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STP's BLOG 06/29/12 "Dexter!"

In this week’s STP-CAST, we spoke with Dexter Holland, the front man of The Offspring. The Offspring have a new CD out now called "Days Go By", and they will be at Pain In The Grass on September 29th at the White River are on sale today at 10 AM through Ticketmaster. The CD is really good…there are some songs that bring you back to the old school Offspring sound…like stuff off their CD Smash. That CD brings me back to being a teen, on Christmas morning opening up my gifts and that was one of the gifts that Santa got me…the song that blew me and most of my friends away way this one of course!

Some of the songs on the new CD have a different vibe, and I am digging em…like the song we are playing on KISW, Days Go By, it has a Foo Fighters vibe to it:

This is my fave off the CD…yes it’s ridiculous and over the top pop…but it’s a fun listen and the Buh Buh Bumping In My Trunk part is forever stuck in my head:

You can listen to our interview with Dexter of The Offspring on the STP-CAST here:

During the interview Dexter talked about one of the craziest things he has seen in the 28 years of being in The happened in Portland when a guy set himself on fire while they were playing. He soon put himself out, and the band never stopped playing! Hilarious. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that guy wasn’t sober! Based on Dexter’s story of watching a guy set himself on fire while playing a concert...what is the craziest thing you have seen at a concert? Here are the texts we got:

I was totally surprised by the amount of pot at an Arlo Guthrie concert. Kirk.

i was at the newest rammstein concert at the tacoma dome and teil the main singer wears huge metal angel wings that shoot fire blew my mind

A group of three Asian girls drop trou and started peeing on the field at a Blondie concert during Bumbershoot

My first Korn concert when I was about 11, guy whipped out a knife in the mosh pit. Causes a massive stampede in the crowd. I also like the guy who crowd surfs in his wheel chair. Rock on

Craziest thing I've seen at a concert was at the Mayhem Festival 2 years ago. I got hit in the head with a wheelchair while Hatebreed was playing, looked up and realized there was still a guy in that wheelchair crowd surfing!!

Metallica concert~~Woman dropped her pants, had a shaved coochie with a swastika tattooed on it!!

I watched an 8 year old kid get thrown across the venue while crowd surfing. He was freaking out! –dubba

I was at the show show when dime bag Darrell was shot.. Never Seen anything like that before. It's hard to make that image go away

My boyfriend proposed to me at an avenge sevenfold concert. On stage. I said no
I was at a Metallica concert when someone hit Jason Newsted with a beer bottle. The band left the stage for 10 minutes and the crowd beat the crap out of the guy before he was thrown out. They returned to the stage and finished the set. –Bjorn

Saw nickelback at the gorge a fight broke out and a man bite another mans finger off
The craziest thing I have seen at a concert was a guy in a wheel chair crowd surfing at an offspring concert when they played at bumbershoot

I saw a guy eat a twinkie out of a man's rear end at a goldfinger concert,Steve, u remember that
(STP sidenote: yes I do…it was a dude named alan that did it…one of the funniest things I have ever seen)

Cory Taylor let him on stage and gave the wheelchair guy a cold beer and he watched the rest of the show from the stage.

Today's Video Blog features me getting busted for watching a funny video my wife sent me of our pup Lulu.

Here is the same vlog for you iphone users:

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06/29/2012 8:04AM
STP's BLOG 06/29/12 "Dexter!"
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