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STP's BLOG 07/07/14 "Awesome 4th!"

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July…I know I did.  We have an annual tradition of taking our pup Lulu on a walk o the 4th…I mean we have done it for 3 straight years, so that makes it a tradition right?  The last 2 years we have gone to Alki, but this time we flipped the script and went to Greenlake!  First we stopped in Seattle and got a Yumm Bowl from Café’ Yumm…get the Smokey Bowl…it’s so damn good. No Mono Nick…it’s a different kind of “Smokey bowl”!  Greenlake is such a cool spot…
 photo 2247EC9D-6169-4EC8-8692-6767F260BE0B_zps35n0yau6.jpg
Lulu loved it, but after making a full trip around the lake…she was DONE!
 photo AF0E91DA-8042-48C0-8770-12814D20B57B_zpssf1zc3ji.jpg
 photo 7142A6C7-735C-48CD-A2C5-231266D3DD6F_zpshf7m1oym.jpg
Speaking of the 4th…have you seen this awesome video?  Someone flew a Drone in the middle of a fireworks show and got some incredible footage…check it out!


While I was enjoying my 4th…this is what Hot Kyle was doing on the 4th…making awesome impressions of The Rev…

On Saturday we did something that I have never done ion the 17 plus years of living in the Pacific Northwest.  I know what you are thinking…but no…I’ve been to the Vu’ guys…we went to Mount Rainier!!  After all these years of people saying I need to check it out, I finally did…and wow what an awesome spot!   We hiked some of the trails, and just enjoyed the nice day outside…
 photo AF7F0479-6749-453C-AD1A-94859B7F29FC_zpslh6kkqal.jpg
Plus…how cool…or “cold” is this?  Gotta love being able to stand on snow in shorts and a T-Shirt!
 photo 18AD1217-34D7-494F-85DC-419B98D967DD_zpszlilwbfa.jpg
 photo 3449DDB3-FBDF-4325-B404-FB479230BC65_zpssi0jzvql.jpg
Lulu also enjoyed the snow at Mt. Rainier…

Finally…yesterday I accomplished something magical.  I was inspired by my bud Cody…I pulled off a Panoramic Selfie! 

 photo 61B720FE-E46F-4270-8D92-BDCCA4D027C3_zpsoz6swjti.jpg

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07/07/2014 7:28AM
STP's BLOG 07/07/14 "Awesome 4th!"
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