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STP's BLOG 06/11/14 "Paul Stanley -- Best Frontman!"

On this week’s STP-CAST, we talked about how awesome Paul Stanley of KISS is when it comes to on-stage banter.  He is the best in the biz.  You can listen to the podcast HERE!

The audio we played of him on stage was from this concert…you really need to watch this, Paul delivers the best story before going into “Love Gun”:

Sean Astin says he and Corey Feldman are definitely down if a "Goonies" sequel happens.  I love how we needed to confirm that Corey Feldman is in…of course he is in?  What the hell else is he doing?  Sean says, "I certainly like the idea of doing it.  I don't know if I'd be in it or not.  If they really wanted us to be in it, I'm sure there would be some way to work it out."  He added that he's heard the movie will probably focus on the children of the original gang.

That is the dumbest idea if you ask me.  I don’t care about the children…focus on the original crew.  The people that LOVE the Goonies are people like me…we are now older and I think it would be sweet to have the original gang reunite for a new “adventure”. I have already come up with the plot…consider this a freebie.  Since the guy that played Sloth is dead…have the film focus around the crew reuniting at his funeral.  While eating some Baby Ruth’s they uncover another treasure that One Eyed Willie left behind in Oregon.  Hilarity ensues. 

I can’t imagine that it would be hard to make this happen…besides Astin and Josh Brolin, I don’t think the rest of the crew is very busy.  Here is a crazy tidbit of info…the kid that played Chunk is now an attorney! 

This led to a fun topic about movies that we want to see a sequel made, some of the texts were awesome and I agree with a lot of them!
Dazed and confused in college

Hands-down, fast Times at Ridgemont high! I don't care how old Phoebe Cates is, I bet her boobs are still smoking hot!

Of course like the rest of my generation Ghostbusters 3 would have been awesome rest in peace Harold Ramis...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off to the tune of The Hangover. That'd be awesome!

I would love to see a sequel to titanic that would be awesome

Beer fest, at the end of the movie it advertised weed fest

So if you are like me and you get caught up in the black hole that is You Tube, you will understand where I am coming from.  Some how I ended up on this…why I sat and watched the whole thing…I don’t know!

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06/11/2014 8:24AM
STP's BLOG 06/11/14 "Paul Stanley -- Best Frontman!"
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