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STP's BLOG 07/11/12 "Happy Slurpee Day!"

Today is July 11th…or 7/11, and it’s 7-Eleven's unofficial birthday, so free Slurpees are being offered to customers. 7-Eleven is celebrating today by handing out 7.11 ounce Slurpees from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. today at participating stores. Happy Slurpee Day y’all! I always hate the “participating stores only” line. I know why they have to say that, but if you own a franchise and aren’t participating with a big promotion the company is doing, you are the epitome of a party pooper. I have gone to many places, fast food chains, etc…and I always get this anxiety that this might be the store that isn’t participating…thankfully I have never experienced being told no, as they have always participated. I know, I live a blessed life.

35-year-old Alice Van Ness is a yoga instructor, and since March, she's worked in-house at Facebook's headquarters in California teaching weekly classes. That all ended a few weeks ago when Alice was FIRED . . . for telling a Facebook employee not to check Facebook during class. Alice was teaching when one female Facebook employee was typing away on her phone in the front row. Alice told everyone in class to turn off their phones . . . which, if you've ever taken yoga, is something ALL yoga instructors do. Halfway through the class, the woman picked up her phone and hopped back on Facebook. So Alice stopped teaching and glared at her until she put down the phone. The employee complained . . . and Alice was fired by Facebook's fitness contractor, Plus One Health Management. They say they fired her because she didn't meet their goal of, quote, "providing great customer service."

That’s so beyond ridiculous. I know this will come as a huge shock, but I don’t do yoga…however, my wife does, and from what she tells me…when you are in the yoga room doing tree impressions and other flexible stuff…you can’t just grab your phone and go on Facebook. The Yoga instructor was paid to be a Yoga instructor….this is just stupid.

Based on this…when have you or someone you know been fired for a ridiculous reason? Here are the texts we received:

Hey guys i was fired for showing up 15 Mins early everyday

I was a delivery driver and was fired for putting a scratch on the company car that the new girl let roll down a hill and hit another car. A scratch thatI didn't do at that. Oh well I moved on and got a better job 2 Weeks later.

I got fired for taking a crap in the women's bathroom in the cabana of the apartment complex i worked at. I put a closed sign on the bathroom but my female co worker still came into the bathroom. My friend was in the mens restroom next door and got fired too for not telling her i was in there.

I had to fire a girl in the 90's because the owner didn't like her "look". She was a very fun energetic quality employee. Lamest reason I ever had to use.

Little five foot me was terrified to walk two big bags of trash from coffer stand across a huge parking lot behind a mall in the dark so I left a note and said sorry I'll do it next day. Next day I wad left a voicemail saying i was no longer needed. =[ <3 rock girl Amanda

I work at a fast food place fired for eating a piece of cheese

Got fired for kissing my wife goodbye when she dropped me off for work

I got fired from another job for banging the boss's daughter

Did you guys hear about recently the lifeguard that saved a life and got fired for "going out of his zone" and then his fellow lifeguards quit in protest.

This could be the dumbest story…ever. Back on June 25th, 31-year-old Raymond Hodgson of England got into a fight with his girlfriend of five years, Emma McCormick. Emma wouldn't stop reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" . . . and Raymond thought it was pornographic and unrealistic. He went home . . . came back the next day . . . and angrily SQUIRTED HER IN THE FACE with steak sauce. He was arrested and charged with assault. Earlier this week, he pleaded guilty. His lawyer says, quote, "He regrets having done this, realizing how stupid it sounds. He didn't realize [it] would be classified as an assault." Raymond and Emma hadn't really spoken since the incident, but have started talking to each other again. The crazy thing is that I hear this book she is reading gets women all worked up. He should have let her keep reading it, so that they could eventually get frisky with each other, and then he can squirt something other than steak sauce! Waka Waka!

So this guy squirted Steak Sauce in his girlfriends face because she wouldn’t stop reading “Fifty Shades Of Grey”…based on this, finish this sentence…”I wish my significant other would stop doing _____.” Here are the texts we received:

I wish my girlfriend would stop screwing my sister.

Stop breathing

I wish my significant other would stop correcting my grammar. If you know what I meant then who cares. If I wanted an English teacher I'd go back to school.

I wish she would stop using metal utensils in our expensive ass pots and pans.. scratching the hell out of them.. Turtle

Talking to her ex. they have been apart for 5 years and he lives in wisconsin. despite them being good friends it still gets under my skin.

I wish my significant other would stop saying the phrase I have to go potty like she's a 3 year old

I wish my hubby would stop saying he is oversexed. 6 days a week is a healthy relationship I would say. After 11 years together and two small children, he should be grateful. But apparently he is I love Steve!!!!!meow!

Checking her facebook every 5 minutes on her cellphone... Kelly Auburn, wa
I wish that my husband would stop leaving his dirty laundry everywhere. It drives me crazy.

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Daron has 60 seconds to find a random person finish the first line of Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back"...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/11/2012 8:43AM
STP's BLOG 07/11/12 "Happy Slurpee Day!"
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