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STP's BLOG 02/27/15 "Black/Blue or White/Gold"

Huge thanks to KING 5's New Day Northwest for having us. We were a part of their Hot Topics segment with Shawn Wayans…it was a blast being on the show again!

There's a photo going around online that's causing intense debate..serious debate. It's just a dress, but some people see it as blue and black . . . and others see it as white and gold. There's clearly an optical illusion going on, but so far there's no good explanation.

Ellen posted it on her Instagram and the internet exploded…

From this day on, the world will be divided into two people: blue and black, or white and gold.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

This is completely crazy…some of you see blue and black…others see white and gold, and everyone thinks the other camp is wrong. Oddly, I have seen it both ways…I'm one of the lucky few. I have seen someone post it on Instagram…saw white and gold…then scrolled down…someone else posted it and I saw blue and black. So I scrolled back up to the one I originally saw, and it was now blue and black. This ESS is crazy.

For those of you that are being too cool for school and saying, "who cares", "zero EFF's given", etc…just shut up. Stop being so incapable of having fun.
The other thing on the net people were losing their crap about was the llamas video! A couple of llamas were on the loose in Arizona. It was hilarious how this was a big news story… Shepard Smith from Fox News spent at least eight minutes cracking jokes and reading llama facts on live TV. At one point he actually used the word "Llama-palooza."

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STP's BLOG 02/26/15 "Flag That!"

I'm just going to leave this here for your entertainment…

There is a video spreading virally, and it's just a baby laughing…however; this baby laughs like an evil genius…check it out:

If you listen to our show, you know the guys like to "flag" moments when I say ridiculous things./ Nothing beats going on KISW's twitter page to see that they "flagged" a fine moment from this morning's show…

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STP's BLOG 02/25/15 -- "Checking Dudes Out"

We talked about this video on the air this morning...this video is nuts…literally (waka waka). Someone secretly filmed people as he had a giant bulge in his pants. His goal was to illustrate that women check dudes out in an objectifying way as well. I don't know how real or fake this is, but it's an entertaining watch. Plus the first chick is quite the looker!

This is crazy! A guy in Canada named Andrew MacDonald was in a nasty crash last month, where rescuers had to use the Jaws of Life to get him out of his car. So what did Andrew decide to do… he shot a selfie video during it! He kept filming his face while they were cutting through the car, and it seemed like shock and adrenaline took over as he was pretty chill throughout it!

I am glad he is OK…the video is crazy, but c'mon man…film it horizontally not vertically. OK…OK…he gets a pass…since the dude in in a CAR WRECK! Check it out:

So Marshawn Lynch has a movie being made called "Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story". His little brother Davonte plays him in high school, and then Marshawn takes over for the college years. Here is a promo video that just got posted to drum up interest in the film….

I will absolutely watch this film, as I am curious to learn more about his life story – that being said, I do have to question some of the acting and writing in this video that was posted…especially that part where the guy says: "your body and your mind took a back seat while your body took over"…I will have to stew on that line for a bit as it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!
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STP's BLOG 02/24/15 "Is She Attractive?"

It's time to play a fun game…do you think this person is attractive? Before we start the game…I have no idea what she looks like as I cannot find a mug shot…but…I think we will all have the same answer!

A 33-year-old woman in Mexico was arrested last week for "enjoying" herself in a movie theater during "50 Shades of Grey". Yes…right there in the theater. You would think that would be like the IMAX added experience for a film like this, but no…one movie goer did not enjoy seeing this. That person called the cops, and ironically…the woman was escorted out by the cops…in HANDCUFFS! The should have blind folded her too… waka waka!

So…what do you think? Toppy said it best…this woman must have been a 3…at best!

Over the weekend, the world's largest cannabis business and lifestyle expo was happening in Seattle…it's called "CannaCon", and our very own Max Long was there to report on it. Here is another edition of The Max Long Report.

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STP's BLOG 02/23/15 "Team Toppy Wins!"

How would you like a great way to start your day…or finish it…I guess it depends on what time you are reading this. Ok…how would you like to see an insanely adorable picture of my pup Lulu? Here you go:

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to the Seattle Thunderbirds game this pastr Saturday. The T-Birds smoked the Everett Silvertips 7-0, and all day the T-Birds helped the Ronald McDonald House raise money with their annual Hockey Challenge. As always, they did a great job with the event as it was a fun day of hockey!
Before the game a bunch of the former T-Birds and local media gathered for an autograph session…of course I had to grab a pic with Cool Bird!

 photo cool bird toppy me_zpse0kxaahr.jpg

Check out this motley crew of hockey folks!

