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STP's BLOG 06/14/13 "Hockey"

I am so excited for tomorrow!  Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals…hopefully it will be as great of a game as Wednesday night’s game, which went into triple overtime.  Plus if this game goes into OT…I won’t have to stress about waking up early, although I think my wife won’t be happy as that will cut into our movie night.  She is all “hockey’d out” – but I keep telling her…at worst there will only be 6 more games for her to sit through.  Which is true, kind of, I will stop what I am doing to watch anything hockey related…from watching the NHL Network, to watching hockey movies.  Last night Starz had Miracle on, so of course I sat back and watched it.  Hell…even Lulu’s eyes were glued to the TV…
 photo CB9EBD70-924C-47C3-B088-978ED73D6129-4102-0000026A872837ED_zps36ec0978.jpg
After watching the film…Lulu and I were so jacked that we got into a hockey fight!
 photo 2DFE412D-573D-4B69-A1A5-544CACADE4E0-4102-0000026A9505DA6E_zps281d5360.jpg

Speaking of the Blackhawks, the game ended after a double deflection goal by Andrew Shaw from the Blackhawks. Shaw was wearing a microphone for the NHL network, and his celebration immediately after the goal -- which bounced off his leg – was full of great emotion.  Towards the end of the audio you can hear him say to his teammate Dave Bolland, who had the second assist on the winning goal, "Bolie, I love you," and then it sounds like he says, "I love shin pads."  I love the pure emotion of this audio…

According to a new survey, 92% of adults whose fathers are alive DO still get advice from their dads.  Here's what we ask about . . .

1.  Help before making a big purchase.
2.  Switching career paths.
3.  Making a decision about education.
4.  Raising a family.
5.  Looking for a job.
6.  Dating.

We had to ask..what is the best advice you got from dad, or the worst?  Here are the texts we received:

Dad told me; screw quality, you're young... Fuck everything that walks.

Best advice from Dad: "Don't be a dumbass, don't lie, & don't get caught 'cuz you only get ONE bail-out... don't waste it."

With everything in life work your ass off. Also, test drive everything, from girls to cars!

My dad told me when i was a freshman in high school that i need to get a girlfriend before people think i'm gay

Best advice from Dad: Always meet the girl you pick up at the airport with flowers, friend or girlfriend, it will make her very happy (aka get you laid).

Best advice from pops...u dont have to buy the cow, to get the milk. Shuttle man from Kirkland

Best advice, if you don't know how to fix it, find a book and learn how to. Worst advice on sex ed, Humping is only for two people who love each other.

Best words of wisdom from my dad was: There are only two kinds of people I don't like sober person when I'm drunk a drunk person when I'm sober. So true!!!

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06/14/2013 7:09AM
STP's BLOG 06/14/13 "Hockey"
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