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STP's BLOG 07/09/13 "Pearl Jam's Fall Tour!"

If you are a Pearl Jam fan like me, you must be stoked to hear that the band is going on tour.  They just announced it yesterday…it starts off in October in Pittsburgh, and the tour ends in Seattle on December 6th at the Key Arena.  You better believe it that I will be there…I am so stoked.  Tix go on sale Saturday July 27th…once we get more details we will let you know, but always check for info.  They released this really cool video announcing the fall tour:

At the end of the video it linked to this video, and this brought back great memories as I was at this show.  It was back in 2006, and Pearl Jam played at the Showbox at the Market…it was an unreal experience to see those guys in a small club:

Last night on RAW marked the debut of one of the coolest characters that has come onto the wrasslin’ scene in a while.  Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family made their debut, and man it was awesome! 

If you were wondering what the fans were chanting at the end, they were chanting Husky harris.  That was the name of Bray Wyatt a couple of years ago when he made his debut in the WWE…he was a part of the Nexus, the character was boring and disappearaed quickly.  Of course there are those “I know everything about wrestling” fans that had to show off how much “in the know” they are and ruined an awesome moment with a lame chant.  But that’s the beauty of the wrestling…you can’t control what the crowd will do.

According to a new survey, we get annoyed SEVEN times a day by things we can't control.  Here are the 10 things that annoy us most on a daily basis:  

1.  Pushy salespeople.
2.  Email spam.
3.  Foreign call centers when you call customer service.
4.  Being put on hold.
5.  People who don't clean up after their dogs.
6.  Potholes.
7.  People who take up two parking spots.
8.  Slow drivers.
9.  Waiting in line
10.  People who are rude at work.
I agree with #1 1000000%. There is a certain store that I won’t even go into because of how pushy they are.,  Fortunately it’s a store where most of the stuff isn’t for me, but I like a couple of their shirts and shoes…but the second you walk in they are all over you.  And they try and “bro” down with you…it’s annoying…and to make matters worse, they think after 30 seconds they know your fashion sense and they pull 5 or 6 items that they think will look great on you.  Every time I look at them, and wonder why they think I want jeans with a bunch of shiny things on the pocket.    The best part about this is that I ranted about this on air…and I got a bunch of texts from Rock-A-Holics that knew exactly which store I was talking about.  Apparently I am not the only one that has been through this misery.

BJ brought in some cupcakes from Yellowleaf Cupcakes…only the best cupcakes ever! Hell, we had them cater our dessert at our wedding (along with Mike’s Amazing Cakes).

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07/09/2013 8:25AM
STP's BLOG 07/09/13 "Pearl Jam's Fall Tour!"
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