I was lucky enough to be a part of the ceremonial puck drop…

As for the game…man was it a blast! Our team, team Topshelf, wound up winning in a shoot out – thanks to the stellar coaching by Toppy…oh, and a little help from some of the former T-Birds on our team like Regan Mueller, Ryan Gibbons, and Yashar Farmanara!
Getting to spend time on the ice with some former T-Birds (as well as NHL'ers) is something that I'll never forget… it was a blast having a guy like Brendan Witt coming down and shooting on me…sure he scored 2 goals on me, but it was damn cool to experience playing with a guy that was once the captain of the Washington Capitals…plus he is one cool dude. It was great hearing his stories about living in Seattle back at the height of the Seattle music scene exploding with Nirvana, Alice In Chains, pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.

 photo hockey challenge - brendan witt_zpsldfr3aob.jpg

Here I am with a couple other T-Birds legends…Jamie Huscroft, and Lloyd Shaw!

 photo hockey challenge - brendan witt huscroft shaw_zpswzrhuwc7.jpg

Here are a couple action shots…

 photo hockey 1_zpsb2q5dpnl.jpg

 photo hockey 2_zpscjldvrpv.jpg

Before the big Hockey game on Saturday... Toppy popped into the locker room to see how I was doing!

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STP's BLOG 02/20/15 "Russell Wilson's Message To The 12's"

Russell Wilson is the man. I LOVED the video he put out about the ending of the Super Bowl. He made a video message for all of the fans…and I have nothing but love for this fella…

Let's get significant… Go Hawks!

On the flip side…one guy that doesn't sound like he wants to get significant with Russell is former teammate, Golden Tate. He was approached by TMZ…and at the end of this video the "reporter" brings up the rumors that Golden had an affair with Russell's then wife (which led to the divorce and led to Golden not being re-signed). Check it out…

I hope that we will see you tomorrow at the ShoWare Center for the T-Birds hockey game! Toppy and I will be there, and we are taking part in the Hockey Challenge that happens after the game…Toppy will be coaching, and I will be playing goalie alongside some former T-Birds/NHL players…as well as Bill Wixey from Q13 and Chris Zasche, the bassist of The Head & The Heart. Get info and tickets HERE!

Speaking of Chris…not only is a great dude, a great hockey player, and plays in an awesome band…it's awesome that he showed love for the T-Birds when on David Letterman.

I've heard some crazy reason for being late before, but this one takes the cake. This morning BJ was not here when the show started…so we started the show without him. When he popped in, I had to ask him the million dollar question – "Where the hell were you?" His response…
"I came across some pictures of Jessica Biel on the Daily Beast…and lost track of time"


I mean…


Hahaha – that is a first. I will have to remember this if we ever to a topic about the dumb reasons you or someone you know was late!

A photo posted by Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) on

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STP's BLOG 02/19/15 "Happy 20th Toppy"

How about this…Topshelf is celebrating 20 years working for the company! Holy smokes…he hasn't had to make a resume since the days of having to type it on either a type writer or a word processor…print it on one of those dot matrix printers…and actually have to mail it or drop the resume off! Wow!

One texter brought up a great point…

Remember when Topshelf helped Brian Williams cover the Gettysburg address?

Congrats to Topshelf…it's amazing that this man it the epitome of a "company man" haha

 photo toppy rainbow_zps9aejsfq5.jpg

 photo toppyinthepool_zpsd2b33570.jpg

In all seriousness…we love ya Toppy…congrats!
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STP's BLOG 02/18/15 "Pho Shizzle!"

Huge thanks to Luke Willson from the Seahawks for calling in. I have to say...just hearing him talk about the Super Bowl and the team has made me, as a fan, even more excited for next season. The Super Bowl is something that is still tough to think about...but his perspective really helped the "moving on" process! He wrote an awesome blog about it on his new website... . Read the blog HERE...while on the site, be sure to check out some of the sweet merch that he has for sale!

