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STP's BLOG 06/30/14 "KISS / Def Leppard Review"

Last night was the KISS/ Def Leppard show…and holy smokes, that was a show I won’tr forget!

First off…I know this is going to seem silly, and I was biting my tongue in the car as we were driving until the rest of the crew I was with mentioned something…I saw a “Double Rainbow” and it was AWESOME!  Yes, we have all seen the video of that guy…Ok, if you haven’t…here you go:

I now get the excitement…I saw it, I lived it, and let me tell you…it was incredible!

 photo IMG_11861_zps5e1dec52.jpg
OK…now to the show…I apologize if this blog will be even more scatterbrained than my usual ones, as I am working on about 2 hours of sleep (I didn’t get home until midnight).  Def Leppard sounded great…they played the songs I hoped they would play, including “Photograph”, and “Rock Of Ages”…and of course they busted out this bad boy…making all the retired strippers have flashbacks while dancing in the crowd…as I posted on Instagram!

Huge props to frontman, Joe Elliott…for showing love to the Hawks! 
 photo IMG_12881_zps70ea5023.jpg
Speaking of Joe…I have to say, his voice is still sounding great! 
 photo IMG_12061_zps9e75346f.jpg
During Def Lep’s show…I noticed the best shirt of the night…
 photo 0886E79B-CF38-48F0-8B93-81547C62A668_zps3s3hdiei.jpg
OK…now on to KISS!  I was so pumped…they started their set off with my favorite song, “King Of The Night Time World”…and didn’t look back.,  Fire, blood, explosions, confetti…we wanted the best, and we got the best!  Here are some pix I took…
 photo IMG_12161_zpsfd1672cc.jpg
 photo IMG_12831_zpsf1e19e6b.jpg
 photo IMG_12381_zps8c017ab0.jpg
 photo A04FBAC1-11C2-4E14-AA7D-038D096F119A_zpsawdhpkuj.jpg
Here is my favorite pic of the night…
 photo IMG_12821_zps97897279.jpg
I ain’t gonna lie…I geeked out when I saw that KISS was retweeting some of the pix I posted!
 photo IMG_12871_zpsb46e543e.png
Here is a montage of some video I took while there…

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06/30/2014 6:42AM
STP's BLOG 06/30/14 "KISS / Def Leppard Review"
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03/10/2015 6:34PM
Def Lep and Styx?!
I hope you guys are getting ready for the 2015 Def-Leppard tour, it's going to be mad. Not to mention that Styx is in on it too!
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