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STP's BLOG 07/10/13 "Crazy...Stupid...Both?"

This my friends is pure INSANITY!  There’s a video from a couple months ago that's making the rounds online.  It's a guy on a motorcycle who notices that the woman driving in front of him left her COFFEE CUP on her bumper. Somehow he manages to swing past at a pretty high speed, snag the cup, follow the woman, and give it back to her . . . all while they're both still moving.

This morning we were talking about success…How old does a man have to be before you can measure his success?  In a new poll, 23% say you can measure success at age 40 . . . 18% say you can measure success as early as age 30 . . . and another 23% say you can only measure a man's success on their DEATHBED.  Personally, I think our former President, George W. Bush said it best:

"My Measure Of Success Is Victory...And Success"

We asked the Rock-A-Holics, what was that moment when you thought that you were “successful”…or…if you don’t think you are there yet, what will you need to do to view yourself as “successful”? Here are the texts we got…

I knew I was successful when I closed on my first house at age 25, all on my own.

I'm a single female, and my sign of success was a good career (management) and owning my own home

Is when my boss fired both head chefs and offered me the position at 19 years old and now I'm 25 and still the lead chef making a good 80 a year I think thats successful

I knew i became successful when i started dating my girlfriend with huge boobs, 32G

No debt, except home and. 500k In assets

Today’s Video Blog is an intern Challenge.  Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a stranger to give him a "cup check"...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE Users:

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07/10/2013 8:27AM
STP's BLOG 07/10/13 "Crazy...Stupid...Both?"
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