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STP's BLOG 06/25/12 "Florida Fun!"

We are back from a week off for a work convention in Miami! Since we were heading that way, BJ and I decided to turn it into a longer stay…as we went to Orlando with our wives to check out Universal Studios, and Island Of Adventure…which features the new Harry Potter attraction. Wow…now that was a blast! Look at BJ and I…we are 2 happy campers at Island Of Adventure:


I have to say…I am not even a fan of harry Potter…never read the books or watched the movies, but I was blown away by how cool it looked at Island of Adventure…check out the view:


Here is the actual desk from the movie…


Here is some talking hat that I guess is important to the movie…when I showed this to a radio guy, he freaked out…he said that this isn’t just some talking hat…this is a huge part of the movies storyline…


I have to say…the Harry Potter ride is AWESOME!!! I was having a blast on that ride…if you have rode the Spiderman ride you will absolutely love this as it goes one step further with how this is made. While there I did conquer a fear….I went on a roller coaster. My wife loves roller coasters, and I knew that would suck if she didn’t have someone go on a roller coaster with her so I went on the Dueling Dragons roller coaster, and I rode it like a wimp! I closed my eyes through most of it…I have been terrified of roller coasters since I was a kid. After we got through it…I knew she wanted to go on more rides…especially when we walked by The Hulk ride. So I channeled my inner Bert the Conquerer and said I will go on another one…and man was I glad I did…this time I kept my eyes open & realized something that most kids and adults realized at a young age…Roller Coasters are Effing Awesome! Here is the Hulk…


Later on while at universal Studios…we rode the Rock-It – Roller Coaster…even though I became a new found coaster enthusiast…this one freaked me out….


But I got in lione and rode it…and this one was cool…you could pick what song you loisten to as they had speakers by your ear…so both of us went with Limp Bizkit’s Rollin…which honestly added a lot to the ride…this one was so good that I went on it again. I am now addicted to Roller Coasters…yes, I am 37…I don’t care!!! I had so much fun at Universal and Island Of Adventure…some of my other faves included the Despicable Me ride, Men In Black, The Simpsons, and Twister! They were all a blast…hell…my wife and I are planning on going to California soon so we can check out the new Transformers ride at Universal…as well as all of the other rides.

After a great time in Orlando, we went to Miami for our work convention…a morning radio convention. We got there a couple days early to enjoy the beach…and how about this was the view from our hotel:


The conference was tough, as you can clearly see…


While there…we enjoyed some of the fine dining in Miami…we went to one Sushi place that had the strangest bathroom…it was like a funhouse mirror maze…plus after a few drinks, I made a fool of myself…Check out this picture:


I tried using the one on the right...not realizing that is just a reflection of the left...ran into the mirror thinking it was another guy. I wound up cutting myself off.

Now how was the morning radio convention you ask? is a great example of how things roll at a radio convention...I know you want to stare at the random chick in a bikini by the podium, but there is something hilarious on the power point presentation behind her:


Oddest thing happened. While checking into curbside checking, something I never do (and will never do again), the guy put the sticker thing on my luggage and said “I will take care of your luggage for you, sir”. I told him thanks, and after paying…I was walking away when he said…”SIR!...I will take care of your luggage”. Oh…I get it…you want a tip. Well this put me in an awkward situation, as I didn’t think he deserved a tip for doing his job. Understand there was a conveyer belt thingy right there, so it’s not like he had to car my luggage…hell, even if he did…the thing has this shocking invention called “wheels”. But my dilemma was this…if I don’t tip him…who knows what he would do to my luggage…would it even make it to Miami? Would he go through it? Look, I hate to assume the worst, but I have read reports of employees taking things from passenger’s luggage. So I gave him a 10 spot, and then for that entire flight I was questioning if that was enough…should I have tipped more since he was “taking care” of my wife’s luggage as well. This really pissed me off. He didn’t deserve a tip…he did nothing out of the ordinary for me, he didn’t go above and beyond, hell…he was miserable while doing it. Plus…he did nothing different than what the people inside do…hell he did even less…at least they print your boarding pass if you need them to. Yet we don’t tip them do we? As you can tell…this got under my skin, and I am all about tipping generously. For instance I gave the waitress at the Universal Studios Irish pub a 20 dollar tip on a 40 dollar meal because re recognized my wife is a vegan and brought her extra vegetables for her salad since there was no fish or chicken for substance in the salad. I thought that was a cool thing that she did…she went above and beyond. We wound up getting a few texts about this…

Same thing happened to me! It didn't register with me, and he got pissed and SLAMMED my one suitcase down on the belt. There went any chance of a tip, not only that I already payed for the luggage.

