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STP's BLOG 07/10/12 "Batman!"

We received this letter through Facebook…it’s a heavy letter, but it’s one of those moments where I am humbled by what I get to do for a living. The fact that we can affect people in such a way is amazing. Yet another example of why I love what I get to do for a living…the opnly complaint I have about the job are the days where the Rev ate greasy food the night before, and he crop dusts the hallway with his moldy burrito smelling arse. Ok….I’m off subject, here is the letter:

Dear Steve, Bj, and Vicky,

I just wanted to let you know how special you guys are to my family and I are. You were kind enough to let us bring my son to see the show, but due to car problems we could not make it. Well we were planning on trying to get back in sometime this summer but unfortunately my husband passed away on June 18.

I just want you guys to know how much he loved your show. We spent alot of early morning hours listening on the way to dialysis and doctors appointments. Between the two of us we always beat Steve! Looks like I will have to do it by myself. Lol.. Listening to you guys in the morning would truly help us start our day. And when we had late afternoon doctors appointments, The Mensroom helped us cope with those.

I know that some people think you guys are "just a radio show" but to us it was a distraction from the challenges of the day. My husband was a man who loved to laugh and that's pretty much how we dealt with so much illness. Thank you for helping us to laugh and please thank the Mensroom crew for their help as well. When things calm down a bit I would like to try and bring my son back to see you guys if that would be ok. Thanks for all the laughter you guys! You truly helped us.


I post this letter because I hope that you guys keep Joyce and her family in your thoughts!

A friend posted this picture on Facebook…wow! Do I feel old. This picture is from over 11 years ago…the Seattle Times did an article on my old band, Peter Parker, and how we sell music online. I have hair…on my head…and a ton on my arms. Plus my arms are practically tattoo free! Wow.


So BJ read a story this morning about how a group of researchers have done the research to prove that Batman wouldn’t really be able to fly with his cape. Are you serious? These researchers should be fired. What’s next? Will they find an Italian plumber named Mario to jump on a mushroom to see if he gets an extra life? I like what one texter wrote:

Next we will hear aquaman cant talk to fish

In a new study, researchers had 120 couples keep journals about their fights, and how often they apologized to each other. And they found people only apologize for 31% of the stuff they really SHOULD apologize for. That means about seven out of 10 fights don't end with someone saying "I'm sorry" . . . and it can lead to a lot of built-up frustration and serious problems over time. The researchers found the main reason people don't apologize is . . . they don't think it's going to work anyway. In couples where both people are very satisfied, apologies end fights . . . in other couples; they really don't have much of an impact because the apologies are usually interpreted as being insincere.

Based on this…it could apply to anyone in your life…what is something you need to apologize for, but never have? Or…what is something that someone needs to apologize to you for, but never has? Here are the texts we received:

My ex cheated on my bday. We broke up but wish he would aplgze. :-(. This after having an 8year relationship. What a jerk huh. I love your show. Dee

I burned my girlfriends parents porch down last summer by accident with a cigarette and forgot to apologize for almost a year after. -shane

Adam in Kirkland says: I apologize for still being alive every day to my wife...

I need to apologize to my ex for sleeping with his two best friends, while still having a sexual relationship with him. We broke up a while ago and i have never apologized for that.

I helped my neighbor finish restoring his 1968 charger, got done painting it and I crashed my bike right in the side of it I ran home and never looked him in the eye just released the results of a major survey on eating, drinking, and dating. Here are five of the highlights . . .

1. 23% of both single men and women say it's a turn-off if their date doesn't have anything to drink.
2. But . . . 70% of women say it's a BIG turn-off if their date drinks more than they do.
3. 30% of meat eaters say they wouldn't date a vegetarian . . . only 4% of vegetarians say they wouldn't date a meat eater.
4. 19% of people would stop dating someone who refused to cook or didn't know how to cook.
5. And for some reason, 4% of people say it's a TURN-ON if their date flirts with the waiter or waitress.

23% of people say it’s a turn off if you don’t drink on a date…based on this…what did she or he do on a date that turned you off? Or what did you do that you are certain turned your date off? Here are the texts we received:

Women who agree to a date but act like your still trying to get her to go out...even while on the date example: play hard to get so aggressively that we cant even get to know each other.... I go to the bathroom and never come back...its just not worth it at that point.

Having to be drunk to have fun is a real turn off! He should be fun sober as well!
I knew my date was doomed when we went to see lion king and he started to laugh hysterically and I mean out loud busting a gut laughing when the dad died. Jackie in Oak Harbor

On a first date i got a picture message of his johnson when he went to the bathroom. I laughed and left

I purposly turned a date of because I didnt like her, by belching and farting multiple times during dinner. Went out with the sister next week. Awesome!

All she did was talk about her ex's and how bad they were

Adam in Kirkland says: I noticed my date had super expensive Fendi glasses, I'm sure it turned her off when I asked if it'd be cheaper to tint the kitchen window
It's a big turn off for me if the woman pays for dinner.

I asked for scissors so I could cut a hole in the bottom of our popcorn bucket
She told me I had 'bedroom eyes'.....but I wasn't that interested, so I told her she had 'bathroom breath'.....the date ended abruptly..... Lone Wolf

When I was stripping in college, I went out with a guy who took me to a strip club for our first date. He said he wanted me to feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. I left about an hour into our "date"...with one of the grrls.

Today's Video Blog features BJ trying to finally show everyone my "creepy look". So they put the camera on me and talked about sex, and here is the result:

Here is the same Vlog for you iPHONE users:

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07/10/2012 8:51AM
STP's BLOG 07/10/12 "Batman!"
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