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STP's BLOG 06/28/13 "Rainiers Game on Tuesday!"

Next week the weather is supposed to be awesome…which makes me very excited as I am throwing out the first pitch at the Tacoma Rainiers game on Tuesday night.  It’s supposed to be close to 90 degrees that day!  I hope you can come hang with us, as we have an awesome Perk.  Through get my Perks, you can buy tix to the party deck to hang with me and Toppy…plus we will have Bar-B-Que…drinks…VIP parking…Rainiers merch…a chance to meet players and the mascot...and you get to cheer me on as I attempt to get it over the plate for the ceremonial first pitch!  Here is a link to the Perk:

Everyone has been asking if I have been practicing….up until this morning it has been years since I tossed a ball around…and it shows!  At least it looks like I can kind of get it over the plate!

Yahoo had an article recently about 10 surprising things husbands miss about being single…in the article they said, quote, “don't take this personally- husbands often feel they've given up some things once they've tied the knot, and we're not talking about sleeping with different women. “  They shared 10 things they miss…here they are:

1. Not explaining every purchase.
2. Attending only one set of family events.
3. Looking unfashionable in public.
4. Having a woman hang on every word of his stories.
5. Being a slob.
6. Having an entire bed to himself.
7. Not sharing in the stress of your day-or talking about his feelings.
8. His mom and her unconditional love.
9. Making little decisions.
10. Openly checking out other women.

Based on this list of things that husbands miss about being single…what about you?  Ladies and fellas…What is that one thing you miss about being single?  Or…are you single, and if so…what is something you are glad you DON’T have to miss? Here are some of the texts we got:

Walking buck naked anytime anywhere in my house.

I miss having privacy. I can't even use the can without my wife barging in wondering where I've went. Pat the vigilante courier

I miss not having to explain why I'm friends with some people.

Having extra money. Relationships are expensive.

Being able to take free dumps with the bathroom door wide open

I enjoy having the whole bed to myself. My GF constantly wants to cuddle and sleeps diagonally in bed, it's annoying

I miss not having too talk the whole time. It drives my wife nuts if we are in the same room and there is no talking. whats wrong with just kicking back

I miss being able to play as many sports as I like. I love playing softball and soccer but my girlfriend hates sports so, I find myself only playing in one or two leagues per season. Ryan

Today's video blog features Katie...she has never tried a Krispy Kreme donut, so we had her in studio to experience her first with us!

Here is the same Video Blog for you iPHONE users:

06/28/2013 7:17AM
STP's BLOG 06/28/13 "Rainiers Game on Tuesday!"
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