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STP's BLOG 06/10/13 "QOTSA!"

Over the weekend I finally spent some time listening to the new Queens Of  The Stone Age CD, “…Like Clockwork”.  Man, this is a masterpiece of a record if you ask me.  I have to be honest, I was highly skeptical and nervous for this record…the last record, “Era Vulgaris”, let me down…the songs were good, but I hated the production…I think if it was any other band that released it I would have been OK with it, but I had such high hopes for that CD as I loved all of their prior efforts, so when I hear “Era…” I was bummed.  This CD brings them back in my short list of favorite bands.  Every song is great, Josh’s voice has a new feel/sound to it, and the songs will take youon a sonic adventure.  Some of the highlights include “Fairweather Friends” (which has Elton John on the piano on the song), “Kalopsia”, “the Vampire Of  Time And Memory”, “…Like Clockwork”, and here they are performing my favorite song off of the CD, “If I Had A Tail”:

They were recently on Letterman doing another great song (the bass riff towards the beginning will melt your face off…or something)…”My God Is The Sun”:

You probably notice that I have listed pretty much the entire record as stand out tracks…it’s because the album is that good.  Check it out, hopefully you will love it as much as I do!  There are some great cameos on this record…in addition to Elton John…Trent Reznor sings on “Kalopsia” and “Fairweather Friends”, and Dave Grohl is on drums for half of the record. 
Some old guy named Hendrik Ball has a YouTube channel where he shows off the strange stuff he's collected over the years.  And his latest video features a bunch of toy guns.  But one of them isn't actually a gun . . . it's a LOVE TOY that's SHAPED like a gun . . . and he has no idea.  Ha Ha ha Ha! He even shows how the barrel can either spin clockwise or counter-clockwise.  And the whole time he has it turned on, you can hear it vibrating.  Someone on YouTube pointed out the obvious, but it looks like Hendrik still doesn't believe it. It happens at about 15 seconds in…

I was hypnotized by this…as I made evident on my Vine account (find me on Vine – seach “Steve KISW”):

We found this article on Yahoo, it’s by Jessica Grimes, a columnist for the baby website  She wrote about the 10 things she wished she would have done before having kids.  Jessica writes, quote, “Of course, I love my children and cannot image my life without them but I think it's only natural to sometimes miss the freedoms of your kid-free days.”

Here are the 10 things she wished she had done - or appreciated - before she had kids:

1. Sleep in late.
2. Live by myself.
3. Travel more.
4. Lazy Sunday (watching TV on the couch)
5. Relax at the beach.
6. Weekend adventures on a whim.
7. Go on more dates with my spouse.
8. Pursue a master's degree and/or make a career switch.
 9. Have sex whenever - and wherever - we want.
10. Drive cross-country.
Based on this article, finish this sentence:  “Before having a kid, I wish I would have done _____”. Or….”I'm glad I did _____” before having a kid! Here are some of the texts we got:
This is why my wife and I aren't having kids we want to be able to do or go anywhere anytime. NYC bound this Thursday for 9days.FREEDOM!!! RED
Glad I went to Oktoberfest inn Munich.
I wish I would have gotten a vasectomy! - Josh from millcreek.
I would like to have sex in the livingroom while watching a porno. My sons room is right next to the tv and the wife won't do it.

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06/10/2013 7:22AM
STP's BLOG 06/10/13 "QOTSA!"
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