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STP's BLOG 06/27/12 "Moisturize?"

Sometimes we get the most random text messages at 7-7-9-9-9…today as I came back in the studio to play Beat The Producer…this was the first text that popped up, and completely distracted me:

Does STP moisturize his feet?

I don’t even know what to make of it? Why would someone even want to know anything about my feet? The answer is no, as they are naturally soft and well maintained, but I just don’t get it. Then I notriced some of the other texts from that same #:

Does BJ verbally abuse his junk?

Is the Rev banned from farting around open flame at the office?

Cheese is awesome!!!

Hmmmm…Unlimited Texting plans are pretty awesome huh? Although I agree…Cheese is awesome, and chances are that Bj yells at his ding-a-ling from time to time. But that’s just a guess on my part.

I am an awful typer….I am a 2 finger hunt and peck kind of typer, and as I type this my right pointer finger is hurting…it’s brusied from how I attack the keyboard.

During Beat The Produycer, the Rev had a question that was funny…I guess in Japan, they don’t call Jersey Shore that name in Japanese…when translated, it says: “Macaroni Rascals.” I’m sorry that is beyond hilarious! I’d watch the show if it was called that…ok, I wouldn’t, as the show is a pile…but I would cringe a lot less when the title is uttered out of someone’s mouth if it was "Macaroni Rascals".

A new survey asked men and women to name the things they CAN'T STAND about each other. Here are the top five lists for both.

What Men Hate About Women.
1. Saying "I'm fine" when they're clearly not.
2. Talking too much.
3. Constantly asking what men are thinking.
4. Winning fights by crying.
5. Never saying sorry, even when they're wrong.

What Women Hate About Men.
1. Not listening properly.
2. Not putting the toilet seat down.
3. Leaving nail clippings and beard shavings wherever they fall.
4. Having friends they don't like.
5. Hogging the TV remote.

Based on this...what do you hate about the opposite sex? Here are some of the texts:

I hate hearing from women that they can't get along with other women. You'd swear chicks don't have anything but guy friends

I hate it when there is something wrong but she refuses to talk about it and expects prying and begging from you before she'll say a damn word

Drives me nuts when we have to start talking when im going to sleep

Thing I hate about women is the constent "where are you going"

STP hates when Awesome yells at him when she catches lucy and steve with a jar of peanut butter

I hate it when men wear cheap suits and think they look good. Get an effing clue.
I hate being judged by my girlfriend for the actions of other men.

I hate it when your girl thinks you wanna bang any and every girl you see and talk to, like you're one big hormone

I hate that men think we are obligated to give them sex cause they have morning wood. Im sleeping jerk!

I hate how women drive.

Yesterday we talked about a survey that was done by a corporate marketing company called Citrix on office life . . .In the survey, they learned that Men say the worst thing about being in an office is getting roped into BABY SHOWERS. Team-building activities are second-worst. Women say the worst thing are costume contests . . . staff photos are second-worst.

Based on the study about the worst things about working in an office...what do you consider the worst and what do you consider the best thing about working at your job? Here are the texts we got:

The worst thing about working in an office for me, was a toss up between working with complete idiots and when one person would get sick everyone did. I am retired now thankfuly. ;{

I work at a daycare, so the worst is diapers, especially when their sick.

Pretty sure my boss is a for real crack head. It sucks.

The best is being able to just do my work and listen to KISW on my phone all day. The worst is all the stupid small talk people want to do. I don't care about your baby your dog or your boyfriend. I care about my paycheck and what I'm doing this weekend where coworkers aren't invited. –Bjorn

My fiancee works for microsoft. She says all the free games she could ever want but no time to play any of them.

I'm a boat detailer. Best thing about my job, days like today, worst? Days like yesterday.

Worst thing is there are no females. The best thing is that there are no females
Best part of my job is I can wear headphones. Worst part is I can still hear my coworkers bitching through my blasting music. –Kramer

I'm active duty Navy. The only female in my office (12 total in my office). There is NO DRAMA! That's the best thing. A drama free work center. The thing I don't like is that those same drama free guys tend to get nervous around me for the harassment fears. Too many of them have made comments before in their previous work centers and gotten in trouble cuz of BLD!

Worst part: micromanaging boss. Best part: employee pot lucks. We've got employees from all over the world and the food rocks!

Worst thing about my job: no cute girls. Best thing? Free beer on Fridays

06/27/2012 8:20AM
STP's BLOG 06/27/12 "Moisturize?"
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