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STP's BLOG 07/03/12 "Mayhem Festival!"

I am so damn excited for today! Mayhem Festival, and I finally get to see Anthrax live! This is huge for me…I have been a fan of this band since I was a teen…for about 25 years I have rocked out to their music, and I have never seen em live…until today!!! Sadly Charlie Benante, their drummer, is nursing a hand injury and they have Jason Bittner, the drummer of Shadows Fall filling in, a solid replacement, but I am a huge fan of Charlie’s and was excited to see him play the double bass like none other! The closest I got to see Anthrax live was when their singer Joey Belladona was doing a solo tour and played a Studio 7 many years ago…it was awesome because all he played was Anthrax songs! So to get me ready, I put Among The Living on as I drove in…and turned it up real loud for this one:

Then I get to work this morning, and I listened to this calming song to get ready for the day:

Have I mentioned I am excited for the Mayhem Festival today?

Many people are excited for tomorrow, as it’s the 4th Of July. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission just did a federally-funded study on fireworks injuries, and found the month with the highest number is July. Wow…they should fire the people that decided to do this study! Did we need a study to confirm that Fireworks are used the most in…JULY?!?!?! Here are some of their other findings:

--65% of all fireworks injuries in the country happen this month. Last year, four people were killed and more than 9,600 were injured.

--Adults ages 20 through 44 are most likely to get injured by fireworks. Men are more likely to get hurt setting off fireworks themselves . . . women are more likely to get hurt at public firework displays.

Based on this, we had to ask…when did the 4th go horribly wrong for you or someone you know? What is your 4th Of July horror story? Here are some of the texts we got:

Huge cake tipped over and shot 20 mortars at a group of little kids and parents. They were not happy with me

Got drunk with my parents 4 the 1st time then my dad blew his thumb off. Lol!

3 years ago me and my cousin were making a bunch of sparkler bombs, well he lit 1 that blew up right in his face. He lost 25% of his hearing and will always have a rock embeded in his arm

A bottle rocket fell over and shot my mom in the stomach!

Had a mortar blow up underneath the chair my girlfriends mom was sitting in!
About 8 years ago, a neighbor a few houses down from me, set his roof on fire with illegal mortars. $22,000 in damage. Hilarious!

We bought 7 bricks of sparklers to make a sparkler bomb and set it under a bucket lit it and couldn't run fast enough and a piece of the bucket shot into my leg

A sparkler once burned off all my pubic hair...don't ask how. The memory is still too painfull. Kirk.

I hate fireworks. Ive done time in Iraq and Afghanistan and have taken more rocket and mortar fire than i can count. I just dont like things that sound like explosions. I have panic attacks and become hyper-alert, like im waiting for an attack. Crazy, right? Incedentally, the bad guys know about Independence day and always gave us some 'fireworks' to help celebrate when i was deployed. Cheers! -Greg on JBLM

A few yrs ago we set my friends grandma on fire. We lit multiple mortars,1tube fell over,it went off right under grandmas chair! Melted her pants but she was ok

My buddies thought it was a brilliant idea to fire roman candles from their butts and three of them spent the nest twenty four hours with first degree burns to their taints and boys. Drew.

Ok…seriously, what the hell is going on in this world…we have another story of a guy that tried to eat someone’s FACE! This time it’s not in Miami…it’s in China. The guy is a bus driver…he was getting wasted with some buds, and then decides to run off and jump on a woman’s car and try and eat her face. I can’t make up crap like this. I can’t make up his name either – Dong! And I can’t make up her name: Du. So Dong tried to eat Du! This is so wrong, I shouldn’t laugh…but the names make me chuckle. So I read that Dong jumped in front of a woman's car, hopped on the hood and starting pounding on the woman's windshield. Du got out, and the man tackled her and began chewing on her face. People tried to stop the attack, but Dong overpowered them in his crazy state! The woman was taken to a local hospital with tears to her lips and nose and would need plastic surgery to repair her face. Or as BJ put so tactfully…Du didn’t like Dong on her face. Wow!

A couple of weeks ago, a 20-year-old man from Illinois was asleep in bed, naked. He woke up and saw a spider in his bed. And he freaked out. Still half-asleep, he jumped up and sprinted out of the house. He was groggy enough that he didn't notice his glass door was still he plowed right through it. Then he kept on running through town, naked and bleeding. The cops got a few calls about a guy streaking and they tracked him down. A spokesman says they don't believe there was any alcohol or drugs involved...just a tired guy who freaked out when he saw a spider. The man was treated for several cuts to his body from running through the glass door. He's not looking at any criminal charges.

Based on this story about a guy that got freaked out by a spider…what freaks you out? What did you or someone you know have a massive freak out about? Here are the texts we received:

So I'm army infantry, I consider myself quite the badass. However I went and saw Paranormal Activty 3 and it scared me so bad I stood up in my seat screaming at the screen, the whole theater was laughin their asses off at me. My voice was gone by the end.

In iraq in 2004 me and my buddies were sitting behind our truck behind some sandbags in our tent. A camel spider the size of a dinner plate ran across the top of the sandbags in front of us and i jumped up and down screaming like a lil girl. My team leader wouldnt let me shoot it and threatened to take away my weapon.

My sister,was watching TV,and it was Americas funniest home video's, and they showed a man trying to catch a spider in austrailia,and. It jumped at him,a nd she dreamed bloody murder,and freaked us all out lol

I freaked out when i realized the front door was cracked open and my 2yr old daughter was missing in january/snow. Called 911 found her 2 blocks away.

I screamed so loud when I saw a mouse in the trunk of my car. That my neighbor came running. Said he thought I was getting raped! He laughed and walked away

When I was 7, I walked in on my parents having sex....doggy style

Woody in Renton- had a bad trip on shrooms in the woods. Stripped down in a feild and waited for friends and family to have a intervention. Thought people could read my mind and it was raining.

Never eat a pot brownie unless you know how strong it is. A buddy gave me one on the way to a sounders game, and I spent the whole match paranoid that he was planning on killing me later. -the DV

I had a buddy that swore he had a fear of ketchup. my friends and I never believed him until we pranked him in high school and he screamed like a littl e girl while he fled the cafeteria.

I freaked out when Frank Mir broke Noguera's arm in UFC -​ real stuff -​ GERALD

Today's video blog features Mono Nick trying to check out the Great Wheel at Pier 57 before it was open to the public. The key word is "trying". Props to our intern Daron, as he shot and edited this video blog.

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE user:

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07/03/2012 8:15AM
STP's BLOG 07/03/12 "Mayhem Festival!"
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