I am a very excitable person…I genuinely love when cool things happen and I will geek out about it. For example…while driving around Renton yesterday…I saw this while waiting at a stop light!

Now no matter how excited I am…I don't think I will ever come close to Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel. Jim was in Plymouth, Massachusetts over the weekend, reporting on the snowstorm . . . and got WAY too excited about some lightning during the storm. There were a total of six lightning strikes, and he went nuts every single time. This is awesome!

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STP's BLOG 02/13/15 "That Movie Is Out Now"

Big weekend for all of you 50 Shades Of Grey fans…the movie is out now. Based on some tweets I have seen, the movie SUCKS! The big question for us is when is that movie about BJ's daughter, Sara, coming out?

I don't know why this picture makes me laugh…but our pup Lulu has a toy…a Marshawn Lynch toy…and she somehow propped Beast Mode up against the wall…so when I got up this morning, this is what I saw!

 photo marshawn lynch toy_zps0udoiklb.jpg

There is a new TV show that you have probably seen the trailers's on NBC and it's called The Slap. It's exactly what the title says... a mini-series that is about a guy that slaps an unruly kid, and the community falls apart because of it. I haven't seen it yet, but Mono-Nick hipped us to another show that is loosely based off of this show....

Ok…I'm on to you Harvey! I have a Family Feud theory (Steve Harvey is the host) that continues to occur on the show. What is that theory? In a nutshell…I believe that they are coming up with pre-written "shocking" answers for their contestants as a way to drum up attention for the show. You can read my theory, with examples in a blog I wrote a couple months ago…read that BLOG HERE.

Yet again we have another example of a "shocking" answer that happened a couple days ago. This one involves a Gerbil, and no… Richard Gere was not a contestant (waka waka)!

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STP's BLOG 02/12/15 "I'm In Love With The Chocolate!"

Our world is going down a strange road! Did you hear about the latest craze to get a buzz?
A chocolate company in Belgium sells a device that lets you SNORT CHOCOLATE. It's a little catapult where you fling cocoa powder up your nose. It costs $50. Is this really for real? Isn't the fun of chocolate, eating it?

Apparently this is a "thing" behind bars. We got a couple texts about it:

When I was in jail I saw people snort dried coffee... super weird...

Snorting in jail… they snort powdered coffee, juice, sugar, anything to get a buzz

Between that and butt chugging…we are living in a land of confusion for sure! What's butt chugging? Just Google it…I'd rather you gross yourself out on your own time haha.
I really shouldn't comment on how stupid we have become as a society…especially when video's like this exist. Have you ever wondered what we do while on a break from talking on air? Here you go…

It's not just exclusive to our show. Check out what the Men's Room does while during their break…this is pretty damn funny!
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STP's BLOG 02/11/15 "25 Years Ago Today"

I can't believe this happened 25 years ago!

I remember being a kid watching this with my parents, and I was sop excited to watch my favorite boxer…Mike Tyson…dominate. When he got knocked out, I was PISSED! I remember going up to my room…and just lied in bed in silence.

We got an awesome tweet that was about this historic sports day.

We wound up getting a bunch of great calls and texts about the most shocking thing we have ever seen on TV… Here are some of the texts we got:

I was in the sixth grade when we were allowed to watch the space shuttle Challenger take off when it exploded. That was pretty epic with a classroom full of students

Hate to be a downer,... 9/11 plane hitting the second towner of the world trade center.

BJ - I saw "the agony of defeat" ski jump happen live on tv.

Hello?! Did you see the last 2 minutes of Super Bowl 49?

Sure this is going to come in a lot but the Seahawks last play of this year's Super Bowl. Go Hawks!

When they're eating Bob's leg on the walking dead

Anderson silva breaking his gross!

Owen hart falling to his death during wrestling match

Without a doubt the Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania 30. It's almost a year and I'm still stunned

Saw my first pair of boobies during halftime show janet Jackson superbowl halftime show - kyle from Enumclaw

Michael phelps and team usa running away with the relay race in the gold medal round. He was a good half a lap ahead.

The most shocking thing I saw on tv was when Kanye West claimed that "George Bush didn't care about black people." From Marika in Sammamish
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STP's BLOG 02/10/15 "Better Call Saul"

Have you watched Better Call Saul yet? If not…it's a must watch! I was skeptical about a spin off about the lawyer on Breaking Bad, but last night we watched the first episode, and I was hooked instantly. As the episode went on…the character development that we loved on Breaking Bad was shining through, as we learn about what made Saul become Saul (you'll understand that once you watch it).

