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STP's BLOG 07/11/13 "The World's End"

Yesterday we got to go to a screening of The Worlds End – it’s that new movie starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost…it’s an Edgar Wright film.  Yes, the same three that gave us Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.  I am not going to spoil this film, all I will say is that this was my favorite of their 3 movies…it’s an awesome buddy comedy!  I won’t spoil it also because when we walked into the theater there was a note from Edgar asking us not to:
 photo 42945C8B-83E1-4302-916E-3C5873B4F47C-28817-00001546B57664F4_zpsc25dd881.jpg
How cool is that?  That's a great idea from a director to do that! I will give you a glimpse into my experience in the theater…

Ok…that didn’t spoil anything right?  Other than I LOVE popcorn!  Here is the trailer for the film…

In a new survey, 46% of women say good men do the worst things when they're drunk . . . 21% say good men do the worst things when they're angry . . . and 3% say good men do the worst things when they're HORNY.  OK…I think they sugar coated the words used… replace “worst” with cheating, inappropriate sexual stuff, etc…because that is what they mean.  Otherwise why would “horny” be included in this?  What else would you do when horny that would be constitutes as a worst thing?  I’ve never been so horny that I punched out a window…but if I did, I wouldn’t have to use either hand…waka waka!

What was the dumbest thing that you or someone you know has done, and alcohol was to blame? Here are the texts we got:

When I was 18 or 19, I was travelling on the road with a monster truck race team and I got really drunk and slept with a married mother of two.

I tried to jump off my friend's balcony and ended up shattering my wrist this was two days before 21st birthday so i spent my 21st birthday in the hospital. I got a metal plate and nine screws in my wrist now J-Mart

Last year I stole a stop sign and pole from a street corner and when the cops tried to stop me I hit one with the stop sign.. Yes alcohol was to blame!

Alcohol involved obviously as I woke up hung over in a bathtub, outside a house four houses down, with bleached hair. No idea what happened that night.

Flipped my parents 03 suburban in 03 @ the age of 16 drunk and high on cocaine

Worst thing I've ever done is pee on my mom while she was sleeping in bed on st pattys day in whistler. I was blacked out

Peed on pizza in the fridge thinking I was in the bathroom while drinking

Had the trifecta: I was angry at my ex, was going through a dry spell so I was horny as hell, and got drunk with my buddies. Don't know the details of the night, but what I woke up next to was just unacceptable. Coyote ugly doesn't really describe it.

Yesterday my wife and I watched her parents pup, Trixie.  Lulu and Trixie in one house together….What is that like?  See for yourself…..

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07/11/2013 8:09AM
STP's BLOG 07/11/13 "The World's End"
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