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STP's BLOG 06/17/13 "NHL To Seattle?"

As you probably know, I am a HUGE hockey fan…and I think it’s time for those of you that aren’t to start getting familiar with the sport, as rumors of the NHL coming to Seattle are getting more and more serious! There are reports circulating that is a deal falls through with the city of Glendale in the next couple of weeks…the Phoenix Coyotes are moving to Seattle and will play at the Key Arena next season 9and play there until the new arena is built).  Hell, they even confirmed these rumors on Hockey Night In Canada in between periods on Saturday’s game…go to 2:20 on this video to hear them talk about it:

Our mayor, Mike McGinn confirmed that he has met with commissioner Gary Bettman of the NHL, and said that they are supportive of bringing the NHL to Seattle, but said to keep your expectations low, as we are a plan B.  I agree that we shouldn’t get too excited, but the Coyotes have been a mess since 2009 when it comes to ownership.  They are currently owned by the NHL, and have had multiple times of being “bought”, only for it to fall apart.  Regardless if the team comes here…I love hearing that the NHL is talking with Seattle about hockey coming here, and whether it be the Coyotes, another team, or an expansion team….I think it’s now a matter of “when” as opposed to “if” a team comes to the 206. When that day comes, I will for sure be going to as many games as possible!
Speaking of hockey…a huge happy birthday to my Donkeys team mate, Ross, as we celebrated his birthday this weekend at the Berliner Pub in Renton.  Check out the sweet cake his lady got him:
 photo 5BD7D187-95D6-478C-8A52-1B10103DDA11-7960-000006099B11E2C2_zpse4d942d4.jpg
Also – if you haven’t been to the Berliner…man that place rules.  I felt like I was in Leavenworth with the German vibe in there.  Plus, they had the best pretzel I have ever had, which is saying a lot (as I am a soft pretzel enthusiast)…check it out:
 photo 4BBBABEB-94D4-4D07-BD42-39F723AEC8DF-7960-00000609A05591B1_zps0731f71b.jpg
If you go there…get the cream cheese and syrup…I know it sounds like a strange combo, but it’s amazing!  Also – if you get their beer sampler, be sure to share it with a friend or 2…it’s huge!  We also enjoyed drinking from a boot!
And now…here I am trying on sunglasses at Target!  I need to protect my eyes after all!

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, one in four bosses say they have an employee they wish would QUIT.  Younger managers are more likely than older ones to want a problem employee to go away. 
If any of these tactics sound familiar to you . . . you might be a problem employee.  These are the most popular ways managers encourage employees to leave:
1.  42% of managers give a formal warning.
2.  27% point out their shortcomings frequently. 
3.  21% cut their responsibilities.
4.  12% hire their eventual replacement.
5.  8% transfer them to another area.  
6.  8% keep the employee out of the loop with company news. 
7.  7% only use email to communicate, instead of talking to them.
8.  6% don't invite them to meetings. 
9.  3% shut them out of social gatherings.
But 32% of managers say they wouldn't do ANY of those things to an employee.
Based on the 9 ways to get an employee fired, why do you wish your co-worker would quit? Or why do you think your co-workers wish you would quit? Here are the texts we received:
My shop has a fixed set of daily jobs. When that asshat next to me doesnt show up 3 days a week I have to finish my work AND his.
I wish my coworker would quit cuz he's a stupid tweaker who comes to work high as a kite
I'm pretty sure my air drumming isn't appreciated at departmental meetings.
I wish one of my coworkers would quit because she is a whiny b**** who hides in the bathroom with her phone anytime someone calls her out on her bs
My coworkers probably wish I'd quit because I have am lactose intolerant and drink a protein shake every morning.. Needless to say I have horrible gas
Because he sounds like mickey mouse and I've watched him tape pieces of cardboard together to make a box to ship parts in. Who does that?
I wish my coworker would quit because shes pregnant and has to have one hand on her fat belly all effin day

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06/17/2013 7:38AM
STP's BLOG 06/17/13 "NHL To Seattle?"
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