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STP's BLOG 07/08/13 "Fun at Alki"

So we were off all last week, man what an awesome week off!  Some great weather, and a week without setting an alarm clock is “A-OK” with me!  I hope everyone had a great 4th Of July…mine was great, my wife and I (and Lulu) went to Alki…It’s now officially a yearly tradition for us, as it was our second year doing it.  Alki is just awesome when the weather is nice…

 photo 7D7D50F2-0005-4278-BB60-ECA85C3E9EFC-23283-000011E9DC406DA8_zps5325f111.jpg
 photo 32FAA7AB-EB99-4A7E-B622-038A4E706B1B-23283-000011E9E46F8341_zpsdd0b7023.jpg
A couple days before the 4th I was hanging at the Tacoma Rainiers game…that was a great time.  Our party deck was so bad ass…we had beers, burgers, hot dogs, and mascots!
 photo B9758130-4861-476C-9AAF-B3672064610D-23283-000011E4D4250740_zps1423c031.jpg
Yup…that’s me with Rhubarb, their mascot.  I also got to meet Forrest Snow, he’s a local guy that is a pitcher for the Rainiers…real cool guy, let’s hope that he one day gets called up to “The Show”.
 photo A7700110-B32A-4A71-9838-EEF1BFE0B969-23283-000011EA3CD0E914_zps98be8042.jpg
I was fortunate enough to get to toss out the ceremonial first pitch, thanks to Jim and everyone at the Rainiers for allowing me have that honor.  I wound up getting it over the plate….it wasn’t a strike, not even close, but at least I did not bounce it over…
 photo 93B3CD84-AC02-40ED-B405-7A61CF919466-23283-000011E9F9793910_zpsc78ab656.jpg
 photo 6D3CBC67-AFA3-4E22-9BED-0AB012E963EF-23283-000011EA0B51DB4B_zps3e5c128b.jpg
Here I am with catcher Brandon Bantz, he is one funny dude…he gave me some great excuses for not tossing a strike…from my tattoos, to the mound, to my shoes, and my favorite excuse – the glare from my bald head.
 photo 2493A157-4655-43CB-990F-9A2443EF6CD1-23283-000011EA32265927_zps8ece1ec2.jpg
While we were off the NHL draft went team, the New Jersey Devils made the headlines for not only trading to get the Canucks goalie, Cory Schneider...but there was a cool father/son moment...the Devils goalie, Martin Brodeur, was able to make the announcement that in the 7th round, the team drafted his son, Anthony.  It was so cool to see this happen...I made a quick Vine video of it...

Last week, a 43-year-old woman went with her family to a water park in Missouri.  And she was KICKED OUT for wearing a STRING BIKINI.  She says they singled her out because she's FULLER FIGURED and OLDER.  She's filed a discrimination complaint with the city. 
Based on this, finish this sentence:  “I can’t believe I was kicked out of _____” or “I’m not surprised I was kicked out of _____”.  Here are some of the texts we got:
My mom got us kicked outta wild waves when I was 10 because she refused to change her thong bikini.
Got kicked out of a mcdonalds play place. Was 20 and totally faded. I left my shoes behind and yelled at them the whole time they didnt know who they were messing with. Told them i was the princess of canada –chad
I can't believe I got kicked out of the midnight premier of Jackass 3D for using a empty beer bottle as a chew spitter.
I'm not surprised I was kicked out of a Borders bookstore for slowly (one or two at a time so I wouldn't get caught right away) moving all the bibles to the fiction section. What can I say, I was a dumb kid. Still think it was funny though. From Nick on Ft. Lewis is what happens at night when I make the bed, Lulu uses that time to have fun in the comforter…

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07/08/2013 7:15AM
STP's BLOG 07/08/13 "Fun at Alki"
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