You can tell that the creator/writer of Breaking Bad is responsible for this…and that is a HUGE compliment as I consider Breaking Bad the greatest show of all time. This has a similar vibe of dark humor and intensity moments that sucked me into B.B.
Here is the trailer…

Plus…the first episode made me crave some Cinnabon! While talking about that, a texter called me out for how I pronounce Cinnabon…as I said "Bon" at the end, and the texter said it's pronounced "Bun" – I was shocked by that, but being that I would never be confused for an English teacher…I figured I was wrong all this time. Thankfully – The Rev tracked down the info, and Cinnabon confirmed that for once, I was saying it right all this time!

Did you know that Thee Ted Smith and I do a podcast called "The MegaCast"? Check out our pgae HERE! Well yesterday we had the original drummer for Guns N Roses on… Steven Adler. Steven has a new art project, that you can check out at StevenAdlerArt.Com. Check it out on iTUNES, Stitcher, or HERE!
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STP's BLOG 02/09/15 "Act of Kindness?"

So apparently this week is International Random Acts Of Kindness week. Now what would you do to display such kindness? Of course the no brainer would be to pay for someone else's coffee….but I decided to go to the internet for some ideas, and WOW there are some odd suggestions on this site. here are a couple highlights that would be better suited for "International Random Acts Of Creepiness Week":

When visiting a patient at the hospital, take some time and stop into someone's room who does not have any visitors at the time.

Pat someone on the back.

Invite a couple of neighborhood kids over for a cooking class.

On paper these are all swell ideas…but c'mon! Could you imagine the looks on people's faces if you did this!

Over the weekend I went to one of those dueling piano bars…these are always fun, but the one we went to on Saturday night was above and beyond the best one yet!

 photo keys on main_zpskrogqpeb.jpg

We went to Keys On Main in Tacoma, and the 3 pianists were not only great at playing the piano and singing whatever song tossed their way…but they were funny and entertaining! Props to them, plus they played my jam!

Man I would love to do what they do…they were raking in the cash from all the song request / tips…but even if I woke up with the skill of beiong able to tickle the ivories like none other…based on this recent video on KISW's Facebook page…my pipes will make it impossible for me!

Finally – I read that Ndamukong Suh would love to play for the Seahawks. I know that many don't like this idea since he has had some moments of dirty play…but I would be all for it…he could be the next STEP (Waka Waka) for the Hawks to go to the Super Bowl for the third straight year! I know that it's a HUGE long shot due to salary cap issues…but could you imagine the terror that he, Bennett, and Avril would cause?
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STP's BLOG 02/06/15 "Two Great New Shows..."

Once again Jimmy Fallon knocks it out of the park with a bit that he did on the Tonight Show. This one involves him and the Saved By The Bell cast…minus Screech and Lisa Turtle, because…well…they are both on a level of crazy that made them unavailable.

There are 2 TV shows that I am really digging these days…and both happen to be on FOX. I am actually surprised I am into both.

The first one I really am more surprised that my wife digs, as I was excited to check it out. It's called Gotham…and yes there is a Batman relate to the show (it's starts off with Bruce Wayne as a kid and his parents getting killed), but it's way more than a Batman show…it's an incredible cop show that revolves around Jim Gordon…and his eventual rise to being the commissioner of the Gotham Police. In the show we are seeing the inception of some of Batman's villains…mainly The Penguin. The guy that plays the Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor, honestly deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of The Penguin. He brings such an intense creepiness to the my opinion, it's the creepiest character on TV since the Benjamin Linus character on Lost (played by Michael Emerson).
I am pretty pumped that we will be able to interview Robin on Monday morning at 7:20 AM. Here is a trailer for the show…all of the episodes are On Demand.

The other show I am loving I am truly shocked that I am a fan of. When I first started seeing commercials for the show Empire…I thought I would HATE it, and the fact that they played the commercials for this over and over made me want to see it even less. After the pilot episode aired…I kept reading friends posts on Twitter about how great the show is. We ended up watching the first episode, and are 100% hooked… Terrence Howard has somehow made it that you can empathize one minute with his character, and completely despise him the next minute. Even if you aren't a fan of Hip Hop, I think you will enjoy it as it's a well written show with great character development.

