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STP's BLOG 06/15/12 "Lame Father's Day Gifts!"

This could be the story of the day. Pheonix Jones…Seattle’s real life super hero, was at a school on Wednesday and a kid asked if he could punch him in the stomach, and when he did he realized that phoenix has abs of steel and broke the kids finger! Phoenix was telling the kids about his uniform and it's rubberized and armored and bulletproof, and when a kid asks to punch him, Phoenix says, “OK, give me all you got...give me your best punch, but wait, but don't do it too hard, you might get hurt." This 11 year old, Noah, did it and ended up with a fractured finger…and the mom had this to say: "The thing I want to get across is I don't think any grown man superhero should ask a kid to punch him." Hahaha! Best quote ever! Rex Velvet, Phoenix’s villain (yes, villiam) go on Twitter yesterday, retweeting jokes – like this one: "Q. Why did @ThePhoenixJones break a kids finger? A. Because he left his pepper spray in the car." Velvet also asked to be the first person to sign your cast. I’m thinking if someone from out of town reads this story, they must think that Seattle is the most insane city in all of the U.S.

Sunday is Father’s Day, so if you are scrambling to get Dad a gift, we can help you on what NOT to get. We found a list, of lame presents to avoid:

7. Any T-Shirt with the Word "Dad" on It. He’d almost definitely prefer a T-shirt with NOTHING on it.

6. A "Hot Sauce of the Month Club" Membership ANY monthly membership like that is lame, because it SEEMS thoughtful, but isn't.

5. Dad Jeans. If you're giving him jeans, they say to upgrade his style a bit. But the thing is, he probably likes his dad jeans because they're COMFORTABLE, not because they LOOK good.

4. Underwear. If you gave him a three-pack of boxer shorts on any other day, I guarantee he'd appreciate it. But on Father's Day, it just says you put in zero effort.

3. Hair Products. Let HIM worry about his hair. He knows how much he's got left.

2. A Novelty Tie. He might wear it once or twice, but if you really want to do the Father's Day tie thing, get him a NICE tie. And get him something else to go with it.

1. A Coffee Mug. If it says something like "World's Greatest Dad" on it, maybe. It just can't be the ONLY gift you give him.

Based on this… honest, if you could have anything...what would you REALLY want for Father's Day? Or…what was the lamest gift you got or gave for Father’s Day? Here are some of the texts we got:

Im 25 the only thing i got my dad for fathers day was a quart of oil cause his trucks always leaking oil. Happy fathers day dad!

Fathers day My wife scheduled a massage for me. She paid for it by using the gift certificate I bought for her 2 Christmas' ago. Lame.

I just want to be left alone.

I got asked for a divorce on father's day... Got to pay child support for the next 13 years

I would like a hot 18 year old stripper

a peaceful divorce

I was dropping hints to my gf that i want the BLD KISW shirt

The dumbest gift I ever got for father's day was a stupid candle from my wife. She asked me to buy the candle for her mother initially but it ended up in my lap for a gift for father's day how lame is that ??

I would get my back room sound proofed so I can play my drums whenever I want

Every yr I get my hubby a round of golfat Lake Padden...he goes w/ his 4 friends every yr. Don't expect to see him untill evening...warm apple pie will be waiting. I'd give him "desert" But he'll fall asleep snoring on the couch with his plate on his ~Nancy

Yesterday over 3500 Sonics fans showed up to Occidental park to show support for getting an arena built and bringing the Supersonics back! Our very own Jeetz was there and spoke with Gary Payton, Chris Hansen, and more! Today’s video blog is another installment of Jeetz on the Streets!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

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06/15/2012 7:41AM
STP's BLOG 06/15/12 "Lame Father's Day Gifts!"
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06/15/2012 2:05PM
William in Marysville (yes, the 11 year old one)
i think the underwear one should be #1, because who wants boxers for Fathers Day? :P
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