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STP's BLOG 06/14/12 "#69"

Any morning when you walk in & Toppy is rocking this jersey, makes for a great day!


This is the jersey Seann William Scott wore in the great movie Goon! Why number 69?

Huge thanks to Brian Robinson from for joining us this morning. Brian has been a very vocal dude since the Sonics were taken from Seattle, and are now in OKC…3 wins away from their first NBA championship (ugh). He headed up Save Our Sonics, and with the news of Chris Hansen wanting to build a new arena, and now Steve Ballmer and the Nordstrom family making it official that they are backing this effort as well…it’s looking more and more likely we might have the Sonics playing in Seattle again one day…and we might welcome a NHL franchise to the Emerald City too! I am so beyond excited that hockey might happen! Today there is a rally that you can attend to let your voice be heard that we want an NBA & NHL franchise! Here is the details:

Rally today at 4pm
Occidental Park -- S Main St & Occidental Ave South
More info at

Seattle luminaries attending the rally:

Shawn Kemp
Gary Payton
Slick Watts
Detlef Schrempf
Duff McKagan
Kevin Calabro
Music from The Presidents of the United States of America, and more!

According to new survey from social software provider, they asked telecommuters about the craziest places they've worked from. Here's what they found:

--56% have done work at a restaurant.
--45% have done work in BED.
--14% have done work in a public bathroom.
--14% have done work ON THE BEACH.
--12% have done work at a sporting event.
--And 12% have done work at their CHILD'S RECITAL.

I have been guilty of doing work at many random places…from the locker room at the hockey rink, to a bar, to the beaches of Hawaii…I love that I can get work done anywhere so long as I have my phone handy. I get so much work done when my wife is shopping and I am walking around with her. Of course I do it in the bathroom, but the biggest offender of that is BJ. I’ll be sitting next to him in the office, then he disappears…and next thing you know…bam! I have a slew of emails from him. My only response to him when I get these: “Make sure you wipe BJ!” What about you? What is the craziest place you have worked from? Here are the texts:

A few years ago, my office job had me working with international companies. I would get emails and calls at all hours. So most of my work was at bars, pubs or the hurricane. Nothing better than dealing with people from Russia wasted at an Irish bar. Cajun

Yes BJ i work from my cabin in non alaska. 160 miles from nearest neighbor. Could not get any better. Just sayin

I got booked for a DUI and was able to hide my phone between my ass cheeks before I was asked to exit the car. Was able to answer emails and texts secretlyfrom my cell.

I fixed my office exchange server from the ski lift on my way to the top.

I'm working naked in my bathroom while getting ready right now!

I love open n clean spaces for work/homework so I will lay blankets out in front yard or use to climb up to roof top weather permitting =] <3 rock girl Amanda


There's a new list of America's MANLIEST cities, and Oklahoma City came in at number one. Seattle came in at number 41 on the list. The list is based on factors like the number of hardware stores, steakhouses, and people in manly occupations. And cities LOSE points for having high numbers of nail salons and fancy boutiques. The top 5 manliest cities are Oklahoma City . . . Columbia, South Carolina . . . Memphis . . . Nashville . . . and Birmingham, Alabama. The 5 least manly U.S. cities are San Diego . . . San Francisco . . . Oakland . . . Boston . . . and Los Angeles.

Based on this…what do you do that makes you “manly”? Or for the ladies…What does your man do that you think is very “manly”? here are the texts we got:

What makes me manly? I fought for my country and brought back all my boys. I raise my son with honor and respect. I remodel my own house I fix my own cars I dont make my wife work. I can F like a half crazed gorilla and still make sure the wife gets to finish Im not in the best shape because I eat steak and potatoes and I make and drink my own coffe and that S is black Eff yeah doggie that's good cake!! Tech Support

My husband is a blacksmith, general contractor building, repairing and modifying houses, talented with woodworking, and he's a heavy fighter in the Empire of Medieval Pursuits (EMP). He's definitely very manly and my hero! ~Tierany

I LOVE it when My husband wears a toolbelt! So sexy. Suzette

I ride my bad ass custom Harley and I'm a commercial fisherman. (mat in Seattle)

Im a 6'3" red blooded american male truck driver. I like my coffee black, my beer cold, and my women blonde. My family comes first and I can build and fix anything. Oklahoma can kiss my ass.

i am a current amiture mma champion. fighting out of aka in Arlington wa.

My man is handy, I want planter boxes he makes them for me, plumbing problem no problem he's got it!!

Drag race motorcycles. 0 to 160 mile per hour in 8.5 seconds.

I play the drums, practice MMA, and can grill meat perfectly. Not bad for a guy with an acting degree. –Bjorn

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in March 2011....he worked as a flight line mechanic up until 3 weeks before he passed away. If that's not tough and manly, I don't know what is. Manliest man I ever knew...

Today's video blog is part 2 of our chat with Ben Bailey, the host of Cash Cab. Ben shares some great Cash Cab stories in this clip.

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE users:

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06/14/2012 7:45AM
STP's BLOG 06/14/12 "#69"
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