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STP's BLOG 02/05/15 "Mitch Hedberg"

Big thanks to my bud Rick, who dropped off a ton of pictures from my early days in radio. One of the pictures he dropped off is a picture that I thought was gone forever, and put a huge smile on my face. I tweeted about it yesterday…

OK…get past the soul patch I have, and the hair on my head too… there I am with an old pal, and one of the greatest comedic minds ever… the late Mitch Hedberg.
If you aren't familiar with Mitch's comedy, man you should really track some of it down. Here is a taste of Mitch and his humor…

Here is an interesting special that E! did on Mitch and his life and death…

Did you know that Thee Ted Smith and I are doing a podcast? It's called The MegaCast -- you can listen to it on iTUNES or Stitcher (seach The Mega Cast) or get it right HERE.

This week's episode is all about the Super Bowl, plus we have a piece of audio that will make you forget the awful ending of the game! listen to it HERE!
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STP's BLOG 02/03/15 "Super Bowl Adventure"

I am back from Arizona. I am not going to dwell on the negative. It sucks…if only…if only…if only. Let's move on…I am sure the players are. It was an incredible season, capped by an incredible Super Bowl that ended in the crappiest possible way. I have to say that even though the ending was not how I hoped, I had the most amazing time in Arizona. Going to see my favorite team in the Super Bowl is a memory I will never forget!

I put together a video of my experience at the game… I hope you dig!

Here are some pictures I took while in Arizona…

We arrived in Phoenix on Friday, and met up with our bud, comedian Craig Gass…and he hooked us up with some amazing tickets to a Suns basketball game.

 photo soper11_zpsjtif7ac7.jpg

 photo super12_zpsjdq1tbrv.jpg

 photo super13_zpsvk4clsdm.jpg

Over the course of the weekend we spent a bunch of time hanging with Craig, I can't thank him enough for all of the cool things he got us into!

On Saturday we walked the streets of Phoenix…it was a mad house around there. So many people…you could barely make a full step in front of yourself. It felt like we were in Seattle…it was over cast, light showers, and the streets were filled with Hawks fans. The energy in Phoenix can not even be described! It was awesome seeing the Beast Bus driving around, the fans were going nuts whenever the bus drove by!

 photo super9_zpshkti1vr2.jpg

We got to meet a former Seahawk, Orlando Huff – what an awesome dude!

 photo super10_zpssvssqt8y.jpg

I would up finding Chris Egan from KING 5…I was on a quest to find him and get some #Twelfie shades that King 5 was giving out. Mission accomplished…plus I got to see Dennis Bounds and Paul Silvi as well! Here I am with Chris & Dennis!

 photo super8_zpssk5shri5.jpg

Thos #Twelfie shades were a huge hit…I saw people wearing them all around town. Here's a shot of Chris topssing them out to the crowd!

 photo super14_zpsvpu4wdhl.jpg

The highlight of Saturday though…was finding out that we scored tickets, and got them for a ton less than when they were being sold for thanks to a great connection…I couldn't believe it when these 2 tickets were in my hands!!

 photo super7_zpsmyw85xsa.jpg

Sunday was the day we were looking forward to! Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Props to Arizona…they did an awesome job with the set up, and everyone there couldn't be nicer!

 photo super1_zpschegx0oy.jpg

Before we went into the stadium, we ran into Mama Blue…wow…what a funny…super cool lady!

 photo super2_zpsu7examxn.jpg

Here is a view from our seats….

 photo super3_zpswsf1ujrs.jpg

We walked around the stadium to scout out what we were going to eat…while we were walking around...I got to meet BOOM The Seahawk. I couldn't be more stoked to meet Blitz's new buddy!

 photo super4_zpsaphooeaj.jpg

I know people are going to give me a hard time for this, but Katy Perry knocked it out of the park with her performance…it was a blast to watch her…she had a giant Lion, she flew over the field…and at times her set made me this the set designer took acid when coming up with the design!

 photo super5_zpsobjfmpgr.jpg

I cannot wait for the Hawks season to start up…this team is going to be great for many years, and I look forward to what next season bring! Go Hawks!
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