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STP's BLOG 06/26/12 "Wilfred!"

Huge thanks to Elijah Wood for joining us! Elijah stars in a strange yet hilarious show on FX called Wilfred that we love. This is a tough show to explain if you haven’t watched it. In a nutshell…Elijah stars as a guy that tried to kill himself, he fails at it, his neighbor knocks on his door and asks him to watch her dog, Wilfred…but Elijah’s character doesn’t see a dog, he sees a grown Australian man in a dog outfit. Wilfred and him become buds, and throughout the season it seems like Wilfred is just being a douche and putting him in effed up situations…but somehow these situations turn out to be life lessons.

The first season is On Demand, might I suggest watching the episode with Ed Helms in it…I think it was the 4th episode. It involves Ed, Wilfred, and Peanut Butter. I will leave it at that…it’s hilarious and wrong!

The new season starts this Thursday at 10 PM on FX…here is a trailer for the show:

This morning we chatted about this study that a corporate marketing company called Citrix just put out on office life. Basically it illustrates how much better it is to work from home. Here are five random facts from their survey . . .

1. 32% of people who work at an office say they'd give up their lunch breaks to work from home. 20% would give up coffee. I call BS…you are working from home…no one will know. Plus you can stuff your face all day while working, you don’t need an actual “break.”

2. Men say the worst thing about being in an office is getting roped into BABY SHOWERS. Team-building activities are second-worst. Women say the worst thing are costume contests . . . staff photos are second-worst. Our team building activities are great…if you consider doing shots with Miles & Thrill “team building”.

3. 49% of people say they work with someone who's a "know-it-all," 44% work with someone who constantly complains, and 40% work with someone who constantly gossips.

4. 18% of people have snuck out of the office in the middle of the day to exercise. 12% have snuck out to nap. I nap right there at my desk…my boss will take pix and goof on me, he doesn’t care.

5. 49% of people who work from home say they're most likely to wear jeans and a t-shirt. 25% wear pajamas . . . 14% wear workout clothes . . . and 7% just wear either UNDERWEAR or go TOTALLY NUDE.

According to a new study out of Harvard, when someone on Facebook gives your post a "Like," it feels just as good to your brain as HAVING SEX…I call total BS on this, but it is hilarious. That is what we have become huh? Likes are as good as sex? I’m sorry…nothing is as good as sex. Only sex is as good as sex! I did put it to a test though…


That’s dirty…in less than 20 minutes of posting this…I have had 50 sex-like experiences. Most of them are dudes though, so I don’t know what to think of that.

So yesterday in my blog I talked about how I conquered my fear of Roller Coasters while in Orlando at Universal Studios and Island Of Adventure.  Not only did I rid myself of “Coasterphobia”, I am now a huge fan of them and can’t wait to go on vacation in August to go to Disneyland, Universal, California Adventure etc.  After sharing this, I got a great topic idea from Nic:

Steve, you mentioned your new found love of roller coasters and it got me thinking about a topic for the show: What have you just recently discovered later in life that you used to hate/fear, but you love it now? Or when have you conquered a fear?

Here are the texts we received:

I used to be scared crapless of heights now I skydive starting last summer down in Shelton. Jackie from Tacoma

I used to HATE clowns and i would always find something to beat them with for self defense. Finally, on my 15th birthday, my friend showed up as a clown and that actually made me feel better about other clowns.

I used to be extremely afraid of heights till last summer my brother talked me into going sky diving! Ive been 3 times since then

Hated sushi or raw fish but the wife got me to try it and now I always want to eat it RED

I was terrified of heights, then I did the extreme scream at the puyallup fair, Now I can finally go to the top of the space needle!

Beer.. I know it's shameful. I used to hate it. Now I love it!- Elise in Seattle

I was afraid of hookers and blow. But now I love them both

I use to fear public speaking... but now I love it thanks to the university of washington. Going back to college as an adult can be scary and with that fear it can be nerve racking...but thats to my program HIHIM I got over my fear & recently graduated. Stacey

Used to be terrified of all dogs. Then I got one, went to dog parks now I'm looking at going to dog training school. Love dogs... not like steve Sky

Comics. I hated them as a kid, never understood them. However, over the past two

So now it’s been over an hour…and I am still getting “liked”!!!


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06/26/2012 8:24AM
STP's BLOG 06/26/12 "Wilfred!"
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