stroller just turned and took off. Jeff said, “I started honking the horn and speeding up so I could catch up to it before it got to the intersection, because at the bottom of the hill was a busy intersection with stop signs." Blackburn used his truck to block any traffic, and ran to save the baby.

After reading this story, we got a text from Jeff!

Thanks for the kind words today guys, it was awesome to hear my favorite radio personalities talking about ME! Jeff Blackburn

Here is the video of what he did:

Blackburn was asked if he had seen anything like this before in the three years he's been on the route. He said, "No, this is the first. People usually hold on to their children.”

We got this text based on this story:

I work with Jeff he is very humble and a helluva nice guy. Many of us listen daily, thanks for the love!

Based on this story of the Seattle garbage truck driver…when have you or someone you know been a “hero”? Here are some of the texts we received:

Last summer my 10 yr old son saved his 3 yr old nephew from drowning after he fell into a hot tub and was under water..

Pulled a 350lb man into a raft after he fell in during a river float. Sore for a week.
Stop my buddy from huffing butane lighter fluid. Don't know if it qualifies as a hero but it sure qualifies as being a good friend. The extra testicle

My father is a paramedic. Before that he was a SAR corpsman in the navy. He was awarded and air medal for pulling a man off of mount baker in an SH-3. He was dropped out of the helicopter an had to climb several hundred feet to effect the rescue.

Was on a cruise ship, one of the big ones, and a girl leaned too far over the rail and fell into the water. I yelled "woman overboard". Then realized she couldn't swim so as soon as I saw some crew across the ship coming with a life preserver I jumped in to keep her from going under. Had a heros dinner with the captain that night.

I save my dog from the sexual clutches of my husband everyday Awesome the producer

According to a new survey, about 20% of people have an accident, get sick, or suffer some kind of an injury on vacation. It's because people push themselves to try new things on vacation . . . and whether that means eating stuff your stomach can't handle or trying something that's too physically challenging, it can lead to you getting sick or hurt. Food poisoning is the most common way people get hurt on vacation. Car or bike accidents are second, and skiing accidents are third.
So we had to ask…is this you? What happened? When have you or someone you know injured themselves while on vacation? Here are some of the texts we got:

My Scottsdale pool side vacation was ruined when I slipped and fell down the escalator at the airport ripping my pants, bloody knee, face, elbows etc, a hurt back and a broken ankle that they put a cast on immediately. My poolside vacation turned into a vicodin room service filled week. It was horrible. Scars to prove it all to this day. :)

Was rock climbing in the mohave desert, loose rock casued me to fall and when my rope caught me I'll swung me into the rock face and broke my tibia. All healed up fine now, but what a pain in the a**

Camping at my parents cabin I the woods my uncle put an axe into his shin while chopping wood. It was an hour and a half to the nearest hospital. In Yakima...

I was stung by a man o war jelly fish in Hawaii 3days later a shark bit the front oe my serfboard no more ocean for me

While on vacation in Mexico don't ever drink the water or get ice cubes in your drink unless it has tequila in it to kill the pathogens ...Am I right Top Shelf

My uncle broke both heels in oahu after jumpimg off a wall and landing on the beach-which actually turned out to be a sidewalk buried under 2inches of sand!

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06/04/2012 7:44AM
STP's BLOG 06/04/12 "Mono-Nick's Comedy Riot"
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06/04/2012 9:55AM
Hockey 101
Enjoy listening to the morning thing and are impressed with your part; but i am a fan of the sport of hockey. I am not a LA fan but i have been very impressed with there SC play this year.Give it up for their attude; they want the cup! OT Goal on sat came about as a result of why LA is still in play offs, they want to win more then every one else. They have outskating and outplayed everyone. Takes much more then a fluke goal to win the cup.Great fan gesture today but my guess is they all want to be playing golf next week, I expect to see LA be merciful and get out the broom.
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