This is kenny in graham and dude the same thing happened to my wife and i in orlando last year forgot to tip the guy and we saw the guy grab both our bags and chucked em super hard in the air and they slammed on the ground. I was sooo pissed i wanted to fight the bastard!!!! F orlando airport they can SUCK it!!!!!!!

I work for an airline company, curbside are not even supposed to take tips!!

This led to a fun topic where we asked the Rock-A-Holics to finish this sentence... "I can't believe I had to tip someone for ______". Or....have you ever had a job that you felt that you should be tipped, but wasn't? What did you do? Here are the texts we received:

Tipped my hair stylist after a bad hair cut because I just wanted to get out if there and fix it. I was afraid of letting her fix it.

The guys that dry your car at the car wash need tips. When you hand dry 400 cars in a day for minimum wage it sucks. - jellosea

Hey guys, I used to be a delivery driver for a sandwich shop in Redmond. We used to get orders from a company all the time. Well, a couple times a week one focus group there would order 25 sandwich lunch boxes. Every single time they would give me a 100$ bill and say keep the change.... The tab was always 99.50$... Cheap asses!! Then, other times I would drop off one or two sandwiches and get upwards of a 20$ tip!

My wife and mom gave me crap for not tipping at a Chinese buffet. She just showed us to our seat nothing more.

I cant believe I have to tip at any 'restaurant' that offers no more service than fast food

There have been many many times as a barista i would make 1-5 drinks n get tipped 25cents or nothing =/ I then close the window on them or maybe forget their espresso shots next time ;-) <3 rock girl Amanda

I am an exterminator. I go into other peoples houses crawlspaces and attics everyday and pull out the most gruesome things sometimes. I also treat there houses for a variety of other pests. I'm not saying I should get tiped every time I do a service, but every time I do something perticularly disgusting would be nice.

Last week the Miami Heat won the NBA championship, and after the big win…the team wound up partying at the hotel next to ours in Miami Beach. James and the rest of the world champion Miami Heat hit up the L-I-V nightclub at the Fountainebleau Hotel ... where LeBron was drinking out of a 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne ... which usually runs around $75,000. Sources at the club say that LeBron grabbed the mic ... and rapped along with the music all night long ... while a bunch of his teammates puffed away on cigars.

Based on the fact that LeBron James spent 75,000 dollars on a bottle of champagne…whether it be for a celebratory reason or not…what is the most ridiculous purchase you have made? Here are the texts we received:

I once had to spend $10 for 1 condom from my roommate. Store was to far away to walk and I was in need. But I got my revenge for that. Jason

1800 for 2 tickets to van halen got screwded theu a brokerage sat next to someone who paid 250

A good friend bought a 2010 BMW M5 for $82,000, while drunk, to celebrate his new job. He sold it less than a month latter, said he didnt like it.

I bought four shots of gran patron on my girlfriends bday when the bill came it was $112 which explains why the waiter was shakin nervously while bringin them to our table it was good tho

Had a 1200 bar tab at Hooters in peurto rico partying with some air force specter pilots

i dropped 80 bucks on one magic card...

$75000. F no. I was drunk and spent $750 on a bottle of grey goose in a club in vegas. I had to frame the receipt. Matt

I splurged at a Harley shop and bought 750 bucks worth of Harley shirts at one time

Anything I ever bought for my whore of an ex girlfriend. Nathan from Kenmore.

I spent 175 bucks on a bottle of crown extra rare and it got me just as drunk as regular 40 dollar crown

I spent 2k on my blue nose pitbull

the most ridiculous purchase ive ever made was back 2005 i bought a $55,000 Ranger Bass boat. Its badass and a 76 mph tournament boat but im just a cabinet maker and i am still makin payments everymonth and will be for another 5 years.

Today's Video blog features our interns...hard at work...maybe I should tip them!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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06/25/2012 8:40AM
STP's BLOG 06/25/12 "Florida Fun!"
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06/25/2012 7:37PM
Florida and We missed you guys
Last week was in itself, a great one because I got my SSI settlement, and a rotten one because all of you were gone. I HATE REPEATS!!!(even if I was on one of the excerps) :-) Florida is now getting ready to have ,(or s having) a hurricane. Be glad that the conference was over when it was. I finally could see what the PowerPoint said. You said we'll s*** when we see it......,NOW I can use the restroom! (Man, that was 4 days ago!!!) Funny how you ran into the wall in the bathroom down at the hotel. BJ, I want to play "Words with Friends with your intern. His BIG word, for 18 points being "Pager", I think I can win. Rev plays. Do you? Take care, and I'm glad you all had a good time. Mike in Port Orchard/
06/26/2012 7:09AM
BJ Shea
Hey Mike, I don't play "Words," I always stunk at Scrabble! Thanks for listening. -BJ
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