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STP's BLOG 06/05/12 "Cat-Copter?"

I’m not in the best of spirits…I feel like I got punched in the gut last night as the Devils got spanked 4-0, and are one loss away from being swept in the Stanley Cup Finals. I know it’s great to just make the finals, especially when no one thought they would, but it doesn’t lessen the pain of watching your team be so close to another cup…only to have it quickly fade away. What made it worse was that the Devils were dominating during the first half of the game…they just couldn’t score, and it’s a simple theory…but if you can’t score you can’t win. Then the Kings get a B.S. goal to start things off, and then they score a sweet goal…and the momentum is changed. The Devils looked defeated in the final period, and the final score was proof of that. Game 4 is tomorrow…fingers crossed the devils can win and win three more after that and be the first team to win a Stanley Cup after being down 3-0 since the 1942 Maple Leafs! Doubt it though! I saw this on Twitter, this is a pretty funny thing some of the fans did to screw with the Devils...since they are from New Jersey:


I would’ve thought nothing would cheer me up…until I saw this story, yest it’s disturbing…but I challenge you not to laugh when you watch the video. A man from Holland named Bart Jansen decided to pay tribute to his dead cat by having it stuffed . . . then turning it into a remote controlled HELICOPTER. Jansen is a fan of aviation; in fact he named the cat Orville, after Orville Wright of the Wright Brothers. And he's calling it the, "Orvillecopter". There's video of him flying it on YouTube, which you can see on the BJ page of KISW DOT COM in Viral Videos. He had it stuffed with all four legs stretched out so it's spread eagle. Then he attached rotors to the end of each leg, plus landing gear on its stomach. This was all done in the name of "art." Jansen is an artist, and it's part of an art exhibit in Amsterdam. OK…here is the video…all I can say is WOW!

The AARP just released the results of a survey asking people of all ages what makes them the HAPPIEST.

These were the five things they found that make people of all ages the happiest . . .

1. Kissing or hugging someone you love.
2. Watching your children, grandchildren, or a close relative succeed.
3. Being told you're someone who can be trusted or relied on.
4. Spending time with your family or friends at a meal or social gathering.
5. Experiencing a special moment with a child.

--And of the 38 activities in the survey, here are the five that do the WORST job at making us happy.

1. Playing board games, cards, or video games. They do the WORST job of making us happy.
2. Connecting with friends or family on Facebook.
3. Watching or participating in a sport.
4. Completing a puzzle.
5. Winning an award or a competition.

Overall, 68% of people reported being happy. The breakdown was 49% of people saying they're somewhat happy, and 19% saying they're very happy. Based on this study of what makes people the HAPPIEST…it’s a simple question…what makes you happy, and what drives you nuts? Here are the texts we received:

Whats makes me happy and dives me nuts.. One word.. Women.. Bld

My wife. hahaha. She makes me happy all the time. Sometimes she bugs the s outta me. Love her to death. Erik from Elma.

Weed makes me happy!when I am out makes me unhappy! Montana Girl

My dogs make me happy... Jon from evetrtt

People that chew with their mouth out drive me insane, Katie from Monroe

Few things are more happy making than a sandwich from Salumi in Pioneer Square. Epic food. On the flipside, nothing drives me more insane than people who don't replace a roll of toilet paper. –Bjorn

Fricken slow drivers piss me off. From Cameron in Ravensdale

Happy? Easy. Getting out on my Harley Softtail, especially on some good back roads. Irritating? Condescending people who look down on your job. Blake (Kirkland)

What makes me happy is comic books and video games what drives me nuts is people texting while driving and no im not doing the latter im at work cheers scott from kent

I'm a pyrotechnician and nothing makes me happyer then the roar of the crowed after one of are shows... Mike from Orion pyrotechnics

Honestly just hangin with my wife makes me the happiest Red CHM

Yesterday we were talking about the superstitious things that a fan will do because they think it will help their team win, and BJ shared a story about how he didn’t change his underwear or any of his clothes for the Red Sox during their World Series run...this led to a fun topic: What superstitious things do you do...or have done for your team because you think it'll help them win? Here are the texts:

We drape our Terrible Towel on the Tv.

i wore the same shirt and tie to everygame.

Every time I watch the 49ers play on TV they lose

I wear the same sounders jersey to every home match and a different one for watching

I rooted for the opposing team worked all the way to the Seahawks super bowl. Then they lost.

It's not sports related, but I have a superstition for auditions. I wear the same shirt, jeans, cologne, and up until their recent death my lucky shoes.

I wear a kilt to every Seahawks game I go to.

I always kept my donkey hockey necklace with me. Little did i know it probably would have helped more if i had just hid the beer til after the game. Lol

I stay drunk and promised to stop drinking if the Mariners became a winning team. I'm still drunk

During the mariners 116 winning season everygame i made sure i would eat sunflower seeds during game play, no matter how raw my tongue got

My ex thought that her watching the game on TV was bad luck, so I got to watch football in peace! Thank you stupid superstitious people. –Ryan

Hey guys I'm a rugby player for Minnesota state university, when I was younger I knocked my tooth out on the monkey bars and have had a retainer with a tooth on it ever since, needless to say one time before a big game I stored my tooth in a pair of shoes I brought and we won the game, I have been keeping it there now for every game since.

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06/05/2012 7:48AM
STP's BLOG 06/05/12 "Cat-Copter?"
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