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STP's BLOG 06/08/12 "Taylor Stevens"

Big game tomorrow….as the Devils try and stay alive in the Stanley Cup finals, they are down 3 games to 1…one more loss and they are done! Since they played so well in the last game…I’m thinking they need to fly porn star Taylor Stevens to New Jersey for the game on Saturday. If you were watching the game…you might have noticed a busty woman behind the Devils coach Pete DeBoer:


A lot of people were probably wondering…who is that? With those cannons! Well…Taylor Tweeted that it was her…


The best part was Devils coach Pete DeBoer checking her out after seeing that she was behind him on the big screen!

Yesterday Rev admitted to buying a horrible song because he was drunk in Vegas…what song? This one:

This got us talking about making drunk purchases, and texter chimed in saying this:

Drunk purchase... $3000 bow and arrow and a 12 ghagra. Could barely speak but they still sold it to me LOL. In Montana

So this got us wondering…what was your drunk purchase? Here are some of the texts we got:

My drunken purchase was a gibson les paul zakk wylde custom guitar from guitar center. paid 4200 for it. Irronically i dont play guitar.

My best frind was drunk after a korn concert and got a strawberry tattoo between her boobs that looks like a jalepeno

A kirby vacuum salesman came to the door when I was drunk and I ended up spending 1400 dollars on a stupid vacuum cleaner. I traded two old ones too. He said I got a deal.

My buddys dad bought a 28,000 dollar crane on ebay while drunk. They haven't used it yet for anything useful but it sure is cool lookin. - Jon from kirkland

I drunkenly bought a series of pole dancing classes and still went to them and now I'm a professional pole dancer!

I have a friend who made a 30,000 dollar drunkin purchase. he bought a hot rod car like the zz cop car off of ebay because he was drunk and bored . he did keepit for 5 years till he got bored of it and it started collecting dust in the garage then he finally sold it .

Bought $2500 worth of drinks at a bar for my group of friends using a new credit card. Being a friendly drunk sucks

Wife and I got a bunch of sex apps while high on Ambien on our anniversary trip to Hawaii. Ended up stayin awake, fooling around, and thought it was a good idea. All I remember is waking up with a smile on my face and a questionable invoice from iTunes.... >:-)

I once bought a collectors halo edition xbox and a special edition of another game and these were thing i already had. Scott from kent.

Vegas, drunk, buddy says "hey bunny ranch". I said well hell yeah! Still not sure if the greatest night of my life was worth $7,250! Omg she was hot! Jason.

A couple weeks ago we got super smashed and went to safeway. Very fuzzy night but i woke up with a can of pickled pigs feet.

Today's video blog features a gift to Ben Bailey (Cash Cab) from Topshelf!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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06/08/2012 8:39AM
STP's BLOG 06/08/12 "Taylor Stevens"
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